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The main body of the rock is in the shape of a cliff. The layout is mostly two or three groups of mountains(1.5 gallon nursery pots). The layout of the two groups is like a heavier type, with the main mountain top extending to the middle, which is more dangerous, and the secondary peak is small in response to it(11.43cm square grow pots). The tree-based style is called the tree-stone style with the mountains and rocks as the background: the stone-based style is called the tree-stone style with trees.

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Because the main body is treacherous and often feels unstable, it is often used to place rocks or plant trees at the foot of the mountain to achieve a stable effect(wholesale nursery supplies plastic pots). The choice of material depends on the shape of the stone, either hard or soft(128 cell propagation trays wholesale). The matching basin is rectangular or oval. is composed of multiple groups of mountain peaks, mainly showing the natural scenery of heavy mountains and water, densely stacked peaks, and beautiful peaks.(high quality plastic tree pots factory australia)

In the middle and rear of the two groups (distant), a group of small stones are arranged close to the main body, which mainly express the perspective(plastic hanging baskets wholesale). Up to now, the main points of the layout are: open front and close back, near large and far small, with distinct levels, which mostly express the lake surface and far-reaching scenery of the country(11.43cm square nursery pots). Rectangular and fine round shallow mouth basins are commonly used, and most of the materials are sandstone, axe crab, sandstone and other stones.

Elliptical and rectangular shallow-mouth basins are mostly used(plastic flower pots bulk). The layout of the rocks in the basin is basically a combination of three groups, rectangular and elliptical basins are selected, with a set of rocks at each end, one large and one small, one more and one less, similar to the heavy type(162 cell propagation trays wholesale). The solitary stone peak stands upright in the center of the basin, and the momentum is high and steep, and small rocks are attached to the corners of the rock base to enrich the picture.

(high quality plastic tree pots factory australia)Therefore, more boats are placed on the water and small trees can be planted in the mountains(planting trays wholesale). Its layout mainly expresses the distant scenery of the sea, lakes and mountains. The scene is open, the mountains are undulating, gathering and scattered, sparse and dense, mountains and rocks are fresh and dense, slopes, beaches, and there are open water surfaces, mountains and mountains(200 cell propagation trays wholesale). The rooms are often separated by the water surface, scattered and not chaotic.

Take a single piece of stone with a peculiar shape and place it on several blocks for viewing(72 cell plug trays). It is not called a stone offering without a mountain basin. The two groups of peaks are opposite to each other, forming a canyon in the middle. There are primary and secondary peaks, the main peak is high and steep, and the secondary peak should not be too low to express the depth of the canyon, with the water surface in the middle(20 cell propagation trays wholesale), full of twists and turns, depending on the depth of the canyon.

The common stone supplies include various hard stones such as Yingshi, Taihu Stone, Stalactite, Laoshan Stone, Green Stone, Lingbi Stone and so on(long life propagation trays). The shape of the stone offering is mainly based on the natural beauty, and no large-scale processing is required(112 cell propagation trays wholesale). Tree-stone bonsai trees, mountains and rocks are placed in the same pot, collectively called tree-stone bonsai, which has the characteristics of stump bonsai and mountain bonsai.(high quality plastic tree pots factory australia)

The genre of pile scenery recognized by the bonsai circle in our country includes the Su School, Yang School, Sichuan School, Lingnan School, Shanghai School, Zhejiang School, Wei School, Tong School, etc., referred to as Su Yang Chuan Ling Hai Fa Hui Tong(nursery tray manufacturers). The characteristics of each school are briefly summarized as follows(288 cell propagation trays wholesale): The Su School is centered in Suzhou, including many places south of the Yangtze River, such as Changshu, Wuxi, and Changzhou.

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