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Plastic Seed Plug Trays Wholesale Price Malaysia

The newly developed leaves not only cannot accumulate the products of assimilation, but also have to grow with the help of other nutrients in the plant(plastic seed plug trays wholesale price malaysia). The old leaves growing in the lower layers of the plant have weak assimilation(72 cell propagation tray). The formation of assimilates is lower than their own respiratory consumption, and the leaves are gradually aging. 

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In cultivation, tomato, eggplant, kidney bean, cucumber and other vegetable crops remove the old leaves at the lower part in the middle and late growth stage(12cm plastic plant pots), which is conducive to reducing nutrient consumption, air circulation at the lower part of the plant and reducing the spread of diseases and pests(plastic seed plug trays wholesale price malaysia). Due to the totipotency of plant cells, in vitro culture of explants can form complete plants through various ways. 

The main purpose is to promote the softening of leaf balls and flower balls(plastic seed plug trays wholesale price malaysia). At the same time, it can prevent cold and is conducive to forest ventilation and light(21 cell seed trays). At this time, the two brigade buds protected at the top of the plant have developed into two side tendrils 30 ~ 40 cm long, and each side tendril has sent out 1 ~ 2 inflorescences(nursery seedling tray). Bundle leaves are suitable for Chinese cabbage and cauliflower of Cruciferae.

Thinning flowers and fruits, garlic, potato, lotus swallow, Lily and other vegetables, removing flower buds is conducive to the hypertrophy of underground product organs(fabric grow bags wholesale). When 4 inflorescences are drawn from each lateral vine, leave 2 leaves on the nuchal inflorescence to remove the apical center, which is called leaving double stems(15 cell seed trays). There are orchids, African violets, Du Peng, some ferns and foliage plants in China(plastic seed plug trays wholesale price malaysia).

Tomato, cucumber, watermelon and other vegetable crops can promote the normal growth of retained fruits by removing too many flower buds and deformed and diseased fruits(128 cell plug flats). Timely picking fruits of certain vegetables such as eggplant, melon and beans is conducive to maintaining the vegetative growth of plants, prolonging the harvest period of fruits and increasing yield(plastic seed plug trays wholesale price malaysia). 

Vine pressing and scaffold vine Tibetan vegetables(9cm plastic plant pots), such as pumpkin, white gourd and watermelon, can make the plants arranged neatly, receive good light, facilitate management, promote fruit development and quality, promote the occurrence of adventitious roots, and have the ability to prevent wind and increase nutrient absorption(cheap plastic hanging baskets). This measure is mostly carried out in the later stage of growth(plastic seed plug trays wholesale price malaysia). 

In Shouguang, Shandong Province(112 cell seed trays), in the low temperature period (the minimum temperature at night is lower than 13 ℃), the 1000 drought period (the air humidity is allowed to be 60%) and the weak light period (the light intensity is lower than 3000 Lux), the scaffolds cultivation of cucumber, tomato, kidney bean, pumpkin, white gourd, yam and other vegetables can increase the leaf area index(plastic seed plug trays wholesale price malaysia).

Under the condition that high temperature or low temperature and other adverse environments affect the flowering(v23 plastic pots), pollination and fertilization of fruit and vegetable vegetables, and the content of Ca is relatively rare, artificial assisted pollination or plant growth regulator are used to protect flowers and fruits, so as to promote normal flowering, pollination and fertilization, good results and ensure the formation of yield(plastic seed plug trays wholesale price malaysia).

If the wind speed is small and the air is not circulating(plastic ground cover for weed control), the humidity and temperature in the population are high, which is unfavorable to the photosynthesis and material accumulation of crops, in order to ensure the normal pollination and fertilization of fruits and vegetables(51 cell seed trays), make better use of sunlight, make good ventilation and reduce diseases and insect pests, Increase the density and promote good results(plastic seed plug trays wholesale price malaysia). 

The protocorm is a kind of embryo-like tissue(50 cell seed trays). The famous plant physiologists Rothwell and Xu Zhihong, based on the differences in the differentiation process of plant tissue culture in vitro, divided the differentiation of plants in vitro into protoglobinogenic, embryogenic, bud proliferative, organogenic and aseptic There are five types of spur type, and different types of reproduction pathways are pointed out(plastic seed plug trays wholesale price malaysia).

General attention(v11 plastic pots). In 1960, Morel used orchid stems to be cultured in vitro, and then differentiated into small plants by the protocorm method, thus creating the "orchid industry"(50 cell propagation trays). For example, the stem tip of Yunlan grandiflora is cultivated on Fon-nesbech basic medium and added with appropriate hormones and organic nutrients, placed on a dry shaker, and subjected to liquid shaking culture(plastic seed plug trays wholesale price malaysia).

There are hundreds of species of plants that can be rapidly propagated through tissue culture, but there are about 50 or 60 species that are actually used in commercial mass production(plastic seed plug trays wholesale price malaysia). Its occurrence and growth process are similar to zygotic embryos or seeds(36 cell seed trays). This kind of embryoid body has the characteristics of large number, complete structure, easy seedling formation and fast reproduction speed. 

They are mainly used in flowers(32 cell seed tray). In vitro culture of shoot tips and brigade buds can directly produce protocorms, which can grow into plants, and can also be subcultured to produce new protocorms, depending on the medium and culture conditions and the purpose of culture(plastic seed plug trays wholesale price malaysia). It is the fastest method for asexual reproduction of plants in vitro, and is also a common way for artificial seeds and cell engineering.

The protocorm is divided every 30-40 days, and millions of protocorms can be obtained within one year(v19 plastic pots). Embryoid body is also called somatic cell pressure, which can induce somatic embryogenesis by in vitro culture of plant stem tips, ovary, anthers, immature embryos and other organs or tissues(plastic seed plug trays wholesale price malaysia). Often, a small amount of callus is formed at the same time as or before the formation of seedlings (buds).

There are also some other fruit trees(12cm nursery pot), vegetables and afforestation tree species, such as strawberries, asparagus, bananas, quilts and poplars and other plants are now also using this technology to produce seedlings in large quantities(v20 plastic pots). Which method is used to rapidly propagate test-tube plantlets depends on the purpose of the cultivation, but also on the material and the possibility of cultivation(plastic seed plug trays wholesale price malaysia).

Cut the photocorm into several pieces and then proliferate and subculture on the same fresh medium under the same conditions(40 cell seed trays). Plantlets are directly induced and differentiated from the isolated plant stem tips, leaves, roots, filaments, petals, pedicels, forbidden pieces and other organs(plastic seed plug trays wholesale price malaysia). Including carnation, gladiolus, rose, gerbera, anthurium, lily, chrysanthemum, etc., used in the production of cut flowers. 

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