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Best Plastic Nursery Trays Wholesale Price Serbia

Since the service life of seeds is short, they should be used as soon as possible and sown at an environment above 22 ℃(best plastic nursery trays wholesale price serbia). Cultivation medium: sandy loam rich in humus should be selected for field cultivation. After 4 ~ 6 weeks, the cuttings of bergamot palms can grow new roots, and they can be colonized at that time(72 cell propagation tray). Although it takes shape quickly, it is not easy to age. 

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This plant can also grow well in light saline alkali soil(v9 plastic pots). Pot culture can use the mixed matrix composed of rotten leaves, coarse sand and garden soil, and their proportion is 1:2:1.5 by volume(best plastic nursery trays wholesale price serbia). Swollen stem, bottle shaped, short, grayish brown, fleshy. Colonization method: it is actually planted, and the seedlings of Fodu tree are mostly colonized from May to June(v12 plastic pots). The new plant can be exposed to sunlight immediately without shading.

It is advisable to choose a place with high terrain and plenty of sunshine. Dig holes according to the row spacing of 30cm and plant spacing of 30cm, with a diameter of 45cm and a depth of 45cm. One three-year-old seedling is planted in each hole, then covered with soil and watered with water(98 cell seed tray). Single leaf opposite, tongue shaped, 6 ~ 12cm long, 2 ~ 2.5cm wide, bright green, shiny, fleshy: old leaves soft(best plastic nursery trays wholesale price serbia); The new leaves are hard.

It is better to add some superphosphate, and its dosage can be controlled between 0.2% ~ 0.3% of the total volume of cultivation substrate(200 cell seed trays). Single flower extracted from leaf abdomen, with short mold, golden yellow. The sprouting fruit is fleshy. The flowering period is from January to May(best plastic nursery trays wholesale price serbia). Seedling cultivation: this plant is propagated by Lyric insertion method, which can be carried out from March to May every year. 

You can use medium flowerpots as containers(32 cell seed tray). During operation, first fill in a small amount of soil, then pad 5 ~ 10g horseshoe pieces at the bottom of the flowerpot as base fertilizer, continue filling, and put the seedlings into centralization(best plastic nursery trays wholesale price serbia). Be careful not to plant their hypertrophic and swollen stems too deeply. During operation, fill a small amount of soil first, then put in the seedlings to be righted, and slightly press the soil after filling.

Fruit is usually difficult to develop in cultivation(3 gallon pots). Beautification effect: Phoenix tailed orchid has a tall and straight plant shape and leaves like a sword. It can add luster to the environment regardless of planting and pot culture. Key points of management: Fodu tree likes dry soil environment and is more drought resistant(best plastic nursery trays wholesale price serbia). Water the seedlings properly after putting them into the pot(105 cell plug flats). Colonization method: ground planting. 

When the flower hole withers, the pedicel can be carefully cut off. It should not be watered a lot in the dormancy stage in winter, and the interval and amount of watering should be mastered in peacetime(50 cell propagation trays). Generally, they don't like big fertilizer(best plastic nursery trays wholesale price serbia). In addition to applying an appropriate amount of base fertilizer during colonization, thin liquid fertilizer should be applied every 2 ~ 3 weeks in the vigorous growth stage. 

Fengtailan seedlings are mostly colonized from April to May(288 cell plug tray). Buddha belly tree likes the environment with sufficient sunlight. In order to obtain the best viewing effect, it is best to keep the whole day. Under the shade of the environment, the plants not only grow slowly, but also are difficult to bloom normally(best plastic nursery trays wholesale price serbia). It likes warmth and is afraid of low temperature(2 gallon pots). It grows well in the temperature range of 26 ~ 28 ℃.

In actual cultivation, Tripterygium wilfordii will be harmed by stem rot, anthrax and epidemic diseases, but it is rarely invaded by harmful animals(21 cell plug trays). Seeds should be collected in time after fruit ripening and before cracking for later use. Planting years: this plant is perennial. The best viewing period for potters can reach more than 10 years after forming(best plastic nursery trays wholesale price serbia). Without turning the pot, its continuous planting should not exceed 2 years.

Morphological characteristics: succulent subshrubs. The stem is creeping, up to 1 meter long, covered with white powder(best plastic nursery trays wholesale price serbia). Using it to decorate the environment can give people the beauty of combining hardness and softness. Buddha state characteristics: perennial fleshy herbs(12.5 cm plant pots). The plant height is 10-15 cm. When the propagated plants grow more new roots, the cultivation can be carried out in medium and small flowerpots.

Main uses: this plant is an indoor potted flower, which is suitable for beautification in places with sufficient sunlight such as windows and balconies(best plastic nursery trays wholesale price serbia). Planting method: potting. Beautification effect: Buddha belly tree has peculiar plant shape, bright green leaves and scarlet color. It is a fleshy flower with high ornamental value(1 gallon pots). Under good management conditions, the best viewing period of field planters can be up to 15 years or even longer.

Horticultural classification: it should be noted that Bergamot palm is a plant with hypertrophic leaves(best plastic nursery trays wholesale price serbia). Fine sand was used as breeding substrate(128 cell plug trays). During operation, the branches of bergamot palm with 6 ~ 8 leaves are cut off and placed for several days. After the wound is air dried, it is supported and inserted into fine sand. The flowerpot containing cuttings can be placed in a place with direct sunlight, which can promote rooting.

It is not suitable for topdressing within a few weeks(best plastic nursery trays wholesale price serbia). Generally, there is no need to transport shade, so that the plant can immediately receive scattered sunlight. Water every 5 ~ 7 days. It should be noted that the reproductive stage of bergamot palm does not need to be watered as often as many flowers(51 cell plug trays). On the contrary, if the pot soil is dry during reproduction, the sugar inserted in the palm of Buddha will take root faster.

Watering for the first time after 2 ~ 3 days is more beneficial to the growth of plants(best plastic nursery trays wholesale price serbia). If you don't water the palm of bergamot for a long time, its leaves will be good. Don't worry. Just pour some water. It won't take long for the softened leaves to return to normal and straighten up again(162 cell seed starting trays). The palm of bergamot is thinner. If you apply too much fertilizer, the salt content in the soil will be too high, and the plant will grow more slowly.

If organic fertilizer is used, it must be fully distributed to facilitate absorption(15 cell seed trays). Although Bergamot palm likes strong Yang environment, it should avoid chewing and drying in the sun in high temperature season in summer, otherwise it is easy to burn the leaves due to excessive local temperature(best plastic nursery trays wholesale price serbia). Sufficient sunlight is very important for the growth and development of bergamot palms, especially in the low temperature stage.

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