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Small Plastic Succulent Pots In Bulk Online

However, because some potted green plants are particularly strong, they are not only purifying the air at home(4.33inch plastic nursery pots), so the landscaping is fresh and elegant. So what are the bad things that can cause these potted flowers to die easily? If you are a newcomer to flowers, be sure to pay attention to them(5 gallon flower pot). At noon, they see dry and dry leaves in the pots. 

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(small plastic succulent pots in bulk online)In the summer, the weather is particularly hot, often without opening the window, and the balcony at home is like a steamer(plastic potting pots). Whether it is a flower in the dormant period or a flower in development, it is particularly afraid of such weather. In the summer, you must quit a few bad things, or raise the potted flowers, if the yellow leaves are broken in minutes, indirect death.

Especially in the dormant period of the flower, in this kind of high temperature and sultry situation(1 gallon plastic nursery pots), the potting soil is slightly moist, and the roots can not absorb the excess water, just like turning into a steamer. This pot of flowers is able to indirectly die. Some friends saw this, immediately went to the water pipe to pick up a bottle of water.

Therefore, raising flowers at home should develop the habit of opening windows frequently(4.72inch plastic plant pots), at least every day to open the window to see through the wind, if you breathe fresh air, and let the potted flowers enhance the rate of new development, improve the high temperature steaming situation. Many flowers have just been poured in the water in the morning(tiny plastic plant pots). 

(small plastic succulent pots in bulk online)If the root system absorbs a part, the result will not work well, but it will be able to damage the root system on the same day(4.92inch plastic plant pots). If they are watered abnormally, their roots can't be absorbed and they don't develop. Excess water is often deposited in pots. Many dormant flowers are forbidden to fertilize in summer, and reducing light and moisture is a process of rest.

Excessive exposure, the temperature of the noon pot increased to a very high temperature, about thirty-three, thirty-four degrees. Suddenly pouring cold tap water will cause the capillary root to be suddenly damaged and indirectly form a rotten root. After re-watering, these roots are damaged and then spread(large plastic terracotta plant pots). The amount of evaporation in the summer is particularly large. 

If some fleshy, geraniums, and fuchsias indirectly enter the dormant state in the summer(4.72inch plastic nursery pots), they should be placed in a cool and ventilated place to avoid excessive watering. It is easy to show root mold and a dead root in a few days, so many potted flowers have been called summer death(small black plant pots). A day or two of time will indirectly smash the roots and form a rotten root.

(small plastic succulent pots in bulk online)The flower in the dormant period should try to control the water(5.12inch plastic plant pots). It is too dry to water the edge of the basin to avoid the edge of the capillary roots being too dry and dry. It may be placed in a well-ventilated place every day, so that the air can take away excess water, and it is not easy to have signs of suffocation when it is hot at noon(10 gallon plastic pots). 

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