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1 Gallon Plastic Containers Wholesale Price USA

Years with more fruit are called big years (seed years or abundant years): years with less fruit are called small years (teaching years): years with a moderate amount of fruit are called ordinary years(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). The phenomenon that forest trees grow in abundance years and scattered years alternately is called forest tree growth cycles(15 gallon pots). Is generally considered to be a nutritional problem, and is also affected by endogenous hormones and environmental factors. 

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The accumulation of nutrients in trees can only form flowers after reaching a certain level(40 cell plug trays supplier). Practice has proved that the phenomenon of years of fruitfulness of trees cannot be changed. As long as good nutritional conditions are created for the trees, intensive cultivation and scientific management are implemented, and the adverse effects are reduced or eliminated, the interval of fruiting can be shortened or even eliminated(9cm plastic plant pots). Forest trees contain floral hormones and inhibitory hormones. 

(1 gallon plastic containers wholesale price usa)In the years when the forest tree seeds are abundant(104 cell plug trays supplier), they consume a lot of nutrients, not only the nutrients synthesized in the year, but also the starch accumulated in the forest body in the past, resulting in the following The nutrients required for fruiting in one year are insufficient, so that the differentiation of flower buds in the current year cannot proceed normally(plastic seed trays). This is because vegetative growth is strongly inhibited and the result of individual premature aging is abnormal.

The number of years between two abundant years is called the interval(105 cell seed trays wholesale). But the few flower buds that year will increase the formation of leaf buds and nuclear buds, so that the individual trees have grown and made material preparations for the next big year. Flowering hormones can promote flower bud differentiation, while inhibitory hormones can inhibit flower bud differentiation(plastic garden pots wholesale). There are many reasons for the cyclical phenomenon of fruiting in forests.

When the content of floral hormones and inhibitory hormones reaches the equilibrium state, it is conducive to the formation of flower buds(32 cell seed trays wholesale). In the abundant years of forest tree seeds, due to the consumption of a large amount of flower-forming hormones, the differentiation and formation of flower buds are affected(large plastic planters cheap). The number of trees is closely related to the age of the mother tree. Trees that have already begun to grow have different numbers each year.(1 gallon plastic containers wholesale price usa)

The interval between fruiting of shrubs such as huzhizi and locust is not obvious(200 cell plug trays supplier). Tree growth is greatly affected by environmental conditions. If the climatic conditions are good and the soil is fertile, the nutrients of the tree will accumulate quickly, and the fruiting interval will be shortened. Severe weather can disturb and destroy the normal physiological functions of forest trees, thereby delaying fruiting(grow bag wholesale price). Some years have more trees and some years have fewer trees. 

(1 gallon plastic containers wholesale price usa)For example, the juvenile period of trees and tung trees is 3 to 6 years, the pine tree is 6 to 8 years, the Larix principis-rupprechtii is about 14 years, and the ginkgo is about 20 years(1 gallon nursery pots). Shrubs start to grow early, such as purple peach locust and other strips, etc., generally begin to grow in 2-3 years. Even if the flower buds are differentiated, the number is small(commercial flower pots), so that the next year will have less flowering and fruiting, forming a small year, thus forming a rich and scattered year of forest trees.

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