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In addition, due to insufficient watering or leakage, flowers often wilt, and soil moisture should be added in time(soil block propagation trays). Potted flowers should be watered in a timely and appropriate amount. Pour more in hot weather, and pour less in cold weather. Water more in the morning, less water in the sky(7 gallon nursery pots). The seedlings are mostly watered, at the beginning, growth period. Some moisture-resistant flowers can also be used.

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When the flowers wilt, the root hairs are damaged and the water absorption capacity is reduced, so a lot of water cannot be poured immediately(best microgreen trays). Therefore, the amount of watering should be small, and then gradually increase, and spray water to the leaf surface, put the flower in the half shade, and wait for the new root hair to grow and the stems and leaves to recover(5 gallon black plastic nursery pots), then increase the amount of watering.

(high quality plastic plant trays manufacturers uae)The amount of potted flowers should be comprehensively judged based on the variety of flowers, plant size, climate, soil, flower pot size, and placement location(lavender plug trays wholesale). Under normal circumstances, water more wet flowers and less early flowers. Water bulbs less, herb flowers more, and woody flowers less(cell plug trays). Water more sandy soil and less clay soil. Water more in the vigorous period, less water in the dormant period.

The soaking method is to put the potted flowers in a tray or shallow non-porous pot(succulent propagation tray), let the water from the drain hole slowly penetrate into the pot from bottom to top, and take out the pot when the top soil of the pot is wet. When sowing with small seeds, in order to prevent the accumulation of seeds after being impacted by spraying water, the soaking method can be used(3 gallon pots bulk), and the seedlings are watered less.(high quality plastic plant trays manufacturers uae)

But for most flowers, this method is often used(plastic nursery pots suppliers), which will cause too much water in the pot, resulting in hypoxia or decay of the root system, and even death; at the same time, it will easily lead to the increase of the salt content in the pot and cause harm to the flowers(128 cell plug tray). The so-called "don't dry or water, water after it dries" refers to the degree of dryness of the surface of the pot soil. This requires continuous watering.

(high quality plastic plant trays manufacturers uae)The so-called "watering and watering" refers to not to water "shut down", it looks like water has been watered, but in fact the roots do not absorb water(plastic plant pots manufacturers). If the water supply is insufficient for a long time, the lower leaves of the plant will be yellow and dry, and even the whole plant will die. It does not refer to watering when the soil is dry, nor does it mean that the soil is "dry" before watering(3.5 inch plant pots). Practice to master.

The drip-type water supply adjusts the water volume of the faucet to slowly flow out drop by drop, and then put a water pipe on the pot to fix it(plastic plant pot suppliers). At the same time, due to the lack of oxygen in the soil, the microorganisms in the soil undergo anaerobic respiration and produce toxic substances such as hydrogen sulfide and ammonia(15 gallon nursery pots), which directly harm the root system of plants, cause root rot, and cause plant death.

The so-called "wet between dry and wet" means that after the potted flower is watered(lavender plug trays), there must be a "dry" gap time in the middle, not when the topsoil is slightly dry. If you go out for a period of time during the flower growing period, you can water the flowers and place them in a shady and windless place to reduce water evaporation(10 gallon plastic plant pots). At the same time, the following methods can be used to solve the watering problem.(high quality plastic plant trays manufacturers uae)

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