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Plastic 3.5 Inch Plant Pots Manufacturers Netherlands

At this time, it is necessary to shade the fleshy(18 cell trays bulk). Shenzhen will soon enter the summer, at this time, the fleshy should pay attention to start cooling, in order to avoid excessive temperature, causing damage to the fleshy growth. In addition, 0.2% potassium dihydrogen phosphate can be used to spray leaves or irrigate roots, and the amount of soil fertilization accounts for about 60% of the whole year(7 gallon nursery pots). The meat will not be hurt at all.

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Then, if the temperature in the shed is lower than 13 ℃, the plant will stop growing, and the fertilizer should be stopped in time(36 cell trays bulk). In March, although the air temperature rises and falls in the old days, the temperature will not fall to that side. This time is usually when the meat is growing vigorously(5 gallon nursery pots). But once the noon comes, the temperature is very high, reaching about 30 degrees, so we should pay attention to do a lot of meat cooling measures in normal times.

(plastic 3.5 inch plant pots manufacturers netherlands)We must learn how to maintain the meat(40 cell trays bulk). When the temperature is high, we must not increase the humidity, and we must not encounter high temperature to keep it moist. That is to say, when we conserve the meat, we need to water it in an environment with low temperature. Generally, it is better to water it in the evening(plastic tree pots). After a night of air drying, the sun will be calculated the next day, and there will be no high temperature and humidity.

In hot and humid weather, it is necessary to move the fleshy to a cool and ventilated place for maintenance, which may avoid the problem of fleshy(14cm plastic grow pots). Many of Huayou's fleshy plants encounter black rot mainly because of high temperature and humidity. We must pay attention to using organic nutrient solution to irrigate when exposed to the sun to make the roots stronger and avoid high temperature and humidity(10 gallon plant pot). Fleshy plants will grow better.(plastic 3.5 inch plant pots manufacturers netherlands)

It is necessary to ensure sufficient light. It's different from other succulent plants in that its growth is on the stone hillside(plastic hanging baskets wholesale). In our country, the tile house roof, the thatched house roof and other places, not the whole roof can be full of succulent tile pine, but it will grow in the sunny place. It's better(plastic bonsai pots). Here, you should know the growth of succulent tile pine, the maintenance formula of succulent tile pine FA, in summer, you should pay more attention!

(plastic 3.5 inch plant pots manufacturers netherlands)The best choice is red pottery basin, and the bottom is small holes, so it is conducive to drainage, will not form water and lead to rotten roots(greenhouse pots); In terms of soil, if we can get the best soil in the garden, there are abundant elements needed by plants in it. If we can't find the garden soil, we can get some sandy soil from the flower bed in the city(plastic plant pots uk). There are also many organic matters in it, which can provide nutrition for the fleshy Watson.

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