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Plastic Propagotor With Cell Trays Bulk Buy Canada

The technical regulations for plug seedlings are applicable to the production of plug seedlings(black plastic plant pots), and the technical management measures for the whole process of plug seedlings are specified. Bud rate determination. The seed requirements meet the requirements of Level 2 and above in GB 16715.5-2010. Each batch of seeds is extracted according to the regulations to carry out indoor germination test(square grow pots). The sowing time is determined according to the length of the seedlings of different varieties and the date of seedlings. Matrix ratio: peat: coco peat: perlite = 7:2:1 (summer 6:2:2).

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(plastic propagotor with cell trays bulk buy canada)Peat: Add 5 packs (300L/bag) of imported charcoal(gallon nursery pots). Coco peat: Add 5 pieces (30*30*10/piece) of soaked coco peat (wash the coco bricks in a fixed container twice or rinse with water until the water flows out. The treatment time is at least 12 hours before use. ). Perlite: Add 9 packs of perlite (50L/bag). Mancozeb: 200 g of 80% mancozeb is added. It can be added together with water after dilution(seed starter trays). Vermiculite: used to cover the tray after sowing, not directly added to the stirring.

Stirring of the substrate: stir the substrate with a mixer(cell trays). When mixing, add appropriate amount of water until the water content of the substrate reaches 60%-70%. Stirring time is about 20 minutes to ensure sufficient agitation. Choose different sizes of trays according to different crops. Seed treatment: Pour the seeds into a stainless steel container(nursery plant pots). The manager wears non-slip rubber gloves on the hands and licks the seeds in the container until the fluff falls on the seeds and the seeds do not stick together.(plastic propagotor with cell trays bulk buy canada)

Loading: Manually place the trays on the conveyor belt(gallon plant pot), and automatically mount the substrate, compact and smooth. Punching: The tray reaches the punching section through the conveyor belt, and the machine automatically punches the hole. The depth of the solanaceous and leafy vegetables is 0.8-1cm, and the depth of the melon is 1-1.5cm. Sowing: After drilling, the plugs enter the point, the machine is planted, and the seeds are replanted artificially to ensure one hole and one grain(large plastic terracotta pots). Covering soil: After manual replanting, the plugging machine automatically covers the meteorite, automatically scraping the hole plate, the covering surface is level with the plug, and the cell is clear.

(plastic propagotor with cell trays bulk buy canada)Loading: Use the machine to load the tray and manually remove the trays filled with the substrate and place them neatly(plug trays). Punching: Manual punching, the hole is at the center of the hole, and the drilling depth is 0.8-1cm. Germination: The seeds are packaged and placed in a germination box for germination. The temperature of the germination box is 28-30 ° C and the humidity is above 90%. The seed radicle is 5-8 mm, and the hypocotyl is moved into the seedbed when it is bent(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). Cover soil: Use the machine cover soil, manually place the seeded tray on the conveyor belt, and the machine will automatically cover the meteorite.

Temperature and humidity management: In the early stage of unearthing, it is necessary to keep warm and moisturizing work(propagation tray), humidity control is about 80%, to ensure that the surface layer of meteorite does not lose water; daytime temperature of 28-30 ° C, night 20 ° C is conducive to seed unearthed, seed unearthed water, seedlings After being out, pour it through the water. Temperature management: Ensure that the temperature difference between day and night is greater than 15 °C(plastic plant trays wholesale). Fertilizer management: The cotyledon is usually poured over the water, and then combined to separate the size of the seedlings, while moving the double seedlings into the cavity.

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