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The reasonable spacing can be accurately calculated(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale suriname), which depends on the local latitude, the height of the greenhouse plus the height of the grass rolling up and the value of the solar azimuth. In the morning and evening, the azimuth angle is large, the shadow of the front greenhouse is long, and the shadow of the middle time is the shortest(v19 plastic pots). Morphological features: perennial fleshy herbs or subshrubs. 

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In the management process, you must wait for the soil to dry before water supply(v11 plastic pots). Generally, 1.2 to 1.5 meters is more suitable for officials and corresponds to the span. The back slope of the alpine area should not be too short. Back slope angle The back slope angle is generally considered from two aspects(v23 plastic pots). Usage: this kind of plant is mostly used for potted ornamental(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale suriname). It is suitable for decorating indoor sunny places. 

The elevation angle (angle with the horizontal) inside the back slope should be greater than the local winter solstice sun altitude angle of 7°~8°, so that the back slope can get direct sunlight in the coldest season(8 cell seed trays). Choose a brick wall with a total thickness of 37 cm and fill it with about 12 cm of insulation material to have good insulation performance. It can be top-dressed every 3 to 4 weeks in the vigorous growth stage(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale suriname). 

This kind of plant is more tolerant to barrenness and does not require much fertilizer during the cultivation process(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale suriname). The indoor horizontal projection length of the back slope refers to the linear distance from the root of the interior wall of the north wall to the south wall of the back slope perpendicular to the ground(40 cell seed trays). Only in this regard, it can not reflect the charm of this plant. In fact, its tenacious vitality is a hot topic of concern. 

The back slope not only plays the role of grass and rain prevention, but also has a much smaller heat transfer coefficient than the front roof(36 cell seed trays). Therefore, the temperature rises slowly during the day and the temperature falls slowly at night, which plays an important role in buffering temperature changes(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale suriname). Generally, the spacing can be calculated according to the azimuth angle (52.5 °) at 8:30 a.m(plastic ground cover for weed control). Other parameters are shown in figure.

Generally, straw, wheat straw, corn stalk, sorghum straw, distiller's grains, etc(6 cell plant trays). can also be used to prevent cold(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale suriname). If the conditions are suitable and managed properly, its survival time will be quite long, so it is difficult to set an upper limit for the cultivation time of Welwitschia. The wall soil was taken out from the inside of the greenhouse, and the soil depth was 30 cm(cheap plastic hanging baskets). The earth wall is topped with 3 layers of bricks.

When building the wall, each greenhouse is equipped with a cement column in the north wall to support the angle steel welded at the back end of the arch(50 cell seed trays). The schematic diagram is shown in the figure(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale suriname). The ventilation effect is very good when the weather is hot, and it is blocked in winter. Generally, it is set at a distance of 1.4 meters or more from the ground, with a height of about 35 cm and a width of about 25 cm, with one for each bay (3 meters).

The insulation material with a small heat transfer coefficient is filled in the middle of the sandwich wall, and the insulation effect is also very good(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale suriname). The materials with good thermal insulation effect include benzene board, polyethylene foamed scrap and LDT-W special thermal insulation coating, followed by rock wool, perlite, slag and so on(nursery seedling tray). The air volume is adjusted by the opening angle and number of the vent windows.

In the northern cold region, the wall can be appropriately thickened and the thickness of the insulating material filled in between can be increased(20 cell seed trays). The glass greenhouse is air-vented by the vent windows, and the area should account for 15%-20% of the glass area(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale suriname). The determination principle is that the front greenhouse does not shade the rear greenhouse when the solar altitude angle is the smallest at the winter solstice. 

When laying the sandwich wall, pay attention to the firmness(4 cell plant trays): build 7 centimeters of the left side of the earth wall, some of the walls are built with broken soil, some are built with dry soil, and some are built with raised foot mud: the foundation should be ten-walled(fabric grow bags wholesale). Pay attention to waterproofing(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale suriname). The ventilation opening is provided with a window on the back wall of the greenhouse as a ventilation opening. 

In addition, when the weather is hot, the plastic temperature meter uses the method of uncovering the plastic film to release the air, and the air volume is adjusted by uncovering the film(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale suriname). The greenhouse spacing refers to the distance from the north wall of the front greenhouse to the south side of the rear greenhouse. The horizontal straight line distance of the foot(112 cell seed trays). Gardening classification: Welwitschia is a plant with thick roots.

The higher the latitude, the higher the temperature, and the greater the distance(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale suriname). Under normal circumstances, the distance between greenhouses can be controlled at 8 ~ 10 meters. When building a greenhouse, the building materials selected shall have sufficient strength to prevent wind and snow from scraping and crushing(18 cell seed trays). At present, China has promoted many energy-saving solar greenhouses suitable for local use.

Can absorb and store heat(plastic hanging baskets wholesale). Key points of management: centenarian orchid is extremely drought resistant, and the soil is too wet and easy to rot roots(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale suriname). The main technical parameters of Beijing short back slope energy-saving greenhouse are(9cm plastic plant pots): double layer sandwich brick wall, 60-80cm thick, filled with cold proof materials in the middle, with North wall height of 1.8 ~ 2m, ridge height of 2.6 ~ 3M and span of 5.5 ~ 7m. 

Some greenhouses are introduced below, and some parameters have been appropriately modified(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale suriname). The elevation angle inside the back slope is 27 ° - 45 °, and the indoor horizontal projection length is 1.2 ~ 1.5m(128 cell plug flats). The main technical parameters of Anshan energy-saving solar greenhouse are double-layer sandwich brick wall, filled with cold proof materials in the middle, and columnless steel skeleton structure.

Beautification effect: the fleshy swollen stem of centenarian orchid is deep underground, and the banded leaves grow scattered(12 cell seed trays). The main technical parameters of Inner Mongolia h-914 solar greenhouse are as follows: the straight lines of the transparent roof of the three fold greenhouse are arc matched to form an arched circular greenhouse(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale suriname). Earth wall(12cm plastic plant pots). The height of the gable is built according to the shape of the arch.

The plant height is 8 ~ 10 cm(plastic ground cover). The stem is very short. Leaves alternate, rosette shaped, inserted on short shrunk stems, lanceolate, 6 ~ 8 cm long, 2 ~ 2.5 cm wide, densely covered with white hairs, with dark brown hairs at the apex, light green. Pedicels drawn from leaves; Univalent cymes axillary(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale suriname); Florets pink to vermilion; Ovary superior. Yingguo(v20 plastic pots). Flowering is summer. Results are usually not seen under cultivation conditions.

It can also be used as a material for flower beds(16.5cm plastic plant pots). Horticultural classification: white rabbit ear is a plant with hypertrophic leaves. Seedling cultivation: this plant mainly propagates by stem insertion, mostly in March to May every year(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale suriname). Fine sand can be used as breeding substrate. Cut 3 ~ 5cm long stem segments for supporting and inserting, and the specifications of the basin can be determined according to specific needs.

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