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The more common succulent plants of the genus Sedum(plastic nursery pots), which are now very common in various places, are also popular among many meat lovers. However, if Guanyin Lotus is not well-fed, its shape will be loose, which will greatly reduce its ornamental value. The Guanyin lotus is long, mainly caused by insufficient light. The family cultivation can be placed in the south-facing balcony, window sill, corridor, etc(104 cell plug trays supplier). where the light is sufficient, so that the leaves can be thick and full, the plant shape is compact, and the leaves are bright.

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(cheap tiny plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers usa)Guanyin Lotus is not heat-resistant(plastic nursery pots wholesale). After May, the growth of the plant gradually stops and enters the summer dormancy period. At this time, watering should be controlled to avoid rain, so as to avoid plant rot due to sultry, damp and soil water. In the spring and autumn seasons, the principle of “not dry, no pouring, pouring and pouring” should be mastered to water the plants, avoiding long-term water accumulation and causing rotten roots(40 cell plug trays supplier), but it should not be too dry, otherwise the plants will not die but grow. Slow, the leaves are dim, lacking vitality.

Half of the humus soil or peat soil, coarse sand or vermiculite can be used(black plastic nursery pots), and a small amount of calcium material such as bone powder can be blended. Guanyin Lotus is not a Guanyin lotus of succulents, but a foliage plant, also known as the black leafhopper, which is an indoor foliage plant of the genus Guanyin. Because Guanyin Lotus is widely used in indoor layout design and waterscape design, the market demand is also relatively large(20 cell plug trays supplier). Xiaobian will introduce you to the technical process of transplanting tissue culture seedlings of Guanyinlian.

(cheap tiny plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers usa)Attached block standard: The purpose of tissue culture seedling cleaning is to wash the medium(plug trays wholesale), remove old leaves, rotten leaves and yellow leaves, and improve the survival rate. Take out the whole cup of tissue culture seedlings, gently shake the rhizome with both hands and shake it back and forth in the water until the medium spreads out. Separate them with both hands. Take the clumps as a unit, pay attention to keep the clumps intact; or first stand in the water(18 cell plug trays supplier). Separate the pieces for the unit, gently wash the medium of the rhizome by hand, taking care not to injure the seedlings, and mix them for use.

So how can we avoid the looseness of the Guanyin lotus plant? Cut off the old tissue, rotten leaves, yellow leaves, diseased leaves, etc(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). After each cup of seedlings are cleaned, put them into a clean basket and place them on the stem. If the number of leaves is more than one, the thickness is not counted, there is no yellow leaf, the base callus block diameter is ≤1.5cm, there is root, no length, and the dwarf Guanyin lotus plant height is 3.5-6cm(seed planting trays wholesale). Remove the mutant seedlings and pick them out when they encounter the mutant seedlings, and use the other species (and label the mutant seedlings).(cheap tiny plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers usa)

Plant height 4 ~ 8cm (from the base to the tip of the petiole), there is a leaf, plant thickness of 3mm or more(wholesale nursery pots), take a capacity of 50 ~ 100L container (four square plastic bucket), hold 2 / 3 of water. Watering is controlled in winter to make the plants dormant and can withstand low temperatures of 0 °C. Every 1 to 2 years of spring or autumn tumbling, the basin soil is loose and fertile, with good drainage and permeability(72 cell seed trays wholesale). The mutant seedling refers to the seedlings with significant differences in characteristics, such as color and leaf shape.

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