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Perlite wholesale Sri Lanka

Perlite Wholesale Price Sri Lanka, MOQ: 1 Ton, Free Samples, Fast Delivery! We are a professional expanded perlite supplier with more than 19 years of manufacturing experience!

We have a 35,000m² workshop area, serving customers worldwide. We can ship expanded perlite Sri Lanka, such as Colombo, Galle, Kandy, Batticaloa, Trincomalee, Anuradhapura and many other cities.

Sizes of perlite for sale Sri Lanka

Our expanded perlite size: 1-3mm, 3-6mm, 4-8mm, 5-10mm, 8-15mm, 10-20mm. Premium perlite is usually divided into coarse perlite and fine perlite according to the size of individual particles.

Chemical composition of perlite Sri Lanka

SiO2 Content (%): 70-75%

Fe2O3 Content (%): 0.15-1.5%

Al2O3 Content (%): 12-16%

MgO Content (%): 0.2-0.5%

CaO Content (%): 0.1-2.0%

K2O Content (%): 1.0-4.0%

Na2O Content (%): 2.5-5.0%

Loss On Ignition: <1.0%

Expanded Or Not: Expanded

Perlite Supply Color: White

Perlite H.S code: 6806200000

Best Perlite Origin: China.

Perlite suppliers Sri Lanka

We supply bulk perlite with good quality and competitive prices. The more you buy, the less the cost. You can use our cheap perlite for agriculture, horticulture and construction at a cheap price.

If you are buying perlite in bulk, such as agriculture perlite, horticultural perlite, construction perlite, please contact vincentwilsongarden@gmail.com for free samples and best offer, buy more save more! You also can click on our products: Expanded Perlite for more information!

What is expanded perlite?

Perlite is a natural volcanic rock. It will expand to a lightweight, porous material when it is heated to high temperatures. This process makes expanded perlite a great choice for use in many industries, including horticulture and construction. There are three types of perlite:

Irregularly shaped or natural perlite: This type of perlite offers the greatest number of surface areas for water retention. Natural perlite does not have smooth edges like expanded perlite does.

Cube-shaped or expanded perlite: As its name suggests, this type of perlite has been expanded into a cube shape with flat edges so it can be used as a growing medium or soil amendment. Expanded perlite has an enormous surface area compared to its weight and volume; it also has very high water retention capacity and excellent compaction qualities.

Spherical or superfine perlite: This type of perlite is similar to expanded perlite except that it has been crushed into tiny particles and sorted by size before being packaged into bags or other containers for sale to consumers at garden centers and nurseries around the country.

What can perlite be used for?

Perlite is composed of silica and is mined from deposits of volcanic ash. The largest deposits of perlite are found in the southwestern United States, Mexico and China. Perlite medium has various uses:

Soil amendment - Perlite can be added to soil to improve drainage and aeration by helping air pockets develop between particles of soil so water can penetrate easily into the ground. It helps reduce topsoil erosion and improves water retention in soil.

Water retention - Perlite is a natural mineral that is used in many applications such as gardening, landscaping and more. Perlite also helps retain moisture because it holds onto liquid like a sponge does water, which helps plants retain moisture during dry spells.

Insulation - Perlite is usually used as insulation material for homes because it provides excellent thermal resistance properties. Expanded perlite is a lightweight, airy material that is also used for a variety of purposes, including filler and soundproofing.

Where to buy perlite in Sri Lanka?

Expanded perlite is a lightweight, porous and white substance which is available in a variety of different sizes and shapes. Perlite aggregate can be used as an ingredient in concrete and mortar. You can use perlite as an insulating material for tunnels and buildings.

Farmers use expanded perlite to increase the porosity of soil. The water and nutrients will reach the roots easier. You can also use perlite in commercial horticulture as a growing medium and potting soil ingredient. You can buy perlite Sri Lanka at most home improvement stores or nurseries.

Expanded perlite is typically sold in bags or by the cubic foot (a measurement of volume). The perlite price in Sri Lanka varies based on the size of the bag or the amount you purchased. Perlite for sale in Sri Lanka is also available online through various retailers. You can buy larger quantities online from Amazon or other websites.

How to choose perlite for plants?

You need to consider both size and type when choosing perlite for gardening. You can use fine perlite as an ingredient in soil mixes and coarse perlite is suited for growing plants because it allows more room for root growth.

You can use perlite as an additive in potting soil to improve drainage and aeration, reduce water retention. You can also use perlite material in greenhouses, aquariums and terrariums for moisture retention and humidity control.

Perlite medium doesn't affect the acidity or alkalinity of your soil mix because it has a neutral pH (7 on the pH scale). Premium perlite does not retain salts like some other materials do, so it's safe for use with fertilizers and water-soluble nutrients.


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