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Plastic 20 Gallon Nursery Plant Pots For Sale

Questions about pumpkin melons Many novice pumpkin growers have consulted friends(15 gallon pot). Here is a brief study of the causes and prevention methods of pumpkin melon. If during the flowering stage of the pumpkin, due to weather factors, the management does not have normal pollination(1 gallon pot), then the falling buds will occur, especially in the continuous rainy season.

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(plastic 20 gallon nursery plant pots for sale)It is easy to cause the pumpkin branches to grow too vigorously(4.5 inch deep square pots), the permeability is deteriorated, or the sitting melon is unstable and easy to fall off, and the application of nitrogen fertilizer too late will also affect the expansion of the pumpkin fruit. Once they occur, the yield of pumpkins will decrease and the income of farmers will be damaged.

When the temperature is too high above 32 degrees Celsius, the pumpkin flower will easily develop abnormally(branded plant pots). If it exceeds 40 degrees Celsius, it will cause fertilization obstacles, so that the melon will occur frequently. Organic fertilizer plus ternary compound fertilizer), after ridges, do greenhouse disinfection, depending on the condition, smoke 3 to 4 times. Pumpkin melons are a kind of physiological disease.

Control the amount of nitrogen fertilizer(heavy duty plant pots), the leaves are larger, increase the application of organic fertilizer and phosphorus, potassium fertilizer, reduce the number of watering. Before flowering and fruit setting, generally no fertilizer is applied, or 14% lycopene copper water 300 times solution, 7-10 Spray once a day, even spray 2 or 3 times. Choose to go before 8 am on a sunny day, and pollinate at 4 to 6 in the morning.

Use the male flower stamen to gently spread on the head of the female flower, so that the anther is evenly distributed on the head of the female flower(where to buy plastic plant pots). Temperatures below 15 degrees Celsius during flowering can also cause pumpkin fruit to be deformed or empty. The nitrogen fertilizer in the early stage of pumpkin growth should not be applied too much, and it can also be sprayed and controlled. 

(plastic 20 gallon nursery plant pots for sale)When pollinating, the temperature will increase rapidly after 6~12 o'clock, and the seedling nursery must be fine(4.5 inch square nursery pots). After pollination, pick up the melon leaves, or tie the mouth or bag in time. Generally, three or four female flowers are cast for each male flower(big flower pots wholesale). In addition to these measures, it is necessary to prevent vines from growing, field management, and pest control.

Scab disease: It is recommended to use 72% agricultural streptomycin soluble powder 4000 times solution(3.5 inch square nursery pots), or 50% succinic acid copper WP 500 times solution. Italian lettuce cultivation can choose greenhouse production, medium shed production mode, in winter, you can use insulation to keep warm(5 gallon planter), cover the straw curtain for heat preservation, you can also add a second film in the shed for insulation.

It is very important to work in the process of cucumber planting(2.5 inch square plastic pots). The tray can be selected with black 128-hole plastic plugs and appropriate amount of base fertilizer. To carry out the dehumidification(hydroponics trays cheap), the temperature of the greenhouse can be increased without releasing air after watering, and the planting water is poured after the planting.(plastic 20 gallon nursery plant pots for sale)

What is the reason for pumpkin melon? How to prevent pumpkin melon(23cm plastic plant pots)? Only the air is severely shaded. If the temperature management is high, the plant grows too strong, to the most severe one(seed starting pots). In February, the ability to withstand the cold and cold currents fell, and the varieties with strong parthenocarpy ability and high fruit set rate were selected.

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