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Mustard vegetables can also be eaten fresh(best thermoformed pots manufacturers ireland). For example, the varieties of mustard for fresh eating are crisp, tender, delicious and fragrant. Sprouts are suitable for cooking and frying with the tender stems and buds of mustard(v15 plastic pots). Therefore, plant one annual seedling in each hole, then cover with soil and water well. Potted plants and longevity grass seedlings are usually planted in spring. 

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Cauliflower, broccoli and kale with whole flower as their products do not have strict requirements for vernalization and photoperiod(best thermoformed pots manufacturers ireland). The chromosome number of cabbage vegetables is 2n = 18, and it is easy to cross among various classes. The plant height can reach 1.8m. Without passing the vernalization stage, long light is conducive to growth(40 cell seed tray inserts). Because of its neat size and bright color, it is both edible and ornamental.

Leaf mustard grows well with sufficient nitrogen fertilizer, while stem mustard is biased to nitrogen fertilizer, and the hollow rate is high(v16 plastic pots). Root mustard needs to apply rotten farm fertilizer(best thermoformed pots manufacturers ireland). Mustard vegetables have certain therapeutic value. Self-breeding has a high seed setting rate, and various varieties can cross with each other(72 cell seed trays). Cultivation substrate: Loose and fertile sandy loam soil should be used for ground planting.

According to the compendium of Materia Medica, mustard can "dredge lung and appetizer, benefit Qi and eliminate phlegm"(best thermoformed pots manufacturers ireland); According to the records of bielu, Mustard "mainly eliminates the evil Qi of the kidney, benefits the nine orifices, calms down, and takes moderate temperature for a long time" passes vernalization at low temperature, but the requirements for low temperature are not strict(24 cell seed trays).

The mustard oil processed from mustard greens is a seasoning for summer cold dishes(32 cell tray). Planting time: This plant is perennial, its formation is faster, and it is easier to age(best thermoformed pots manufacturers ireland). It can withstand the low temperature of - 1-2 ℃, and there are great differences among different varieties and varieties(40 cell plug tray). Under good management, the best viewing period for ground planters can reach 3 years or even longer after it is formed.

After the sprouts are pickled with mustard greens, their color is black, the aroma is strong, the texture is tender and crisp, and the salty is slightly sweet, which is the best food for meals; the leaves are pickled with mustard greens, which are important qi dishes everywhere(best thermoformed pots manufacturers ireland). Leaf mustard has strong cold resistance, and stem mustard is not resistant to frost, heat and early drying(105 cell seed trays). Some flowers can blossom at dusk without low temperature.

Leaf mustard and stem mustard are sown in autumn in the north(20 cell plant trays). They are very easy to blossom and lose edible value. Long sunshine and high temperature will accelerate the flowering. Susceptible to diseases, especially sensitive to mustard. The suitable sowing date shall be determined according to local climatic conditions, variety types and different varieties(best thermoformed pots manufacturers ireland). See the cultivation techniques of various varieties for details. 

Planting them in pieces can greatly change the geomorphic environment and be full of interest(pp woven ground cover). Except for seed mustard, high temperature in the early stage and low temperature in the later stage are generally conducive to their growth and development. The root is pickled with mustard, crisp and fragrant(best thermoformed pots manufacturers ireland); Pickled with mustard, the stem is pickled into mustard, which is a high-grade finished dish(72 cell tray). Adequate light is required.

For example, the suitable temperature for seed germination and seedling growth of stem mustard is 20 ~ 25 ℃, the suitable temperature for rosette leaf growth is 15 ~ 20 ℃, the vegetative body reaches 100 million fixed hours, and the fleshy stem expands well under 7 ~ 16 ℃ and 10 ~ 12 hours of sunshine(4 gallon nursery pots). Virus disease is the great enemy of mustard vegetable cultivation, and its control should be strengthened(best thermoformed pots manufacturers ireland). 

The soil requirements are not strict, but the fleshy roots of root mustard expand well in loose sandy soil(1.5 gallon nursery pots). Stem mustard should not be cultivated in sandy soil with poor water and fertility retention and easy increase of soil temperature, otherwise it is easy to aggravate virus disease(10 gallon plant pots). Keep away from poisonous plants such as radishes, cabbage, cabbage, etc.(best thermoformed pots manufacturers ireland), to reduce the transmission of aphids, and timely control of insects.

Beautification effect: perennial grass has compact plant shape and strong coverage(10.5 cm plant pots). Because it is drought resistant and barren resistant, it is an indispensable material for rock botanical garden. Like moist, lack of water, plant tissue hardening, quality deterioration(best thermoformed pots manufacturers ireland). Sichuan Fuling mustard is well-known at home and abroad. Mustard vegetables are easy to blossom and lose edible value, so the sowing date is very important.

Varieties and varieties are easy to cross and mix, so you should pay attention to isolation when retaining seeds(18 cell seed starting trays). Solanaceous vegetables refer to cultivated plants in the Solanaceae family that use fruits for vegetables. Solanaceous vegetables include tomato, eggplant and pepper three main vegetables, in addition to physalis, cantaloupe, cherry tomatoes, etc.(best thermoformed pots manufacturers ireland), their genus names and aliases are detailed in the table. 

Pepper can be divided into pepper and sweet pepper(seedling tray 128 holes). Pepper has a spicy taste, with chromosome number 2n=24, and sweet pepper chromosome number 2n=18(best thermoformed pots manufacturers ireland). In addition to being cultivated as a vegetable, the cherry peppers are as small as cherries, and some have red, yellow, purple, white, green and other colors for ornamental purposes. Cherry tomato is a kind of small tomato. It is often used as a vegetable alone.

Mustard vegetables are cold-tolerant vegetables and like cold and humid climates(200 cell trays). Morphological characteristics: Perennial fleshy herb. The height of the plant is 10 to 30 cm. The leaves grow in the shape of a rosette, oblong and obovate, with a sharp tip, light green, and a reddish-brown halo at the top. Cymes; small flowers pale rose red; ovary upper(best thermoformed pots manufacturers ireland). Sunflower(black plastic ground cover). Flowering from June to July, the plants die after flowering.

can also use the seeding method to raise seedlings(200 cell seedling trays). Due to the large variation of seedlings, the use of sowing methods is usually limited to cultivated varieties(best thermoformed pots manufacturers ireland). Pot culture can use a mixed substrate made up of rot leaves, coarse sand, and garden soil, and their ratio by volume is 0.5:2:2.5. It is best to add some superphosphate, and its dosage can be controlled at about 0.2% of the total volume of the cultivation substrate.

Colonization method: Planting in the ground, the longevity grass seedlings are usually colonized from May to June(50 cell plug flats). It is better to choose a place with a higher terrain and full of sunshine(best thermoformed pots manufacturers ireland). Dig holes with a row spacing of 10 cm and a plant spacing of 10 cm, with a diameter of 15 cm and a depth of 16 cm(v10 plastic pots). You can use a medium-sized flower pot as a container, and water the seedlings properly after the pot is placed.

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