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For precious flowers and trees, you can use a soft brush or a new brush dipped in the matching water and spread it on the plants and leaves of flowers and trees(128 cell trays bulk). The rooting of plants is due to the regeneration ability of some tissues and organs of plants(large plastic planters uk). The black plastic cloth should be covered on the top to prevent the light from entering, and a vent should be left at the lower part to keep the branches in a dark state. 

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The regeneration ability of various plants is different(72 cell plug trays supplier). For example, the cuttings of grape, fig, hibiscus and rose are easy to survive and take root, while the cuttings of plum blossom, peach blossom, wintersweet and cherry blossom are difficult to take root. There are also yellow spots on the leaves caused by mosaic virus, which spread rapidly(wholesale plastic garden pots). This kind of leaves should be removed and destroyed in time, and then treated with medicine.(cheap 10 gallon plastic pots manufacturers mexico)

For many years, many experiences have been gained in promoting the rooting of cuttings(72 cell propagation trays wholesale). In addition to the treatment with auxin and some chemicals, there are some simple and effective methods, which are introduced as follows: ring peeling method(3.5 inch nursery pots). The transport function of plant stems is to transport water and mineral elements absorbed by roots from soil to leaves through xylem vessels for water transpiration and photosynthesis.

(cheap 10 gallon plastic pots manufacturers mexico)However, when it comes to dormancy period, it is cut at this place for folding and cutting, so that the branches which are difficult to take root can be easily rooted and survive because of the sufficient nutrients(5 gallon plastic pots). Yellowing method. It is also known as softening method. It is found that yellowing branches are easier to take root and survive than ordinary branches as cuttings(plastic planters suppliers). If you do this for several times, the effect will be better. The flowering period can be prolonged for about 15 days.

If the mother plant is too old, the branches taken from it are not easy to take root, mainly because the nutrients stored in the branches are too little or there are too many substances to inhibit rooting(72 cell seed trays wholesale). End smashing method: the end of the pedicel 1 inch or so of a broken, so that the water absorption surface expanded, can extend the flowering time(shallow microgreen trays). Soon, the cell division and growth speed up, and the bark will form an expanded nodule.(cheap 10 gallon plastic pots manufacturers mexico)

Burning method: put the end of the flower branch on the flame of the candle, burn it, soak it in alcohol solution for 1 minute, and then rinse it with water(blow molded nursery pots). In this way, it can not only make the tissue fluid in the stem no longer flow out, but also prevent the incision infarction and water corrosion(2.5 inch plastic plant pots). The organic nutrients produced by photosynthesis are sent to the tissues and organs of plants through the sieve tubes of phloem for the growth and development of plants.

(cheap 10 gallon plastic pots manufacturers mexico)Yellowing treatment method: generally, if the mother plant is a seedling, it should be planted obliquely before sprouting in spring, and the top should be wiped off to promote its multiple lateral branches(7 gallon nursery pots). If ring peeling is adopted at the stem of the branch and the sieve tube channel of phloem is cut off, the organic nutrients can not be transported downward and accumulate at the upper end of the ring peeling area(deep cell plug trays). Woody flowers such as magnolia, clove, peony can be used in this way.

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