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2.5 Inch Small Plastic Plant Pots Cape Town

The most suitable planting time is March in the spring of the year, and it is placed in the North American Maple tree species(plug trays wholesale). In the first spring of the second year, the soil layer that was refurbished last year is again treated to avoid fragmentation. The retention of large clods, due to the input of stone and peat soil, the ratio of the two is 1:1(50 cell trays bulk), in addition to the use of microbial fertilizer sprayed in the planting hole, to prepare for the plantation of North American sweet gum.

(2.5 inch small plastic plant pots cape town)In the planting hole, if the cultivated North American Maple tree species are transported to the transplanted area(32 cell trays bulk), clean up the dry and pesty branches, and use the straw to wrap the branches along the roots. The large piece of soil wrapped in the roots is broken, so that the roots and the excavated tree pits can be fully contacted, and the soil in the pit is used to cover the roots(72 cell trays bulk), and the planting surface needs to be higher than the surrounding ground.

First, planters need to pay attention to replenishing water to ensure that the moisture content in the soil layer at this stage reaches about 60%(black plastic nursery pots). When the height exceeds 30cm, when the staff regularly irrigate the trees and the rainy weather, a large amount of water can penetrate slowly through the black yarn(98 cell trays bulk), so that the trees can not only obtain sufficient water supply, increase soil moisture, and reduce water shock. 

A large amount of water is concentrated in the soil(wholesale nursery pots). The height control of the binding It can be around 4m. The fixed root water belongs to the first water irrigation work after transplanting. The vitality of North American sweet gum is very strong, especially in the period from May to August of each year(105 cell trays bulk). If the time of planting is in June, when the weather is hot and the sun is shining for a long time, the trees need more water. (2.5 inch small plastic plant pots cape town)

In the final construction of this greening project(2.5 inch plant pots), the time was determined to be June of the year, so the weather during the transplant was hot, if the planter needed careful and careful transplanting. Finally, after the transplant of North American Maple, the staff needs to water the root water(128 cell trays bulk). During irrigation, it is necessary to ensure sufficient water content of the roots to ensure the humidity requirements of the tree branches during the growth stage.

In the subsequent cultivation management, the required water should be increased(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), but during the summer heavy rainfall. After that, it is necessary to discharge the water around the planting pit in time to reduce the occurrence of rotten roots. The resulting water deposition in the roots, as well as the newly transplanted tree species in the hot summer weather in Shanghai(162 cell trays bulk), can easily cause irreversible effects on the roots, and the black yarn can reduce this kind of adverse effects.

(2.5 inch small plastic plant pots cape town)Therefore, the tree species placed in the tree pit are supported by the support frame and covered with a black yarn(plastic nursery pots). It is necessary to pay attention to the timely watering and fertilization and the prevention and control of pests and diseases. It is generally necessary to rationally arrange watering and fertilization according to the growth and appearance of the growth period, and at the same time(200 cell trays bulk), it is necessary to prescribe the right medicine for different symptoms.

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