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Best Plastic Nursery Trays Wholesale Price Italy

There is a small shed in the greenhouse(best plastic nursery trays wholesale price italy). The minimum temperature in the small shed is 4 ~ 4.5c higher than that in the open ground. At present, there are great differences in the number of temperature blocks(72 cell seed trays). The wind is strong, which not only affects the heat preservation of the greenhouse, but also easily damages the greenhouse, especially the damage to the transparent covering. 

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There is a greenhouse with modern environmental conditions that can be controlled by white movement(best plastic nursery trays wholesale price italy); The wall built with bricks and materials with good thermal insulation uses chord beam structure as the frame load-bearing back slope, and the indoor greenhouse has no columns(20 cell plant trays). The skeleton material of the middle shed is similar to that of the greenhouse, and the strength can be slightly lower than that of the greenhouse.

If we don't pay attention to scientificity and practicability in model selection(11cm plastic plant pots), it will bring irreparable huge losses to the state, collective or individual(best plastic nursery trays wholesale price italy). Front roof angle The front roof of the plastic greenhouse should be built into an arch shape, not a corner type like a glass greenhouse, so as to prevent the plastic greenhouse film from being stretched tightly(10.5 cm plant pots). The most taboo is to have a vague understanding of greenhouse design and vanity. 

The advanced nature does not refer to those modern large greenhouse, but that the greenhouse should conform to the basic requirements of the building, and adopt the economically cost-effective(105 cell seed trays), advanced technology drawings, with the ability to resist natural disasters and bad climatic conditions, and pay attention to daylighting, thermal insulation and new materials(best plastic nursery trays wholesale price italy). Buildings, mountains and trees are easy to block the sun.

As a result, the lighting and thermal insulation performance of the built greenhouse are poor, which greatly reduces the production efficiency(pp woven ground cover). Plastic film shall be used to cover greenhouses and small sheds in large and medium sheds. When it is due south, different parts of the greenhouse receive more uniform light(best plastic nursery trays wholesale price italy). It is easier to buckle the shed film than the greenhouse, and the maintenance is also convenient(128 cell seedling trays). 

After the shed film is buckled on the open ground, the film shall be compacted with soil(best plastic nursery trays wholesale price italy). In areas with strong wind, the film pressing line shall be pressed on the small arch shed. The temperature change in the small shed is greater than that in the middle shed. Pay attention to observation, timely release wind and prevent cold(18 cell seed starting trays). The seed is covered with gauze, covered with a film, and the top is covered with a quilt.

Because vegetable production is restricted by many environmental conditions, the losses caused by unreasonable greenhouse design will not be seen separately if they are not compared(200 cell trays). The thickness of the seed is about 2 cm. The following parameters should be considered for greenhouses with north walls and gables(best plastic nursery trays wholesale price italy): The azimuth is also called the orientation, which refers to the position of the ridge of the greenhouse(105 cell propagation trays).

The electric Fuzi germinator uses the commercially available electric mattress as the germinator(best plastic nursery trays wholesale price italy). In the selection of greenhouse, the vegetable gardens of troops, organs, enterprises and institutions should first consider the local climate conditions and do not covet people and seek foreign countries(32 cell tray). If pot culture can use the mixed matrix composed of rotten leaves, coarse sand and garden soil, their proportion is 0.5:2:2.5 by volume. 

For the practice of building greenhouses next to houses or on less contracted land, there is very little room for choosing greenhouse sites(seedling tray 128 holes); If the greenhouse site selection cannot meet the requirements of precautions, it must be considered that no other obstacles are allowed to block the sunlight of the greenhouse(best plastic nursery trays wholesale price italy). If possible, pay attention to the following matters when selecting the greenhouse site: avoid the air outlet(72 cell tray).

Avoid River and valley winds. It is best to use the switch with low temperature gear and high temperature gear(best plastic nursery trays wholesale price italy). Put the electric mattress on the bed or table, lay a layer of plastic film on it, put 2 layers of paper or gauze on the film, and lay the soaked seeds (without water) on the paper or gauze(black plastic ground cover). Generally, the upper part should be thick and the lower part is thin, and the thickness of the perigee soil is generally more than 1 meter. 

Generally choose places with fertile soil, low groundwater level and convenient drainage to build greenhouses(128 cell trays). Particularly narrow temperature should be close to the water source; far away from the heavily polluted area, when the air, soil, and water source are seriously polluted, it will hinder the growth of vegetables or even die(best plastic nursery trays wholesale price italy). The products are not good for human health; convenient transportation; close to the power source. 

The east gable to the west will shading for a long time in the morning, and the west gable to the east will shading for a long time in the afternoon(40 cell seed tray inserts). If the angle is greater to the east or west, the shading and shadow of the roof ridge and back slope will increase, and the north side of the greenhouse will be poorly lit(40 cell plug tray). The span of small shed-generally 1~3 meters, the length should be adjusted to local conditions(best plastic nursery trays wholesale price italy). 

Height Height refers to the vertical distance from the roof ridge to the ground level(v10 plastic pots). Increasing the height can increase the lighting angle of the front roof, which is conducive to light transmission, increased space, and increased heat capacity, which is conducive to operation and planting tall crops, but too high is not conducive to heat preservation and increase construction costs(best plastic nursery trays wholesale price italy). The best location of the greenhouse is Huinan.

It is not uncommon for the plastic film or glass to be damaged by the high wind. blow away(105 cell seedling trays). Of course, if you can design the greenhouse with advanced technology and performance that meets or exceeds the current promotion, it will be better(v16 plastic pots). The front roof has a round steel arch structure, the front arch bottom angle is 50°~63°, and a cold-proof ditch is dug outside the southern front front and outside the two gable walls, 40-50 cm deep and 40-50 cm wide(best plastic nursery trays wholesale price italy).

At the same time, you should read more, ask more questions, listen to more expert opinions, learn from or directly quote other people's advanced drawings, and make slight corrections according to your own situation(50 cell plug flats). When there is sufficient sunshine and the temperature outside the shed is not too low, high temperature damage is likely to occur in the noon, so let the air be released early to prevent the seedlings from roasting(best plastic nursery trays wholesale price italy).

Length For a home garden, the length can only be adapted to local conditions and conditions, which can be beneficial for heat preservation(200 cell seedling trays), convenient operation, and reduce the sides Taking into account the ratio of shade in the morning and evening and the improvement of land utilization, the gable is generally about 50 meters long, with 3 meters as the bay(best plastic nursery trays wholesale price italy). The schematic diagram(24 cell seed trays). 

The higher the latitude, the smaller the ratio of the distance to the height from the horizontal projection of the roof ridge to the foot of the south side(best plastic nursery trays wholesale price italy). The suitable tangent angle at the foot of the front roof is about 60°, the suitable tangent angle at the beginning of the southern end of the middle section of the arch is about 30°, and the tangent angle at the beginning of the southern end of the arch section should be kept at about 20°(v15 plastic pots).

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