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The weight of the sample to be tested shall be at least 2-3 times of the sample to be tested for clarity(72 cell trays). The minimum weight of the sample to be tested for water content determination is 50g, and the seed to be sliced is 100g. The samples submitted for inspection shall be marked according to the type and batch to prevent mixing(8.89cm square grow pots). The test sample test sample is taken from the test sample by the seed inspection unit according to the test items required by the test unit.

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There are two conditions of seed dormancy: when the weight is more than 5%, another seed batch is needed(large plastic planters cheap). Before sample separation, pass the sample to be tested through the sample separator, and divide the seeds into 2 equal parts. In order to make the test sample have the greatest representativeness to the submitted sample, the sampling method is to fully mix the submitted sample and repeatedly take half of it(128 cell seed trays wholesale). Generally, the following two methods are used.

(high quality seedling plug trays wholesale argentina)The seed is evenly spread on a smooth and clean table surface by quartering, which is slightly square(72 cell trays bulk). Take one sample plate in each hand, and move the seeds from the opposite direction to the middle, so that they are in a long strip, and then move the seeds at both ends of the strip to the middle, so that the seeds are mixed evenly three to four times, and then spread into a square(128 cell trays bulk). In general, samples for purity determination shall contain at least 2500 pure seeds.

Divide the seeds into four triangles along the diagonal with the dividing plate(plastic flower pots wholesale), put the seeds of the two triangles of the pair into the container for standby, take the seeds of the remaining two triangles of the pair, mix them again and continue to separate them according to the previous method until the number required for the determination of samples is slightly more(11.43cm square grow pots). The sample divider method is used for seeds with small seed size and large fluidity.

If more than 5%, adjust the sample divider(plastic seed trays). In the process of sample separation, first pass the sample to be tested through the sample divider for three times, make the seeds fully mixed, and then separate the sample, take one of them, continue to use the sample divider to separate until it is reduced to slightly more than the required amount of the sample to be tested(72 cell plug trays supplier). The first sample is from different parts of the same batch or different containers.(high quality seedling plug trays wholesale argentina)

Seed purity is one of the important indexes of seed quality(nursery plant pots wholesale). The higher the purity, the better the seed quality. Seed purity is also an important basis for determining the sowing amount and classifying seed grades. The minimum quantity of samples can be determined according to the weight specified in the national standard gh2772-199 "forest seed inspection procedures"(72 cell propagation trays wholesale). A small amount of seeds taken out each time is called the first sample.

(high quality seedling plug trays wholesale argentina)Except for at least 500 seeds with large seed size, other tree species usually require at least 2500 pure seeds(plastic garden pots wholesale). The test sample is divided into three parts: pure seeds, seeds of other plants and inclusions. Based on this, the composition of the seed batch is determined. The test sample can be one test sample of the specified weight, or at least two independent test samples of half the weight of the sample, or two samples if necessary(sureroot plug trays bulk). A portion of the seed sample directly used for a determination.

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