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Cheap 8 Inch Plastic Nursery Pots Suppliers Israel

Generally, wheat in local areas will have different degrees of frost damage every winter. This year, wheat frost damage occurs mostly in the arid area of Huaibei and part of the vigorous wheat field. The large-scale frozen wheat field is not severely frozen, only the leaves are frozen, and the main stems and tillers are not(black plastic plant pots). Severely frozen, the root system moved up and suffered severe freezing damage. 

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Wheat fields with sufficient application of basic fertilizer and good seedling quality, as long as the wheat seedlings do not show serious symptoms such as dead leaves, generally do not need to take special measures to remedy(plug trays). Wheat in the overwintering period has a small amount of growth, and the wheat is in the overwintering period(72 cell seed starter trays). The wheat seedlings are generally strong in drought resistance and freezing resistance.(cheap 8 inch plastic nursery pots suppliers israel)

Especially for the wheat that is planted at a suitable time and has a large growth before overwintering, its root system is relatively developed and can grow from deep soil(gallon nursery pots). Absorb water in the middle, strong ability of drought resistance and freezing resistance(nursery plant pots). During the top dressing period, 6-9 kg of urea per mu and 4-6 kg of potassium sulfate were applied; 5-7 kg of urea per mu and 4-6 kg of potassium sulfate were applied.

(cheap 8 inch plastic nursery pots suppliers israel)Irrigation of the wheat field during the freezing period of the soil is likely to cause water and ice in the field area(gallon plant pot), during the flowering and pod-setting period, and cause "stubble" damage to the wheat seedlings (when the water in the field is iced, the upper part of the wheat seedlings is lifted up and the wheat seedlings are pulled off); smaller wheat seedlings may be Suffering from suffocation because of being in the ice for a long time(18 cell seed starting trays).

Wheat is slightly frozen, and the weather forecast has a large range of snowfall, which can supplement the water in the farmland to a certain extent, generally do not irrigate the farmland(seed starting trays). The demand for fertilizers is small, and usually no fertilizers are required, and chemical fertilizers are applied until spring. The temperature is low recently(20 cell seed starting trays). During the freezing period of the field soil, do not irrigate or water to resist drought.

Fields where the soil is too dry and the wheat is severely deficient in water(square grow pots). To prevent dead seedlings from freezing and drying, you can use the "cold tail and warm head" to irrigate once (generally, when the average daily temperature is greater than 3 ℃ and the soil can "night freeze day disappear" get on)(20 cell trays bulk). Pay attention to rapid irrigation and drainage to avoid water and icing on the field (usually called "root uprooting").(cheap 8 inch plastic nursery pots suppliers israel)

In general, the lack of basic seedlings in the field, insufficient application of base fertilizer, and weak seedlings can be properly fertilized, generally 5-10 kg of urea per mu(plastic grow pots). Generally, it is not suitable to fertilize during the overwintering period, otherwise it will lead to an increase of ineffective tillers, excessive pulling of the internodes at the base, and easy lodging in the later period, but it is not conducive to high yield and stable yield(50 cell seed starter trays).

In addition to supplying a small amount of wheat seedlings to grow slowly in winter(flat plastic tray), fertilization during winter is basically used for spring application in winter, which can promote the long roots of wheat, early turn green, consolidate tillers before winter, promote spring tillers and increase the rate of panicle growth(288 cell trays bulk). Medium fertility fields, then they think that this is both trouble-free and not waste fertilizer, but it is not, or being uprooted.

(cheap 8 inch plastic nursery pots suppliers israel)First, because the seedlings of melon and vegetable are transplanted from the seed bed to the field, the absorption function of the root system is reduced, and the fertilizer is very close to the root system of the seedling(cheap plastic plant pots bulk), which is easy to damage the seedlings, resulting in a decline in the survival rate.

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