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Large 300mm Plastic Terracotta Plant Pots

For continuous rain or cool weather(large outdoor plastic plant pots), the mulching film also has a good anti-harm effect, which improves the quality of green pepper planting. The mulch film has unparalleled superiority, such as: heat preservation, water retention, fertilizer conservation, etc., which plays a key role in land optimization and improvement(plastic planting pots), helps to enhance sudden damage resistance, and provides a good crop environment for green pepper cultivation.

As one of the main vegetable varieties, green pepper is also facing the development of export trade(nursery supplies pots), which is more stringent in technical requirements for green pepper cultivation. At present, “film mulching” is the advanced technology of green pepper planting, which can create a “high-quality, high-yield” green pepper planting situation(3.5 inch square plastic pots), which will drive the steady growth of farmers' economic income.(large 300mm plastic terracotta plant pots)

Then, after the green pepper was sold and sold, it was unanimously recognized by foreign consumers(nursery tray manufacturers). With the continuous expansion of the research and development of vegetable projects in China, the agricultural fruit and vegetable cultivation in this paper is no longer limited to domestic market sales(72 cell trays), but is gradually broadened to foreign countries, and vegetable exports have become the main trend of agricultural economic transformation.

The mulch covered on the car surface is often damaged by wind, rain and field operations(7 gallon plastic pots). Apply fertilizer (fertility to water ratio of 5:5), add potash at the same time according to the standard of 3-4kg per acre. The area of planted peppers reached 482,000 mu, the output was 93,000 tons, the output value was 1.65 billion yuan(small nursery pots), the per capita vegetable growth of farmers was 1,850 yuan, the processing capacity of spicy products was 140,000 tons, and the output value was 1.44 billion.

(large 300mm plastic terracotta plant pots)The green pepper industry project has achieved remarkable development(cell seedling trays), and it has paid more attention to the green pepper planting planning and development project, especially in the field of plastic film covering planting technology. It is necessary to implement the land development and utilization system(plastic seedling pots), and maintain the orderly progress of green pepper planting operations and promote the sustainable development of regional economic construction.

It has also caused a series of environmental pollution problems(square plastic plant trays), which have caused many damages to agricultural planting planning and development. In time, we will ensure that the green pepper planting and management will reach the predetermined environmental protection status later(1 gallon plastic pots). And often check and find that there are cracked or not strict places, should use soil pressure in a timely manner, play a role in the film. 

In order to solve the shortcomings of the traditional planting mode(small plant pots plastic), in order to solve the shortcomings of the traditional green pepper management and protection mode, we must adhere to the principles of comprehensive, safety and economic(large nursery pots), and further refine the management and protection steps of the green pepper planting project to provide correct guidance for on-site management and management.(large 300mm plastic terracotta plant pots)

According to the geological conditions of different regions(plastic succulent pots), it is necessary to set a feasible green pepper planting plan to avoid the mistakes in planting decisions and affect the output of the whole region, and propose practical solutions from the perspective of high-quality vegetable planting. The total output of green pepper planting exceeded 4 million tons, and the planting area accounted for more than 15% of the country(round plastic plant pots), which fully boosted the growth of regional agricultural economic income.

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