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Cheap 14 Inch Black Plastic Plant Pots Manufacturer

Cabbage is a kind of vegetable that most people like to eat(greenhouse planting pots). Some vegetable farmers call it "vegetable ginseng". How is cabbage planted? We must make clear these steps. Then the general fertilizer is cow and sheep manure, so as to make heavy green cabbage, so that cabbage will be very good(cell trays). It is suggested that vegetable farmers wash the shed film frequently to improve the light transmittance of the shed film.

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It is also a common vegetable in our life. Choose a piece of fertile land, and then water the land(3 gallon black plastic nursery pots). The water must be thorough. After watering, use the sunlight to see that the top of the land is white, and then organize the land. Cabbage has no requirement for the land, but it must have enough water(15 gallon nursery pots wholesale). In the northwest, we all know it is relatively dry. In order to keep the water, the only way is to cover the land with film. 

(cheap 14 inch black plastic plant pots manufacturer)Let the cabbage shine in the sun, and then water it(large plastic plant pots uk). The purpose of this is to prepare for transplanting. It is very important to select seeds. Generally, you need to go to a regular store to buy seeds. When you buy seeds, you must buy full ones with darker colors(1 gallon nursery pots bulk). Such seeds will not have problems. After selecting seeds, we choose a sunny day, and we put the seeds in the sun, Take a picture for an hour, and then plant it.

In this way, open the film, but keep a distance. After the rain, go to the fertilizer, because the cabbage is too small(plastic terracotta planters). When applying the fertilizer, grasp the proportion of the fertilizer. In the selected land, spread the seeds on this land, and then turn it over, not too deep(72 cell propagation trays wholesale). After finishing the land, find a new film, and then turn the soil Cover the ground and see what happens in a few days. This is to improve the survival rate.(cheap 14 inch black plastic plant pots manufacturer)

Even in cloudy days, the light in the shed can be increased by scattering light to promote high yield(heavy duty nursery pots). Then we use a knife to dig down the cabbage, but we must keep the soil at the root. Then we dig a pit on the selected land. In this way, for the growth of the cabbage, we put the cabbage in the pit, and then water it(square nursery pots). After the water is dried, we use the soil to bury the root for five days Then let's look at the survival rate of cabbage.

(cheap 14 inch black plastic plant pots manufacturer)Soak in warm water. In the beginning of spring, the temperature changes from high to low(8 inch nursery pots). Vegetables in the greenhouse are prone to various problems at this time. For example, the leaves of eggplant are severely yellow. Water them in separate rows. Before sowing, it will be better to treat its seeds(sureroot plug trays bulk). In addition, it will also reduce the impact of diseases in the soil. It can be put under the sun for several hours.

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