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14 Inch Decorative Plastic Plant Pots Manufacturers

In recent years, with the expansion of the artificial planting area of Hericium erinaceus, the output has also been increasing(gallon pot). If the raw materials are not fresh, they should be exposed to the sun for 2 to 3 days before use(plastic plant pots cape town). High-volume production should be prepared at one time and stored in a moisture-proof, well-ventilated site.(14 inch decorative plastic plant pots manufacturers)

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When mixing(200 cell plant trays bulk), 65% of sawdust (such as sawdust should be added to the appropriate amount of shavings), 30% of rice bran, 0.2% of urea, 0.3% ammonium nitrate, 0.5% magnesium sulfate, 2% gypsum powder, 1% calcium superphosphate, 0.1% potassium dihydrogen phosphate(sowing tray), fully stirred to make the water content reach about 60% There is a watermark between them), and the pH is adjusted to 5.5-6.

For example, the cottonseed hull can be made up of 90% cottonseed hull, 3% of garden soil(32 cell plant trays bulk), 5% wheat bran, 1% gypsum powder and 1% sucrose, 5% of vegetable garden soil should be evenly mixed, and then weigh 1% of the total dry sugar. The rapid growth of the monkey head is now organized as follows. Choose fresh and clean sawdust or cottonseed hulls as raw materials. 

The ratio of total material to water is 1:1.4. Add water, mix and mix evenly, adjust the pH to 5.5~6, and do not use water in excess to prevent nutrient loss with water and affect the normal growth of hyphae(big black plant pots). Those who have the conditions can appropriately mix potato juice, bean cake water, etc., attracting bacteria and insects, and have different degrees of yield increase effects.

(14 inch decorative plastic plant pots manufacturers)In the sterile room or inoculation box, the inoculation is strictly carried out according to the aseptic operation rules(50 cell plant trays bulk). The whole set of procedures is required to be strict and rapid to prevent the invasion of bacteria. After folding, it is processed into a slender empty tube by a heat sealing machine, and then sealed into a plastic bag. 

When inoculation, first open the bottle of the original seed (secondary expanded seed), seal it with alcohol lamp flame(5 gallon plastic planters), then unpack the planting bag mouth, and quickly remove the original seed into the planting bag with the inoculation hook. The stipe should not be too high, so as not to rot after spraying, and inoculated when the temperature of the material is lowered to about 20 ° C. 

Then, the film of polypropylene material is cut into 50-60 cm and 26 cm wide(50 cell seed trays wholesale). Then the bag edge and the bag mouth are tightly sealed to prevent bacterial infection. Then, the mixed raw materials are bagged, compacted while being installed(plastic starter pots), and then filled with a string, which is cylindrical, and slightly flattened to make it slightly flat, so as to facilitate cultivation and discharge.

The sterilization time can be determined according to the inner volume of the pot and the amount of charging(72 cell seed trays wholesale). The atmospheric pressure steam is sterilized at 100 ° C for 6 to 8 hours, and then taken out and placed in a cooling chamber(plastic garden pots for sale). When inoculation, the strains with white hyphae, strong, vigorous growth and no fungus contamination are used.(14 inch decorative plastic plant pots manufacturers)

It belongs to a kind of edible fungus. The fruiting body is fresh and delicious(seed planting trays wholesale). The inoculation amount of each bag is about 25 ~ 50 grams, after receiving the seed, stuff a cotton ball in the mouth of the bag, suitable for tightness, tie the mouth of the bag, which is beneficial to the general oxygen supply(plastic gallon pots), and promote the robust growth of the mycelium of the monkey head.

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