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In addition to proper watering in the vigorous growth stage, the soil should be kept in a slightly humid and dry state at other times(cheap thermoformed pots wholesale price trinidad). In addition to applying a small amount of base fertilizer during colonization, liquid fertilizer should be applied every 2 ~ 3 weeks in the vigorous growth stage(v23 plastic pots). Gardening classification: Peruviana is a plant with thick leaves. 

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During operation, fill a small amount of soil, then put 1 ~ 2G horseshoe pieces at the bottom of the flowerpot as base fertilizer, then cover a small amount of basin soil, put the seedlings into righting, and press it slightly. Under good management conditions, Daojian mountain will be damaged by root rot and sunburn, and will be invaded by scale insects and other harmful animals(12.5 cm plant pots). It does not need much fertilizer(cheap thermoformed pots wholesale price trinidad).

With the increase of planting years, more sprouts will grow at the base of the plant, which can be divided in combination with pot turning in spring(9cm plastic plant pots). It likes warmth and is afraid of severe cold(cheap thermoformed pots wholesale price trinidad). It grows well in the temperature range of 18 ~ 28 ℃, and the overwintering temperature should not be lower than 5 ℃. The terminal bud on the stem disc differentiated into flower buds and elongated into flower stems.

Its best viewing period can reach 5 ~ 7 years after seedling planting(32 cell seedling tray). Its growth is slow. Under the condition of not turning the pot, the continuous planting of formed plants should not exceed 3 years. Beautification effect: Jianshan island is compact and has a good texture(cheap thermoformed pots wholesale price trinidad); It is a fleshy plant of pineapple family similar to aloe(105 cell plug flats). Key points of management: Jianshan Island likes the dry soil environment with micro tide. 

Onion contains anti-aging cysteine, which can delay cell aging(15 cell seed trays). It also contains selenium, which is one of the trace elements against cancer. The leaf is composed of leaf body and leaf sheath(cheap thermoformed pots wholesale price trinidad). The germination and unearthed process of seeds is special. The f leaf first elongates and pushes the radicle and hypocotyl out of the seed coat(9cm flower pots). When the radicle exposes the seed coat for 4 ~ 6 mm, it grows underground. 

Some edible vegetables with fresh and tender green leaves, petioles, tender stems and tender shoots are classified as other morphological characteristics, perennial fleshy herbs. In low temperature season, the ground withers and the underground rhizome overwinters(cheap thermoformed pots wholesale price trinidad). Control with herbicides(98 cell seed tray). Peruviana is a CAM plant, which can release oxygen in the dark, so it is especially suitable for beautifying the study, bedroom, etc. 

Moderate light intensity is required(1 gallon nursery pots). Through vernalization at low temperature, the tomb is drawn under long sunshine and appropriate temperature, and the plant must have a certain size, which belongs to the type of green vernalization. Because its leaves are fleshy, it is more drought resistant(cheap thermoformed pots wholesale price trinidad). Those with poor cold tolerance are onion and lotus, but they can overwinter in the open field in the south of the Yangtze River.

Like water, fertilizer and loose soil(72 cell propagation tray). Leek, onion and garlic with green leaves as products need more nitrogen fertilizer, and onion and garlic with bulbs as main products need more phosphorus and potassium fertilizer when forming bulbs. See the table for their family names, genus names and aliases(288 cell plug tray). The stems are clustered, upright, and slightly lignified(cheap thermoformed pots wholesale price trinidad). Vegetable soil: ginseng, borage, cauliflower, vegetable jute, etc.

When there is more sulfur in the soil, the content of propylene sulfide in edible organs increases, which enhances the pungent taste of the product and requires lower air humidity(21 cell seed trays). Seed reproduction. Seedlings grow slowly and are easily harmed by weeds(cheap thermoformed pots wholesale price trinidad). It is best in heavy weeds. At this time, the cotyledon continues to elongate, and its tip remains in the seed shell to absorb the stored nutrients in the endosperm.

Fine soil preparation, seeds(cheap thermoformed pots wholesale price trinidad): The surface should not be covered with too thick soil, and the soil should always be kept moist to prevent hardening on the surface to facilitate germination. Should try to rotate with other types of crops or intercropping green leafy vegetables, also called leafy vegetables, fast-growing vegetables with fresh green leaves, tender stems, tender shoots, etc(2 gallon nursery pots). as the main edible parts.

Green leafy vegetables include: Celery, Boca, Yongcai, Luokui, Shangsong, Roudai, Zhanqi bamboo shoots(32 cell seed tray), Chrysanthemum brain, bitter basket, chrysanthemum, Begonia fimbristipula, Bitter green, Dandelion, Artemisia wilt, Loosestrife , Guangyao, Pseudomonas, fennel, clover, coriander, Weiluo, winter cold vegetable, Ye Gongcai, Yuqianbo vegetable, amaranth, pakchoi, shepherd's purse, single vegetable, arugula, Qianzongcai , Sand mustard, apricot, golden cauliflower(200 cell seed trays), basil, mint, perilla, slightly fragrant, fragrant, nepeta, lemon balm, horse tooth lan(cheap thermoformed pots wholesale price trinidad).

The majority of seeds(51 cell seed trays). The flowering period in my country is from March to September(cheap thermoformed pots wholesale price trinidad). It does not require much fertilizer. In addition to applying a proper amount of base fertilizer during planting, it is sufficient to apply thin liquid fertilizer every 2 to 3 weeks in the vigorous growth stage. Adequate sunlight is essential for the growth of peruviana(3 gallon nursery pots). If the plant is planted in a darker environment, its growth rate will become slower. 

The current plant height is 30-100 cm(12cm nursery pot). The leaves are opposite, the base is a single leaf, and the top is often a pinnate compound leaf: small leaves 3 to 5, oblong or ovoid, about 10 cm long, serrated, yellow-green to medium green, fleshy. Cymes; small flowers bell-shaped, drooping, green at first opening, gradual to light red, white at the base edge(162 cell seed starting trays); flowers are cylindrical, about 3 cm long, green; stamens 8; ovary upper(cheap thermoformed pots wholesale price trinidad).

Main purpose: This plant is mainly used as indoor potted flowers to beautify windowsills and decorate places with abundant sunlight such as study rooms. Can also use leaf cutting method to raise seedlings(cheap thermoformed pots wholesale price trinidad). Cultivation substrate: It has strong adaptability to the soil, but if conditions permit, the pot soil used can use a mixed substrate made of rotted leaves, coarse sand, and garden soil(128 cell plug trays). Their ratio is 0.5:2:2 by volume.

Seedling cultivation: This plant is mainly propagated by stem cutting, mostly in spring and autumn(cheap thermoformed pots wholesale price trinidad). The seed coat is hard, the surface is shrunk and keratinized, the water is not easy to penetrate, the germination is slow, the excavation ability is weak, and there are common pests and diseases, and the onion flies are more harmful to it(50 cell propagation trays). More nitrogen and potassium fertilizer is needed for the growth of pseudostems of scallions and leeks. 

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