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Management points(plastic nursery trays wholesale price romania): Carrying the cloth ball like a dry soil environment, because it is a very drought-tolerant plant, it is not suitable to be watered frequently, especially in the low temperature season, even if it is watered every few weeks, it will not hinder it(20 cell seed trays). When the seeds are mature, they should be harvested in time to avoid losses due to scattering. 

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However, in the vigorous plant growth stage, the pot soil should be kept in a wet state frequently(plastic nursery trays wholesale price romania). The fleshy stem has 3 to 4 edges, with sharp teeth on the margin, gray-green, and light green markings in the middle. Gourd. Flowering in spring. It is quite suitable to use its potted plant to decorate the place with sufficient sunlight in the room. The ratio of them is 1:2:2 by volume(polypropylene ground cover). It doesn't like big fertilizer. 

At present, most of the cuttings can take root after 4~6 weeks, and then they can be planted separately(16cm plastic plant pot). Cultivation substrate: The soil requirements are not very strict, but if there are conditions, the pot soil used can use a mixed substrate composed of rot leaves, coarse sand, and garden soil(plastic nursery trays wholesale price romania). Without turning the pot, the continuous planting of formed plants should not exceed 3 years(128 cell plug flats).

In addition to applying base fertilizer during planting, thin liquid fertilizer can be applied once every 2 to 3 weeks in the vigorous growth stage(plastic hanging baskets wholesale). After the weather gradually warms, obovate leaves will grow on the upper part of the stem of Caiyun Pavilion, but these leaves will gradually fall off with the decrease of temperature(plastic nursery trays wholesale price romania). It can show its unique style when decorating the environment.

Because it is a dioecious plant, it is necessary to put the female and male plants together for management in order to make the flowers bear fruit(40 cell plug tray). Attractive charm. Morphological characteristics: succulent shrubs. Plant height is 2 to 3 meters(plastic nursery trays wholesale price romania). cymes are born at the top of the stem; the small flowers are yellow-green(20 gallon nursery pots). Main purpose: This plant is mostly used as a potted plant, suitable for decorating indoor sunny places. 

Planting time: This plant is perennial, its seedlings are slower, and it is not easy to age(4 cell seed starting trays). Its best viewing period can be more than 5 years after the seedlings are planted. For formed plants, the continuous planting time in the original pot should not exceed 3 years. Fine sand can be used as a propagation substrate condition(plastic nursery trays wholesale price romania). During the operation, you can cut the fleshy stems of 6 to 8 cm long as cuttings. 

First, water the plant properly once(15 gallon nursery pots). Therefore, in actual cultivation, the cloth ball will be damaged by brown spots, stem rot, etc., and will be attacked by harmful animals such as scale insects and mites. Beautification effect(plastic nursery trays wholesale price romania): The cloth ball has a peculiar plant shape and a gray-green color. Compared with most mesophytic plants, it has a great contrast in appearance(50 cell seed trays). Perhaps this is the case. 

When cultivating Dabaiyan, laver, and cabbage, the growth of leaves should be promoted in the early growth stage to obtain higher yield(72 cell tray); cabbage vegetables have the same diseases and insect pests, so attention should be paid to crop rotation with other types of vegetables; special attention should be paid to isolation and prevention of miscellaneous protection when leaving the field. pure(plastic nursery trays wholesale price romania). Can form a flower g.

It is best to leave them for a few days and wait for the wound to air dry before proceeding(18 cell seed trays). After the Chinese cabbage and Chinese cabbage seeds germinate, they will pass through vernalization at a low temperature below 15°C for a certain period of time, and pass through the photoperiod after 12 to 14 hours of oral exposure(plastic nursery trays wholesale price romania). The growth conditions of the Chinese cabbage and laver tombs are not strict. 

Usually, there is no need for shade, so that the plant can immediately receive scattered sunlight(105 cell propagation trays). For example, radish sprouts rapidly at 25 ℃, the suitable temperature for leaf growth is 15 ~ 25 ℃, and the suitable temperature for fleshy root is 13 ~ 18C(112 cell plug trays); Therefore, in practical cultivation, pagoda palm will be damaged by stem rot, but it is rarely invaded by harmful animals(plastic nursery trays wholesale price romania). After filling, it shall be slightly compacted.

Colonization method: potting, which can be carried out when the new plant grows better roots(6 cell seed trays). Medium sized flowerpots can be used as cultivation containers. During operation, a small amount of soil shall be filled first, and then the seedlings shall be placed to be righted(40 cell seed trays). Pay attention not to topdressing within a few weeks(plastic nursery trays wholesale price romania). Although Caiyun Pavilion likes plenty of light, it can also be placed in a place with sparse shade. 

Without turning the pot, the continuous planting of formed plants should not exceed 1 year(12 cell seed trays). There is a large demand for fertilizer. In addition to applying an appropriate amount of base fertilizer during colonization, topdressing can be applied every 1 ~ 2 weeks in the vigorous growth stage(plastic nursery trays wholesale price romania). At this time, watering every few weeks will not hinder the plant, otherwise the soil is too wet, which will often lead to plant decay.

Key points of management: Caiyun Pavilion likes a dry soil environment and is very drought resistant(128 cell seedling trays). You can't water too much even in the vigorous growth season in summer and autumn. It should be noted that watering should be reduced in low temperature season in winter and spring(19cm plastic plant pot). Horticultural classification: caiyunge is a plant with dry, fat and thick stems(plastic nursery trays wholesale price romania). Usually does not cause adverse effects on plants.

In order to improve the photosynthetic efficiency of plants, it is very necessary to adjust the ambient temperature to promote the better growth of plants(plastic nursery trays wholesale price romania). Beautification effect: caiyunge is a characteristic and decorative fleshy flower with lush plants and tall stems. Using it to decorate the environment can make people see the natural scenery of its origin(8 cell plug trays). Pay attention to insufficient light, plants are easy to grow in vain.

The large plants that have been formed can be turned over every other year from March to April in spring(11cm plastic plant pots). Planting years: this plant is perennial, its growth is relatively slow, and the plant is not easy to age. Its best viewing period can reach 8 years or even longer after seedling planting. Thistle fruit. Flowering anniversary(plastic nursery trays wholesale price romania). Main uses: this kind of plant is not very high, and its leaves are strange and more attractive. 

Under good management conditions, Caiyun Pavilion is not easy to get sick and is less invaded by harmful animals(16.5cm plastic plant pots). Morphological characteristics: succulent subshrubs. The plant height can reach 30 cm. Single leaf opposite, semicircular, dense spiny hairs on the surface, dark green, light green in summer, reddish brown in winter, fleshy(36 cell seed trays). Single flower terminal, shortly pedicled, 1.5 cm in diameter, white to light yellow(plastic nursery trays wholesale price romania).

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