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Because the seeds are not easy to obtain and the germination rate is low, the popularization of this plant is limited(large black plastic planters wholesale usa). The root part of radish has short roots, the root neck and roots account for the largest proportion, and the carrot has the largest proportion of roots(v19 plastic pots). However, some spring-sown varieties with strong winter characteristics can also form fleshy roots under the conditions of low to high temperature. 

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Carrot can strengthen spleen and relieve stagnation, treat dyspepsia, chronic dysentery and cough(20 gallon plant pots). Fresh juice has the functions of lowering blood pressure, lowering blood sugar and anti-cancer(large black plastic planters wholesale usa). It is suitable for patients with diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer. The cauliflower is yellow in color, and has many single fruits. Carrots, cow sunflowers, etc. require a deep soil layer(32 cell seed tray). The base of the plant is branched. 

The root head, root neck and root of taproot form a unified whole(40 cell seed trays). It is not only a storage organ, but also a medium plate for the transportation of nutrition and water. Root neck: it is developed from hypocotyl and is the main part of fleshy root(large black plastic planters wholesale usa). The root neck generally does not have lateral roots. Flowers, fruits and seeds vary greatly due to different types(21 cell seed trays). The water extract of turnip can inhibit the growth of Escherichia coli. 

Cultivation substrate: the pot soil used is composed of rotten leaves, coarse sand and garden soil, and their proportion is 1:2:1.5 by volume(large black plastic planters wholesale usa). The external morphology is divided into the following three parts: root head: the stem with short internodes formed by the development surface of the epicotyl above the cotyledons, also known as the shortened stem, with buds and leaves on it(fabric grow bags wholesale). The seed coat is dark purple.

The stems are divided into three types: young stems after emergence, short shrunk stems with attached leaves and flower stems during reproductive growth(large black plastic planters wholesale usa). The requirement for light intensity is medium, and there are differences among the types. For example, the root mucai has a stronger requirement for light intensity, while carrots are the second place(112 cell seed trays). The split plant method can also be used for seedling raising.

The leaves are opposite, scaly, arranged in cylindrical shape, gray-green, fleshy(large black plastic planters wholesale usa). The leaves vary greatly due to different types(1 gallon nursery pots). For example, carrot is a double pinnate compound leaf with small leaf area and dense fluff on the leaf surface, which has the characteristics of drought resistance. Radish leaves have flower leaf type with deep notch and plate leaf type without notch(50 cell seed trays). Root: it is developed from the primary root of the seedling. 

For example, radish flowers are white or lavender, racemes and pods, which do not crack when mature, seeds are round or slightly flat, angular, heart-shaped or round, and the color is red brown or yellow. At this time, it is best to Lignify the pith of carrot fleshy roots, radish The fleshy roots of Rosa multiflora become hollow and lose their value(12cm plastic plant pots). Loose soil or sandy loam soil is conducive to the expansion of fleshy roots(large black plastic planters wholesale usa). 

It is easy to divide after maturity. It is called detached fruit(128 cell plug flats). There is one seed in each single fruit, and the pericarp is brown or yellowish brown. Root dyed vegetables pass the vernalization stage at low temperature and long sunshine passes the light stage(large black plastic planters wholesale usa). There are differences between species and varieties(15 cell seed trays). From sowing to harvesting, high-quality and high-yield can be obtained when the temperature changes from high to low. 

Platycodon grandiflorum flowers have many colors(large black plastic planters wholesale usa). For example, the vernalization process of carrot is more strict than that of radish, and the vernalization process of northern varieties takes longer than that of Southern varieties. Different varieties and cultivation conditions also affect the proportion of these three parts(cheap plastic hanging baskets). Carrot has white flowers, compound umbels, and double hanging fruits ranging from oval to short oval.

Generally speaking, the second year's spring harvest is flowering and fruiting, but there are also those that harvest berries in that year(large black plastic planters wholesale usa). For example, when radish is sown in spring, it is very easy to harvest the grave at low temperature after seed germination, or early sowing with old seeds in autumn, and it is also easy to extract the nutrients produced by assimilating organs and stored in fleshy roots after flowering to the flowers(9cm plastic plant pots). 

When the upper layer is thin, the soil is hard, sticky and heavy, there are many rubble stones, or when immature farmyard manure is applied, the fleshy roots grow poorly and are prone to deterioration(nursery seedling tray). The roots of rutabaga are particularly obvious, while radishes and carrots are not(large black plastic planters wholesale usa). According to local climatic conditions and the characteristics of cultivated species, timely sowing seeds to prevent unskilled graves. 

They prefer mild weather conditions(51 cell seed trays). In the early stage, the above-ground part of the vegetative growth prefers a slightly higher temperature. Later, when the fleshy roots swell, they like the temperature to change from high to low(large black plastic planters wholesale usa). Fleshy roots are suitable for growing and swelling in mild seasons. The ratio of taproot, root neck, and root varies with different types(v23 plastic pots). It is the real root of Botany, so it is also called true root.

The optimum temperature for the growth of carrot leaves is 23~25℃, and the optimum temperature for growth of fleshy roots is 13~23℃(v11 plastic pots). In the case of short-day sunlight, the vegetative growth period is prolonged, which makes it easy to avoid blooming. There are lateral roots on the roots(large black plastic planters wholesale usa). The lateral roots of vegetable tables such as radishes, turnips, and rutabagas are arranged in 2 rows, and carrots are arranged in 4 rows.

The root bark contains yellow oil, which can inhibit bacteria and fungi(large black plastic planters wholesale usa). Root vegetables are propagated by seeds and are all cross-pollinated plants(50 cell propagation trays). Varieties and varieties are easy to cross. In addition to off-season cultivation, the fleshy root expansion period should be arranged under conditions where the temperature changes from high to low(plastic ground cover for weed control). Chinese cabbage vegetables are all cultivated plants in the Brassica genus Brassicaceae. 

Like a moist soil environment, there are differences between the types, such as carrots with developed root systems, which are relatively early tolerant, and the suitable soil relative water content is 60%~80%(12cm nursery pot); radishes and turnips have shallow root systems, and their early tolerance ability is not as good as carrots, and they are suitable for relative soil water content. 65%~80%(large black plastic planters wholesale usa). Root vegetables are semi-cold-hardy vegetables. 

Cymes; small flowers ca. 2 mm in diameter, white, fragrant; ovary upper(v20 plastic pots). Jingying fruit. Flowering in winter and spring. It is necessary to prepare the ground carefully, do not apply immature farmyard manure, and minimize rubble and stones to improve the quality of fleshy roots(large black plastic planters wholesale usa). When planting species and varieties with (true) long roots, it is advisable to choose soils with greater sandiness and a deeper tillage layer(2 gallon nursery pots).

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