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10 Gallon Fabric Grow Bags Suppliers Philippines

Sorghum is very sensitive to fertilizer and has a strong ability of absorbing fertilizer(plug flats). For every 1000 kg of seed production, 26 kg of nitrogen, 13.6 kg of phosphorus pentoxide and 30.6 kg of potassium oxide need to be absorbed(15 gallon pots). The amount of nitrogen absorbed from emergence to jointing accounted for 13.7%, 12.0% and 20.0% of the total nitrogen absorbed in the whole life of sorghum. From jointing stage to flowering stage is the most vigorous growth stage.

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At this time, the plant grows rapidly, the stem and leaf are luxuriant, the demand for nutrients increases sharply, and the distribution center of nutrients changes from stem and leaf to young ear(plastic growing trays). During this period, the absorption of nitrogen accounted for 63.5%, 86.5% and 73.9% of the total amount of nitrogen in the whole life of sorghum(20 gallon pots). The demand for nutrients in the whole growth period of sorghum can be divided into three stages. The ratio of N, P and K was 1:0.5:1.2.

(10 gallon fabric grow bags suppliers philippines)If the application of fertilizer does not pay attention to the soil after application, the waste will be greater and fertilizer damage will occur easily(plastic plant pots for sale). Soil should be cultivated after fertilization in order to improve the utilization rate. The urea should also be deeply covered, so as to improve the fertilizer efficiency by 20%(plastic hanging baskets wholesale). Although the yield is less, it is beneficial to the growth of root system, increase the amount of root and enhance the drought resistance.

Ammonium bicarbonate is very unstable, it is easy to decompose into ammonia gas and volatilize, so it is not suitable for shallow application(plastic nursery tray). Ammonium sulfate should not be used for a long time, because it belongs to physiological acid fertilizer. If it is used in the field for a long time, it will increase the soil acidity, destroy the soil aggregate structure(7 gallon nursery pots), make the soil harden, and reduce the physical and chemical properties, which is harmful to fertility.(10 gallon fabric grow bags suppliers philippines)

Attention during urea application: one is to apply urea one week in advance, because urea has a decomposition process and can be absorbed by plants only when it is converted into ammonium(3 gallon plant pots). Second, the urea should not be watered immediately after application, and it is easy to turn into amide(2 gallon nursery pots). In general, if 40% anthrax fomesafen is sprayed at the early stage of the disease, 800-1000 times or 1500 times of Baogong wettable powder will be sprayed.

Therefore, the big black wolfberry that can be sold in large quantities should be a non green product with higher quality and artificial cultivation, not the so-called "top grade black wolfberry"(nursery containers). This is the reason why they have been vigorously denying the fact that "black wolfberry has been cultivated successfully". The purpose is to cover up their real source of goods(10 gallon pots). Wild big "best black wolfberry" do have, but the number is limited, can not be sold in large quantities.

(10 gallon fabric grow bags suppliers philippines)In order to sell money and compete for picking, only part of the fruits are picked when they are mature, and the ripe fruits and fruits are picked together, of course, the quality of the fruits is affected(5 gallon plastic pots). In order to ensure the quality, the harvest time is strictly controlled, and there are few fruits(1 gallon pots). Wild Lycium barbarum is often worse than artificial cultivation, and it is easy to carry trace fine sand and other impurities in field development and picking.

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