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Many people will ask, when is the chrysanthemum suitable, will it bloom this year? Chrysanthemum is a short-day flowering plant(wholesale nursery pots), which means that the sunshine time is gradually shortened to meet the flowering needs, and it can bloom. In the autumn, the sunshine time is short and it satisfies its flowering needs, so it will not control how high the seedlings are(72 cell seed starter trays). If the conditions are met, it is necessary to bloom. So, if you want to raise such a big single, you need at least twenty or thirty leaves.

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(cheap plastic 288 cell plug tray wholesale supplier)Remove the side branches, erase the side buds, and concentrate the nutrients for one(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). You can open a flower as big as a basketball. If you want to raise three books and five books, you can cut them earlier and play the branches one or two times. If you want to raise a single, you can be a little later. If you don't mind the flowers inferior to the specimen chrysanthemum, you can cut it in around August and go to the basin before the beginning of September(50 cell seed starter trays). The flowers will be smaller. But it won't be too tall. Xiaoju can also be inserted late.

Because the seedlings in the tray are cuttings from the National Day(plug trays wholesale), they won't be too tall, but how to do it is not a big deal. Choose a pot of trees. For example, a pot of four. I want to be more pocket-sized. You can choose a variety of forks, small pots, and a flower pot will look better. Don't learn from me because this nutrient is cheaper(50 cell seedling trays wholesale). According to the different conditions of the scion and the rootstock, it can be grafted by two methods: flat and splicing.

(cheap plastic 288 cell plug tray wholesale supplier)It can be inserted, it is one of its breeding methods, it is very simple to operate, it is not very complicated(black plastic nursery pots), but the cutting branches should be cut from the plants, can not be bought from the flower shop, the flower shop sells The general roots have been processed and placed for a while, and there is no life, and it is difficult to survive(32 cell seedling trays wholesale). The leaves are removed, leaving the top top leaves, the lower ones to be removed, and the length cut to about 10 cm.

The medium can be used as a cutting insert(plastic nursery pots wholesale). To increase the survival rate, a small hole can be dug in the middle of the potato by means of potatoes, and then the branches are inserted inside, and the wrap is wrapped around the plastic wrap. Waiting for about two weeks, a lot of small roots will grow underneath, and then you can plant them in pots. Generally choose two-year-old branches with more than 3 nodes(200 cell seedling trays wholesale). The cactus is grafted and propagated. Pay attention to the following items:(cheap plastic 288 cell plug tray wholesale supplier)

If the cut is too late, it is not easy to produce a ball. Organizations that are too soft are not only weak(plastic nursery pots), but also prone to decay. First cut the branches from the plants, pick the growth state is good, want to improve the chance of insertion, it is best to choose in the early spring season, the temperature around 20 °C is most suitable, can guarantee the survival rate. As long as the plants are exposed to the sun all year round(200 cell seed starting trays), given high temperature and drought conditions, planted with coarse sand, etc., these flowers can be raised.

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