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Small Plastic Succulent Pots Wholesale Price USA

Potted flowers mainly rely on watering to supply water(7 gallon nursery pots supplier). Many people like to spray flowers. Water spray can reduce the temperature around plastic flower pots, increase environmental humidity, reduce plant evaporation, rinse leaf dust and improve photosynthesis, but bloom flowers and hairs. More flowers are not suitable for water spray. If there is no watering can, it can be directly watered, but the leaves should be rinsed regularly to help the flowers grow healthily(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). At the same time, the amount of watering is related to weather, substrate type, plastic flower pot size and other factors, and should be flexibly mastered and applied.

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(small plastic succulent pots wholesale price usa)The water temperature in different seasons will be different(1 gallon nursery pots supplier). Spring flowers begin to sprout and root, and the water needs to be large. The plastic pots should be kept moist; the summer is dry and the evaporation is fast, so the watering should be doubled; in autumn, the watering should be appropriately reduced to prevent the flowers from growing and affecting the second year of flowering; Most flowers in the winter are dormant, as long as the pots are kept slightly wet(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). It can be tested by hand or by eye. If the surface of the basin is slightly damp, it should be watered immediately. If the topsoil is still damp, you can temporarily not water it.

Generally, the temperature suitable for flower growth is 20 to 25 degrees Celsius(15 gallon nursery pots supplier). Watering with the same temperature can accelerate the decomposition of soil organic matter, promote nutrient absorption of roots, and promote early flowering and flowering. The temperature difference between the water temperature and the temperature is controlled within 5 degrees Celsius, which can reduce root damage(plug trays wholesale). Otherwise, the roots and soil temperature of the flower will suddenly drop or rise, which will easily hinder the normal physiological activities of the roots, weaken the water absorption, and cause physiological drought.

(small plastic succulent pots wholesale price usa)Therefore, summer taboos water the flowers at noon, preferably in the morning or at night. In winter, the opposite is true(gallon plant pots wholesale). When watering, add moderate amount of warm water, which is conducive to the growth of flowers. Water is classified into hard water and soft water according to the condition of salt. Plastic pots and potted flowers are best watered with soft water, because hard water contains calcium, magnesium and other inorganic salts, which easily cause damage to the normal physiological activities of flowers(black plastic nursery pots). Rainwater, river water, lake water, pond water, etc. are all soft water, generally weakly acidic or neutral, and are more suitable for watering flowers.

At present, the tap water and deep well water commonly used for flower cultivation are mostly hard water(5 gallon nursery pots wholesale), which will contain chloride ions, which is unfavorable for flower growth. If conditions permit, it is best to use treated pure water. If it is unconditional, tap water should be stored in the tank for 5 to 7 days before use. The specific water requirement of flowers should be explored in practice to find out the law. The watering quantity of different varieties of flowers should also be treated differently. Generally, grass flowers require more water than woody flowers(plastic nursery pots wholesale), and watering should be more; leaves are large, soft in texture, smooth and hairless, and flower water is generally more; small leaves, leathery flowers Water is generally less.

(small plastic succulent pots wholesale price usa)After rooting, the roots of the plants should be adjusted accordingly(cheapest 2 gallon pots). The decayed old roots and plastic pots should be cleaned up in time, and re-cultivated with new soil until they are re-germinated and grow into new plants. Go different. In the process of flower and tree cultivation, it is very easy to return to the ancestors, that is, the plants will germinate some completely green branches(plastic nursery pots). These branches are heterologous branches, they no longer have the characteristics of this variety, and because they grow faster than the flowers and trees.

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