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Buy 1 Gallon Nursery Plastic Pots Online

Speaking of cabbage, but there is also a kind of summer cabbage is planted in the summer(plastic terracotta pots), but this time you need the best shade work, the following small series will introduce you to the two shade methods of summer cabbage, which is simple and practical(gallon pot). Summer cabbage shading method: At noon in summer, the light is strong and the temperature is high, which will affect the growth and development of cabbage.

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The sunshade net can be covered with a black shade net, and the flat shed cover is 8.5 ° C lower than the uncovered temperature(nursery plant pots). Covering from 25 to 30 days after sowing or planting to survival, if it is covered in the later stage of growth, it will cause insufficient growth of late growth and is not conducive to growth(16.5cm plastic grow pots). After emergence, it is usually covered with daytime, uncovered at night, covered with cloudy days, and covered by heavy rain.

(buy 1 gallon nursery plastic pots online)After the coverage, the emergence of seedlings is relatively uniform(cheap plastic plant pots bulk), the seedling rate is high, the yield can be increased by about 20%, and the quality is better. Use high stalk crops for shading. At the time of planting, corn, peas, stand grapes and other shades can be used, and the shading effect is better at noon for a short time(19cm plastic grow pots), which is an important way to resist heat cultivation and increase economic income.

It can cover a part of the light with a shade net to create a suitable environment for the growth of cabbage(plastic plant trays wholesale). During sowing to emergence, it should be covered all day. Compared with 2,000 plants per acre and 2000 plants per acre, the ground temperature at noon can be reduced by 3-5 °C(20cm plastic grow pots). Early flowering, lower temperature, poor development of female flowers, slow growth of pollen tubes, poor pollination. The sun is not very abundant. 

As for the Chiba spider plant, as usual, this will try to avoid the yellowing of the leaves of the spider plant(square grow pots). I believe that even if you encounter the yellow tip of your favorite spider orchid, in addition to watering the family, the spider orchid also likes the dry tip. If the air humidity is not enough, the watering will change with the seasons and locations(23cm plastic grow pots). The ability of the spider plant to purify the air is more powerful, and many flower friends will have a pot.(buy 1 gallon nursery plastic pots online)

Covering the sunshade net can also prevent rainstorm impact, regulate soil moisture, and reduce the occurrence of diseases(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). Appropriately increase the planting density and use its own shading area to cool down. Watering increases soil moisture and lowers ground temperature by up to 5-7 °C(2.5 inch pots for plants). In rainy areas in summer, it is necessary to drain excess water after pouring. Is it the first thing that everyone thinks about eating in winter? It is true that most cabbage is eaten in winter.

(buy 1 gallon nursery plastic pots online)Please specify the watering method: In addition, the early maturity of the pumpkin(planting trays), the female flower first opened, no male flower pollination, there will be no female or male flowering period, resulting in the failure to normal pollination. Excessive application of nitrogen fertilizer or continuous rainy days causes the pumpkin to weigh, the stems and leaves grow stronger than the fruits(3.5 inch plastic plant pots), and the nutrition is guaranteed during the flowering period, resulting in falling flowers and fruits.

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