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1 Gallon Plastic Plant Pots Wholesale Suppliers USA

The surrounding environment of the flower field and balcony should be kept clean and hygienic(plastic tree containers), with sufficient sunshine and air circulation to prevent diseases and pests from climbing. We should always observe carefully, once the damage of diseases and insect pests is found, it is best to use artificial control, kill pests or remove and burn the diseased leaves(2 gallon pots wholesale). Reasonable fertilization and watering can make the plant grow strong and improve the disease resistance. 

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If the diseases and insect pests are serious, pesticides should be selected and used safely(small potting pots). To improve the cultivation conditions, the soil inside the flower solid should be turned over several times in the summer to eliminate a large number of pathogenic nematodes, and timely eliminate the diseased plants, disease residues and wild hosts(plastic bonsai pots wholesale). Soil disinfection, regardless of the garden planting or planting soil, must choose the soil after disinfection treatment.

(1 gallon plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers usa)When changing the basin, the basin body and basin wood should be disinfected(grow bags manufacturers). Take 50 grams of Zanthoxylum bungeanum (or pepper), add about 1 kg water, boil for 30-40 minutes, filter and spray the plant, which can kill aphids. For red spider and powder arc, a little neutral detergent can be added into the above-mentioned liquid, and then sprayed after shaking to form foam(nursery tray manufacturers), which can adhere to the insect body and enhance the killing effect.

To prevent and control scale insects, you can brush it down with soft hair and burn it, and then apply diluted dichlorvos solution(15 gallon planters). When a small amount of precious flowers and trees produce scale insects or red spiders, a small piece of fermented dough can be used to stick the insects and eggs together one by one(rootmaker propagation trays). To prevent aphids, put 2~3 40% Omethoate in water in a small spray tank and dilute 800~1000 times with water.(1 gallon plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers usa)

According to the principle of "prevention is more important than treatment"(fabric bags bulk), the basic methods of artificial control, chemical control and comprehensive control should be adopted. It is not only easy to pollute the environment, but also difficult to buy. It can be used to control flower pests and its effect is good(1.5 gallon nursery pots). It is necessary to strengthen the cultivation management and improve the disease resistance and insect resistance of flowers and trees.

(1 gallon plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers usa)The results showed that 50 g of tobacco leaf or 100 g of tobacco stem and cigarette end were boiled for about half an hour with 1.5 kg of water, or soaked for 1 day and night(100 gallon grow bags). It can control aphids, red spiders, leafhoppers, thrips, marriage elephants, curlworms and other leaf eating pests. Take 500 grams of its root, add 5 kg water, boil for half an hour, spray wine flowers after filtration, can kill aphids(one gallon plant pots). Boiled water Pulsatilla is a kind of bulbous flower.

For the pests in the basin soil, after loosening the soil, water the diluted dichlorvos solution to fill the basin surface(10 gallon fabric grow bags), and then seal the basin mouth with plastic film or newspaper, and then open it after 1 ~ 2 days of stuffing, which has a significant effect on eliminating the pests in the basin soil. After rubbing repeatedly by hand, it was filtered with gauze and sprayed with 0.1% - 0.2% neutral washing powder(5 gallon grow pots), which is both safe and effective.

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