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15 Gallon Blow Molded Nursery Pots In Canada

Due to the large amount of fertilization in the strawberry garden(one gallon container), frequent irrigation, and large amount of weeds, it not only competes with the strawberry for water and nutrients, but also affects the ventilation and light transmission, which worsens the microclimate of the strawberry garden and causes serious pests and diseases. Grass damage can reduce yield by about 15%(15 gallon nursery pots canada). Weeds can be broadly divided into two categories: biennial weeds, annual weeds, and wintering weeds.(15 gallon blow molded nursery pots in canada)

At present, strawberry garden still relies on manual weeding, which not only has low work efficiency(10 gallon nursery pots), but also has high labor intensity. In the northern strawberry garden, the annual weeding work is 666.7 square meters, with more than 30 people, and more in the south(nursery containers). Due to different local conditions, weeding should be adapted to local conditions, and choose a method of weeding that saves labor, labor, low cost and good effect, and adopts comprehensive prevention and control measures.

Defending weeds has always been an important issue in strawberry production(greenhouse trays). Before the new strawberries are planted, the soil can be deeply ploughed and the weeds can be effectively controlled. It does not rain within 1-2 weeks after ploughing, so that the invisible weeds that turn into the soil are rotted(plastic flower pots in bulk). This is an effective measure to control weeds, which can change weed communities and control the production of weeds that are difficult to control. From the perspective of pest control, strawberries also need to be rotated.

(15 gallon blow molded nursery pots in canada)Weeding in the sputum can only be done by hand or by hand(plastic gallon containers). Therefore, weeding and cultivating pine soil conservation are carried out simultaneously. There are three more critical periods for weeding in the strawberry growth cycle. Chemical weeding is the use of herbicides to control weeds(plastic nursery tray). In strawberry production, manual weeding is often necessary to keep the strawberry garden clean. The application of this measure is beneficial to all aspects of strawberry production.

The planted strawberry ground is covered with a black mulch, which keeps the soil free of weeds and is more suitable in hot and humid areas(plastic nursery containers). When filling the water, one side of the mulch may be picked up, or the ditch may be filled with water to wet the soil by side seepage(plastic growing trays). Transparent thin touch cover as long as the surrounding cover is strict, there is also a certain grass-suppressing effect, but the transparent film is easy to cause premature aging of strawberry plants.

First, after planting until winter, the second is spring in the spring of the next year(nursery plant pots wholesale). The ploughing of the soil is carried out for the purpose of protecting the earth and raising the ground temperature. After the fertilization and irrigation, the shallow tillage is carried out. Third, after the fruit is harvested, the temperature is higher and the rainfall is more(plastic plant pots). Strawberries and weeds have entered a prosperous growth period and are also a critical period for controlling weeds.(15 gallon blow molded nursery pots in canada)

Planting density is high, and weeding is difficult(buy plastic plant pots). Chemical weeding is characterized by high efficiency, rapidity, low cost and labor saving. Chemical weeding in Japan and other countries has become a routine technical measure in strawberry cultivation. Chemical weeding must be used with caution in strawberry gardens. Many herbicides can cause damage to strawberries(plug flats). There are a variety of weeds in the strawberry field, which seriously affects the growth of strawberries and wastes resources.

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