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9cm Square Plastic Plant Pots Manufacturers Belgium

The rooting ability of Metasequoia glyptostroboides cuttings decreases with the increase of tree age, and cuttings are generally taken from 1- to 3-year-old seedlings(72 cell propagation trays). Generally, the cuttings are 10 to 15 cm long, with the upper end cut flat at 1 cm from the bud and the lower end cut diagonally(plug trays for sale). Put the spikes into a bucket or basin, and keep the spikes moist. The cuttings will heal and take root in about 1 month.

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The cutting position of the cuttings on the branches is better with the younger tree's tip section and middle section, and they are picked as they are inserted(200 cell seed starting trays). In order to improve the survival rate of metasequoia cuttings when picking and cutting ears, in addition to treatment with development hormones, the "winter storage" method of cuttings is generally adopted(72 cell propagation tray). The Metasequoia glyptostroboides in autumn has a long time, a wide range of sources, and good results.

(9cm square plastic plant pots manufacturers belgium)Practice has proved that it is easy to take root after insertion, which is conducive to improving survival rate and seedling rate(32 cell plug trays supplier). After the metasequoia cuttings, the temperature did not rise much. The shoots have strong physiological activities and strong regeneration ability, and can take root 20 to 25 days after insertion(plant starter trays). During the development of seedlings, spray 3 to 5 times a day to keep the seedling bed moist. From the end of August, the shade is gradually shortened.

As long as the watering was properly carried out, the seedling bed should be kept moist without shading immediately(105 cell plug trays supplier). This would increase the soil temperature and facilitate the rooting of cuttings. After the end of April, it began to be shaded, covered early in the morning and uncovered late, but not covered in the rainy and rainy days(plastic potting containers). After the sky, the shade was gradually shortened, and after the beginning of September, it was no longer shaded.(9cm square plastic plant pots manufacturers belgium)

The base tissue is softened, and weeding and weeding are often required to promote seedling development(50 cell plug trays supplier). From late May to early June, the highest temperature is preferably 27 ℃ ~ 28 ℃. When the ears are harvested in the early morning and sunny day, the semi-lignified shoots with a length of 14-18cm are selected, and the tips and upper parts are kept 4-5(grower pot). A piece of feather leaf is inserted into the soil 4 to 6 cm, and 70,000 to 80,000 plants are cut per mu.

(9cm square plastic plant pots manufacturers belgium)After the end of September, the shade can be removed to promote the lignification of seedlings to facilitate wintering(72 cell plant trays bulk). From the end of August to the beginning and middle of October, it can be stopped before the first leaves fall. Cuttings should be selected with short internodes and strong branches, and avoid cutting long cuttings with long internodes(plastic nursery pots for sale). The cuttings are 12-20cm long, preferably with apical tips or buds.

The water can be cut on the whole bed surface, or it can be inserted into the hole with a thin stick(105 cell plant trays bulk). The plant spacing is 3cm × 10cm. If the bed is not moved, the row spacing can be 5cm × 15 ~ 20cm. After cutting, water the first time. Cutting in early autumn, the temperature is still high, should be properly shaded, pay attention to frequent watering, and insist that the soil in the seedbed is wet(black nursery pots). Later cuttings should be properly watered without shading.

After the first frost comes, it is covered with plastic film, which is heat-insulating and light-transmitting, which is beneficial to the development of the root system of cuttings(128 cell plant trays bulk). Metasequoia seeds have few sources, and a small amount of seeds is best to use nutrient cup seedlings(small plastic plant pots). When sowing and raising seedlings, plots with sufficient water sources, good drainage, few pests and diseases, and rich and loose soil should be selected.(9cm square plastic plant pots manufacturers belgium)

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