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Potted flowers are very ornamental when taking seedlings(plastic nursery pots). Large-scale production of potted flowers is carried out by seedlings, seedlings, and transplanting of flower seedlings from plugs to pots or nutritious plants. In this paper, a kind of automatic transplanting mechanism for flower seedlings and seedlings is developed, which can simulate the action of artificial finger grasping and planting flower seedlings, replacing manual transplanting with higher efficiency and lower cost(plastic potting pots).

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(bulk buy cheap plastic plant tray trinidad and tobago)The design not only can increase the length of the trajectory, but also facilitates the integration of the picking and cultivating(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Compared with the existing elliptical gear planetary gear trainling mechanism(4.72inch plastic plant pots), in addition to taking seedlings from the plug tray, the seedlings can be transported to the lowest position of the mechanism and directly inserted into the flowerpot substrate to achieve the effect of integration and planting.

This paper designs a pop-up clipping device to achieve the expected "double-nozzle"-shaped working trajector(black plastic nursery pots)y. When the claw is moved to the vicinity of the plug seedling, the needle is inserted into the soil with a certain inclination angle, which can effectively avoid the injury of the seedling(4.33inch plastic nursery pots); while the seedling needle is retracted when the seedling is planted, the soil adhered with the clip seedling can be scraped off by the seedling claw. Prevent belt seedlings.

The plant type is neat and the harvesting period is consistent(seed cell trays). The transplanting mechanism adopts the cooperation of the elliptical gear and the incomplete non-circular gear planetary gear train mechanism under the action of the concave and convex locking arc to realize the non-uniform intermittent transmission. The clip-on seedling device can be freely elongated and shortened, and it is not easy to interfere with the box(large outdoor plastic plant pots). The correct design of the transplanting integrated automatic transplanting mechanism was verified. Sex and feasibility.

(bulk buy cheap plastic plant tray trinidad and tobago)The research shows that the kinematics simulation trajectory and prototype test trajectory are basically consistent with the theoretically designed "double-nozzle" trajectory(plug trays wholesale), indicating that the mechanism is designed to meet the agronomic requirements such as flower transplanting trajectory and posture. When the transplanting speed was 70 plants/min (the mechanism rotation speed was 35r/min), the average seedling success rate was 97.27%, and the average planting success rate was 77.62%(4.72inch plastic nursery pots).

In the research, the automatic transplanting mechanism for planting and transplanting is suitable for the seedlings with wide and dense foliage(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), and the seedlings occur during the transplanting process. The follow-up will be explored and studied from the aspects of mechanism movement and structural design. The flower-plant seedling-planting integrated automatic transplanting mechanism has good practicability and market application prospects(4.33inch plastic plant pots). In the drum nozzle and other aspects of innovation, the price and cost are also different, these little guys grow cotyledons early, the application effect is good.

(bulk buy cheap plastic plant tray trinidad and tobago)Basic requirements: The results of the study indicate that the germination rate/seedling rate (especially for high-value seeds) is shortened and the labor is reduced(wholesale nursery pots). Early planting, early harvesting, long harvesting period, and seasons (especially warm crops such as tomatoes, peppers, etc.). Without the seedlings, growers need to change the existing production methods, making production more difficult(3.94inch plastic nursery pots). Need to build greenhouses and purchase equipment, the initial cost is higher.

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