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Cheap Plastic Seed Trays Wholesale Price Peru

Soil moistness is conducive to the formation of male flowers, the seedbed soil is fertile, the combination of ammonia, phosphorus and potassium is appropriate, and more accurate fertilizers can reduce the dimensional flower node position and form more male flowers(cheap plastic seed trays wholesale price peru); while potassium can promote the formation of male flowers, it should be used in an appropriate amount(50 cell propagation trays). 

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Therefore(128 cell plug trays), too dark leaf color is not a sign of strong seedlings, but a manifestation of rigid seedlings(cheap plastic seed trays wholesale price peru). If sufficient carbon burial fertilizer is applied, beneficial bacteria such as BM bacteria can be applied in several times to ensure long-term CO2 needs. Do not empty water(12cm plastic plant pots). For cucumber production in winter and spring in greenhouse, there is little ventilation in severe winter season. 

Beware of excessive application of raw chicken manure and human urine to cause ammonia injury to seedlings, resulting in cultivation failure(cheap plastic seed trays wholesale price peru). One hour after the sun comes out, CoQ and produced at night will be absorbed and manually supplemented 0q from 10:00 to 12:00(v12 plastic pots). Due to the above reasons, sometimes during the day, the soil fill does not lack some element, while the cucumber may lack some element.

Increasing CO) content in the seedling stage, photosynthesis and nutrient accumulation increase, which is conducive to the formation of female flowers(fabric smart pots). The use of polyethylene three-layer composite green non-drip film for winter cultivation has good light transmittance, good effect of sun remnant after April, and long growth and harvest period(cheap plastic seed trays wholesale price peru). When hypoxia, root respiration is blocked and growth is poor(v9 plastic pots).

For example, in Shandong and Shanxi, a large crop of cucumber cultivated in winter uses a 7-8m long back slope solar greenhouse with a short back wall and a minimum indoor temperature of 10°C or higher, and the minimum temperature cannot be lower than 8°C(12.5 cm plant pots). From the perspective of cultivation, too much ammonia, low temperature, insufficient light and water, and weak plant growth can all lead to bitterness(cheap plastic seed trays wholesale price peru). 

Early spring stubble or prolonged autumn shoes should choose green polyethylene non-clear film and white film, for aging, no dust, and low cost(32 cell seed tray). It grows fast, has more fruit, requires a large amount of fertilizer, and likes loose and fertile soil(105 cell plug flats). However, cucumber roots are distributed shallowly and have weak fertility absorption capacity(cheap plastic seed trays wholesale price peru). The winter stubble and autumn stubble are covered with plastic film late.

For the production of cucumbers in autumn and early spring, you can choose 9~12 meters of sunlight temperature plan, arrange two crops a year, and it is easy to obtain high yield and high efficiency(cheap plastic hanging baskets). The cultivation of overwinter stubble adopts the grafting of cucumber and pumpkin, and the cultivation of delayed autumn stubble or early spring can adopt cucumber self-rooted seedlings(cheap plastic seed trays wholesale price peru). 

Cucumbers have the greatest demand for ammonia, phosphorus, and potassium during the fruiting period, and their demand accounts for about 80% of the total(cheap plastic seed trays wholesale price peru). The fertilizer requirement per 1,000 kg of cucumber products is: 28 kg of ammonia, 0.9 kg, 3.9 kg of potassium, 3.1 kg of calcium, 0.7 kg of magnesium, and the absorption ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium is 1:0.6:1.3(162 cell seed starting trays). 

The ecological disease control of Cucumber in barrel chamber includes the following four technologies(21 cell plug trays). There are two absorption peaks of nitrogen during the growth and development of cucumbers, which appear from the initial flowering stage to the beginning of harvesting, and the peak harvesting stage to pulling seedlings(cheap plastic seed trays wholesale price peru). Expect(98 cell seed tray). Cucumber absorbs potassium throughout its growth period.

The seedling period is inaccurate, and it is difficult to remedy the fertilizer in the later stage(cheap plastic seed trays wholesale price peru). If the light is too strong, it shall be shaded; If the light is too dark, it can be increased by chandelier, hanging reflective curtain, applying biological bacterial fertilizer and swabbing film(plastic ground cover for weed control). The absorption rate of ammonia, full, potassium and other nutrients in different growth periods of cucumbers is not the same. 

Cucumber fruits are prone to bitterness at the shoulders near the stalk(15 cell seed trays). Therefore, the fruit-bearing period of cucumber must meet the requirements of chlorine For nutrient nutrition, attention should be paid to controlling the concentration of ammonia nutrient in soil filling. Entering the fruiting period, the demand for cucumbers has increased sharply, while the demand for ammonia has decreased slightly(cheap plastic seed trays wholesale price peru).

Therefore, phosphate fertilizer should be used as base fertilizer or seed fertilizer as early as possible, and topdressing should be done as soon as possible, and water should be irrigated after application(11 cm plant pots). The seedling acceptance period is a critical period for phosphorus consumption(cheap plastic seed trays wholesale price peru). The vegetative growth and reproductive growth of cucumber are carried out at the same time, and the duration is long(72 cell propagation tray). 

Cucumber needs about 30 kilograms of ammonia, 12 kilograms of phosphorus (BQ), and 30 dry grams of potassium (-O) per 667 meters* during the entire growth period of cucumber, and requires high soil organic matter content and good aeration(9cm plastic plant pots). The amount of oxygen in soil has a great impact on root absorption(cheap plastic seed trays wholesale price peru). All seedlings with too dark leaves have different degrees of rigidity and aging. 

The normal absorption of various useful elements will be affected when the concentration of the solution exceeds a certain limit (0.3%)(cheap plastic seed trays wholesale price peru). For example, the high content of ammonium ion in soil solution affects the absorption of calcium ion, the high concentration of calcium ion affects the absorption of magnesium quotient, and the high content of chloride ion in soil affects the absorption of nitrate and phosphate(heavy duty 1020 trays).

When planting seedlings in early spring, cover plastic film in time, and do not open bottom joints for ventilation in solar greenhouses and greenhouses(23cm plastic plant pots). The temperature in the facility during the day shall be controlled at 25 ~ 32 ℃, 18 ~ 16 ℃ in the first midnight and 10 ~ 12 ℃ in the second midnight(cheap plastic seed trays wholesale price peru); The balance between aboveground and underground, vegetative growth and reproductive growth(288 cell plug tray). 

The relative air temperature should be kept at 85% during melon setting period(cheap plastic seed trays wholesale price peru). The dehumidification should be carried out through the official or gap at the south edge and top of the sugar chamber. When small melons were few, the daylight temperature decreased to 20 ~ 24 ℃ during the day to induce young melons(128 cell plug flats); When there are many small melons, raise the temperature to 30 ~ 32 ℃ to promote the growth of melons. 

It can be watered when the temperature is above 20 ℃, and it should be watered frequently in the middle and later stages of growth(cheap plastic seed trays wholesale price peru). Keep the soil water holding capacity at 75% and pour water for about 40 times. Do not dehydrate the rank vine, and there is less ponding on the leaf back, which can prevent disease(51 cell plug trays). Biological agents or potassium fertilizer can be applied at the technical proportion for each watering.

The lower limit of illumination is 10000 lux and the upper limit is 55000 lux(cheap plastic seed trays wholesale price peru). If there are few small melons, low temperature, weak light and short sunshine environment can be created to induce young melons; There are many small melons, which can create an environment of high temperature, strong light and long sunshine and improve yield(20cm plastic plant pots). In order to make full use of space and avoid heat injury and freezing injury.

CO2 in the facility cannot be supplemented at any time like the open field, which will affect photosynthesis(112 cell plug trays). In production, it can be supplemented by increasing the application of organic fertilizer and artificial application of CO2(200 cell seed trays). Remove yellow leaves, old leaves, over dense leaves, injured leaves, diseased leaves and Qi buds to prevent ethylene production, accelerate plant senescence or waste nutrition(cheap plastic seed trays wholesale price peru). 

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