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When the base of explants of Typha Tangying was placed upside down on the culture medium, although buds could also be produced, the number was small, and the bud induction time was delayed(thermoformed pots wholesale suppliers oman). The influence of polarity has different reactions in different plants, which can not be ignored(v16 nursery pots). Light effect can be subdivided into light intensity, light wavelength and light period. 

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Generally speaking(72 cell propagation tray), during the establishment stage of the culture line and the proliferation stage of the intermediate propagules (that is, the primary culture and the secondary culture stage), about 500~1000x light intensity is needed. For the explants on the culture medium, the success of plant tissue culture is greatly related to the selected explant type, physiological age, sampling time, sampling location, explant size and so on(thermoformed pots wholesale suppliers oman). 

The difficulty of tube micropropagation varies greatly among plants of different families and genera(thermoformed pots wholesale suppliers oman). Even if they belong to the same genus but different species (or varieties), the difficulty is also different(4x8 grow tray). gladiolus seed ball cuts emerge earlier than white and red light under blue light, and the seedlings grow vigorously under blue light, and the root system is strong(nursery tray manufacturers). Ethylene makes cultured cells tend to proliferate unorganized.

Temperature pretreatment also affects the proliferation of test-tube plantlets(v13 nursery pots). An iris callus cultivated in the dark produces stems when transferred to the light. Light is a key condition for the growth of stems and roots, but light also inhibits the growth of roots of many plants(thermoformed pots wholesale suppliers oman). Appropriate sugar concentration is very important for organogenesis, and the main function of sugar is to maintain a good osmotic relationship.

In tobacco callus(plastic plant pots price), the accumulation of starch will eventually lead to the production of bud primordium, and the cells that do not produce bud primordium do not accumulate starch(thermoformed pots wholesale suppliers oman). For the rooting and strong seedling stage, the light intensity should be increased appropriately To 3000~5000k, or even higher, this is mainly to improve the survival rate of test-tube seedlings transplanted into soil or other media in the future(14 inch plastic plant pots).

The relative humidity of the culture room is generally maintained at 70% ~ 80%(plug flats). The requirements for light intensity are not very strict. Here is a list of the most suitable temperatures required for tissue culture of some flowers and plants as follows(v10 nursery pots): The accumulation of starch in the cells of the culture through photosynthesis, and the accumulation of a certain amount of starch, directly or indirectly affects the occurrence of organs(thermoformed pots wholesale suppliers oman).

Experiments have proved that the weak light of l1000k has induced the formation of roots(thermoformed pots wholesale suppliers oman); the light intensity of 300~500k can already meet the requirements for light intensity in the photoperiod(v12 nursery pots). For most plants, it is appropriate to maintain a Photoperiod of 10 ~ L6 hours of light and 8 ~ L4 hours of darkness(nursery plant pots wholesale). The 12-hour photoperiod is conducive to the differentiation of Jerusalem artichoke tubers into seedlings.

In addition, when the explant is placed on the culture medium with its morphological base, a large number of stem buds are induced from the surface transported away from the base, such as gladiolus, Zhu Xianghong, Du Penghua, etc. Plant polarity plays a certain role and influence in rapid propagation in vitro(long life propagation trays). Some people have found, however, that red light can induce and grow lily callus better than white light(thermoformed pots wholesale suppliers oman).

The effect of photoperiod on morphology is different among different plant species(thermoformed pots wholesale suppliers oman). For example, the optimal photoperiod for inducing buds from the golden wound tissue culture of Pelargonium is 15-16 hours of light(3x6 grow tray). The seedlings under white light are relatively thin, and the seedling rate under red light is low(v14 nursery pots). In the embryo culture of woody flower plants, the humidity in the culture bottle is generally 95% ~ 100%.

Kato (1978) tested the influence of different wavelengths of light on the formation of buds in flax flowers(thermoformed pots wholesale suppliers oman). The suitable light required for the propagation and cultivation of stem buds of many herbaceous plants is 1000x. The number of stems and buds obviously decrease(2.5 inch plastic plant pots). He found that white light (light of mixed wavelengths), red light and blue light are effective in inducing bud formation, while green light is ineffective. 

The intensity of light has a great influence on the number of buds formed and the robustness of test tube bacteria(72 cell plug trays). Embryoids and plantlets can be developed from the young leaf slices of Hua Yexin under 16 hours of light and long-term dark culture(10x20 growing trays). It can be seen that the response of different plants to light quality is quite different(thermoformed pots wholesale suppliers oman). Generally, the longer the culture time, the worse the gas condition in the bottle.

It is found that low temperature treatment of embryos at 2 ~ 5 ℃ for a certain time is conducive to improve the survival rate of embryos(v15 nursery pots).In practice, we should first understand whether the tissue cultured plants are long-day or short-day plants in order to better choose light conditions(thermoformed pots wholesale suppliers oman). Under low light intensity, the young stems are greener, but under 3000k or higher light intensity, it shows a serious inhibitory effect(20 inch plastic planter).

When it is lower than 50%, humidification measures should be taken to avoid the dry wine of the culture medium affecting the nutrient absorption of the culture(thermoformed pots wholesale suppliers oman). It can prevent the loss of water in the culture bottle, but does not affect the air exchange inside and outside the bottle(plastic planters suppliers). The improvement method is to use breathable cotton stopper or sealing paper, and transfer the culture to the fresh medium in time.

In addition, it is also an economical and effective way to seal with a transparent lining film resistant to high temperature and high pressure and tie it with a rubber band(4 inch square nursery pots). Petunia shoot tip meristem can grow well and produce small plants under 16 ~ 24 hours of light(2x4 grow tray). We found that if the humidity is too high (more than 85%), the cotton stopper will become damp and the chance of culture pollution will increase(thermoformed pots wholesale suppliers oman).

 After the medium is autoclaved, ethylene may be produced in the bottle(thermoformed pots wholesale suppliers oman). Therefore, the relative humidity requirement of the culture room is not very strict, and the gas composition in the culture bottle will affect the differentiation and growth of the culture. High concentration of ethylene is an adverse factor for normal morphogenesis(98 cell plug trays). Poor plants of mother stem or bulb often require appropriate temperature difference.

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