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Wholesale hanging baskets South Africa

Hanging Baskets Wholesale South Africa, Factory Price, Free Samples, Fast Delivery! We are a professional plastic hanging baskets wholesale supplier with more than 20 years of manufacturing experience, 35,000m² workshop area, serving customers worldwide!

We can ship plastic hanging baskets to South Africa, such as Gauteng, Northern Cape, Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Free State, KwaZulu-Natal etc. We can also ship hanging baskets to major cities in South Africa, such as Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Gqeberha, Bloemfontein, Pietermaritzburg, Kimberley etc.

ODM or OEM hanging baskets South Africa

OEM or ODM is available. Color, shape, sizes and logo can be customized to meet your hanging baskets requirement. If you want your own Private Label, please send us the label or logo you want to print on the plastic hanging baskets, and we will proof for you.

Our plastic hanging baskets are made of quality and strong polypropylene material. These plastic hanging baskets for plants are reusable. You can use hanging baskets for growing flowers, vegetables, herbs etc. You can use cheap plastic hanging baskets in the greenhouse, indoors and outdoors.

Plastic hanging baskets for sale South Africa

We supply plastic hanging baskets with good quality and competitive prices. The more you buy, the less the cost. You can use our hanging baskets for shrubs, perennials and tropicals.

If you want to bulk buy hanging baskets South Africa, please contact vincentwilsongarden@gmail.com for free samples and the best offer! You also can click on our products: Plastic Hanging Baskets for more information!

What plant is best for hanging baskets?

If you're looking for a low maintenance, yet showy flower that can be used in plastic hanging baskets, then petunias are the way to go. Petunias come in a wide range of hues and sizes, making them perfect for adding pops of color to any space. They are incredibly hardy and have the advantage that they can thrive in both sunny and partial shade areas.

Another great choice for hanging baskets is sweet potato vine. This trailing annual is perfect for cascading down from your basket and adding texture along with its deep green foliage. Its fast-growing habit requires minimal upkeep and it's resilient in most types of weather conditions. Sweet potato vine pairs nicely with petunias as well as other flowers like geraniums or verbena for a stunning display.

Fuchsia is another great option for plastic hanging baskets because its showy pendent flowers come in an array of vibrant colors. It's perfect for adding a splash of color to shady spots and requires minimal maintenance, with occasional pruning needed to keep its shape. Ivy is also an ideal choice since its long trailing vines create a lush cascade when displayed in a plastic hanging basket.

What can I plant in hanging baskets in shade South Africa?

Hanging baskets are a great way to add colour and life to your outdoor space. Many plants can thrive in shaded or partially shaded positions in South Africa. So they are perfect for hanging baskets. Here are some of the options:

Lobelia – A classic garden favourite with small bell-shaped blooms in shades of blue, purple and white. Lobelias like moist soil and they don’t need too much sun, so they can tolerate shady spots as long as they get some indirect light.

Pansy – A cheerful annual flower with velvety petals that have different colours, like purple, yellow and orange. Pansies prefer cooler temperatures and need regular watering during the hotter months of summer.

Bacopa – A trailing annual with abundant white, blue or pink flowers. Bacopas are particularly well suited to plastic hanging baskets and do best in locations that get a few hours of direct sunlight each day.

Impatiens – While most Impatiens varieties prefer full sun, there are some that will thrive even in the shade, making them perfect for shaded hanging baskets. The petite flowers have many different colours, including pink, red, yellow, white and purple.

Coleus – These colourful plants are great shady spots and can tolerate some direct sun. The leaves have different colours ranging from dark green to yellow, pink and purple, making them the perfect choice for adding colour to plastic hanging baskets.

Fuchsias– Fuchsias are excellent for shade and come in many different varieties with beautiful flowers that range from white to pink, red or purple. They also require moist soil and may need protection from full sun during the hottest part of the day to prevent wilting.

Begonias– There are a variety of begonia varieties available in different shapes and sizes, making them ideal for any type of plastic hanging basket. They like partial shade but can also tolerate some direct sunlight. Begonias come in shades of pink, red and white with many foliage markings that add even more colour to the plant.

Caladiums – These tropical plants love shady spots where there is plenty of moisture. The leaves have different colours, including green, silver, pink and cream. They are perfect for a hanging basket as they have long stems that hang down, which gives a very attractive look.

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