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The suitable temperature for its germination is about 25 ℃, but even if it is sown in a low temperature environment, it usually will not have a great impact on its later germination, so it is best to sow early(cheap thermoformed pots suppliers curacao). The seedlings of hemibranchia are very delicate, so special attention should be paid to watering(10cm plastic plant pots). Color matching can be carried out according to this law to increase the ornamental value of plant groups. 

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It can also be potted to decorate windowsills and porches, and can also be planted as ground cover plants(cheap thermoformed pots suppliers curacao). For example, potted plants can be planted when the seedlings are about 3cm high, and medium-sized flower pots can be used as cultivation containers. After autumn, its growth becomes slower and slower, and finally the whole plant dies(9cm flower pots). The flowers of Scutellaria barbata bloom on a sunny morning.

With swollen stems, club-shaped, 1.5 to 2.5 meters high(128 cell trays). Morphological characteristics: deciduous succulent shrubs. When they are about 2 cm high, pull out some seedlings at the over dense place(cheap thermoformed pots suppliers curacao). Generally, the hemibranchia with lighter stem color has white and pink flowers, while the hemibranchia with darker stem color has red and yellow flowers(13cm plastic plant pots). Cultivation medium: sandy loam should be selected for ground cultivation. 

Colonization method: ground planting, and the seedlings of hemibranchia are mostly colonized in early summer(cheap thermoformed pots suppliers curacao). It should be noted that the seedling raising method can also be used(288 cell plug tray). Arrange the vegetables that avoid continuous cropping, such as eggplant, watermelon, etc. Single leaves alternate, drop-shaped, 15-20 mm long, with translucent rib-like longitudinal stripes on the surface, sharp apex, gray-green, fleshy.

During the high temperature season in summer and autumn, its colorful flowers will rush to bloom first, each showing a beautiful color, thus adding infinite vitality to the environment(105 cell plant trays). From August to October, harvest the ripe fruits in batches, then dry them, crush the peel, and select the seeds(cheap thermoformed pots suppliers curacao). When arranging the rotation, classify the vegetables that have been planted and will be planted(200 cell trays). The plant height is 2.5 to 4 meters.

The best viewing period for potters can reach more than 6 years after forming, and the continuous planting of the formed zebra longwangjiao original basin should not exceed 2 years(cheap thermoformed pots suppliers curacao). After harvest, plant summer cucumbers, winter melons, eggplants, rainbow beans and other fruits and vegetables, and plant overwintering spinach, onions, garlic, etc(200 cell plug trays). after the fruits and vegetables are harvested.

It is advisable to select a high, flat and sunny place, cross dig holes according to the row spacing of 5cm and the plant spacing of 3cm, plant one plant in each hole, cover the soil after stabilizing the seedlings, slightly suppress and water through(cheap thermoformed pots suppliers curacao). The seedlings sprout quickly, and they can take shape soon after planting for viewing(seedling tray 104 holes). Beautification effect: The half-branched lotus is easy to manage and adaptable.

The shade fruit of half-branched lotus is easy to crack after maturity(200 cell seed trays). During operation, fill a small amount of soil first, and then put 5 ~ 10 grams of fertilizer at the bottom of the flowerpot, then continue to fill the soil, plant at an appropriate spacing, and then pour water once(cheap thermoformed pots suppliers curacao). Pot culture can use the mixed matrix composed of rotten leaves, coarse sand and garden soil, and their proportion is 1:1:2 by volume(10.5 cm plant pots).

Wheat and vegetable rotation, the first crop of wheat, the next crop of Chinese cabbage, kidney beans, spinach, celery, cauliflower, etc(cheap thermoformed pots suppliers curacao). After shading for 1 ~ 2 days, it can be exposed to normal light. Management measures: Ramulus barbadensis likes the soil environment with micro tide and dry, which is more drought resistant. If it is watered too much, the plant will grow poorly(162 cell plug tray). It has little demand for fertilizer.

In addition to applying base fertilizer during colonization, thin liquid fertilizer rich in phosphorus and potassium should be applied every half a month in the vigorous growth stage(14 cm plastic plant pots). Scutellaria barbata likes strong light(cheap thermoformed pots suppliers curacao). It's best to keep it all day. Shade environment, poor plant growth. If it is cloudy, the Corolla is half closed(72 cell plug trays). When the plant is about 5cm high, it is best to pick the heart once to promote branching.

Fine sand can be used as breeding substrate(162 cell seed starting trays). It should be placed in the shallow seedling in advance, and the sand surface should be scraped with bamboo board after soaking in water. It likes warm environment, grows well in the temperature range of 16 ~ 32 ℃ and is not resistant to cold(cheap thermoformed pots suppliers curacao). The leaves grow in clusters on the top of the stem, oblong, 8-12 cm long, with acuminate apex, wavy edge, and green. 

Planting time: This plant is annual(72 cell seedling trays). However, after the fall, the plants will gradually die when they encounter frost(cheap thermoformed pots suppliers curacao). Its best viewing period can reach 3 to 4 months after the seedlings are planted. Planting method: pot planting, when the seedlings grow more new roots, use medium-sized flower pots as the planting container(50 deep cell plug trays). The cultivation period is no more than 1 year, and the seedlings should be renewed in time.

The upper part of the stem is densely covered with long sharp thorns, gray-brown(cheap thermoformed pots suppliers curacao). They grow at the beginning of the growing season and fall off in summer. Cymes; tubular flowers born in leaf axils, 4 cm long, reddish-brown on the outside and yellowish on the inside(128 cell seed trays). Yingguo. It is best to add some superphosphate, and its dosage can be controlled at about 0.2% of the total volume of the cultivation substrate.

If it is not picked in time, the seeds are easy to scatter, so it is necessary to observe frequently and harvest in time(50 cell plug trays). Store the obtained seeds in a dry, dark, well-ventilated place for later use. Early cabbage, broccoli, broccoli, lettuce shoots and uncovered spring-sown fast-growing leafy vegetables, etc(cheap thermoformed pots suppliers curacao). It grows more and more prosperous under the scorching sun and is a succulent flower that is widely planted. 

Seedling cultivation: small-scale propagation is mainly carried out by the bracket method, which is mostly carried out in April to June each year(105 cell plug trays). Large-scale propagation can use the sowing method to raise seedlings, and the seedlings can only bloom after more than 6 years of planting(32 cell plug tray). Cultivation substrate: The pot soil used is made up of leaf rot, coarse sand, and garden soil, and their ratio by volume is 1:2.5:1.5(cheap thermoformed pots suppliers curacao). 

Management points: The stick tree likes a dry soil environment(cheap thermoformed pots suppliers curacao). It is necessary to master the principle of watering less during the period of vigorous growth and not watering during the dormant period. It doesn't like big fertilizer(32 cell seedling tray). In addition to applying proper amount of horseshoe slices as base fertilizer during planting, thin liquid fertilizer can be applied once every 2 to 3 weeks in the vigorous autumn growth stage.

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