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Many people say that the survival rate of cutting propagation of rubber tree is not high, in fact, your method is not right(seed starting trays). As long as you grasp the skills and methods, it is not difficult to improve the survival rate. Xiaobian introduces the cutting propagation method of rubber tree to us(1 gallon pots wholesale). Rubber trees are usually propagated by cutting. The survival rate of the selected section is the highest.

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Generally, the lower part of the cuttings is 2-3 nodes long(flat plastic tray), and the upper part of a leaf is reserved, and the leaf is cut in half, or the remaining leaf is rolled up and tied with a rope to facilitate cutting and reduce water transpiration. In addition, when cutting, the upper and lower cuts of cuttings shall be sealed with mastic to prevent the juices from flowing out too much and affecting the survival(tray cell), and then the cuttings shall be inserted into the plain sand to keep moist.(cheap 20 inch plastic plant pots manufacturer)

Rubber tree cuttings are mostly selected in summer, when the air humidity is relatively high, the end of June to the end of July is suitable for cuttings to survive easily(seed starter trays). Cutting time is also suitable for spring and Autumn Festival. The quality of cuttings directly affects the survival rate of cuttings, so it is necessary to select suitable cuttings(5 gallon plastic pots wholesale). Generally, the next year's thick and strong branches, which are not completely lignified in appearance, are used as cuttings.

It is difficult to survive if the lignified branches are selected(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). The cutting depth is one third of the branch. The survival rate of cuttings can be improved. This kind of branch has abundant nutrition, easy to take root and strong disease resistance ability. When the temperature is above 20c, the cuttings can take root about 40-50 days after cutting(germination tray price). In summer, cuttings are easy to rot if not watered properly. The rubber tree will not flow out the white branches. 

(cheap 20 inch plastic plant pots manufacturer)One alcohol lamp and a number of sterilized jars (boiled with water) should be prepared(square grow pots). The basin soil may be replaced by wooden boxes (the length of the wooden boxes depends on the number of spikes, and the depth is 15cm). Before cutting, lay 5cm thick river sand in the container, then lay a layer of 10cm fine river sand, and pour enough water for standby(plastic growers pots suppliers). Make a cover larger than the container for moisture preservation after cutting.

Cut the strong branches of the rubber tree into 12-15cm(5 gallon nursery pots bulk), and then burn them on the alcohol lamp (perhaps in boiling water). Cut off the remaining leaves on the branches and leave 2-3 leaves to avoid consuming the remaining nutrition. Prick the weaving field into the water, put it in a sunny place, spray water on the leaves 2-3 times a day(nursery pot suppliers), and change the water every 2-4 days. White roots can be produced in 8-10 days.(cheap 20 inch plastic plant pots manufacturer)

When the hydroponic roots are 3-5cm long, the branches shall be planted in the prepared basin soil with a depth of 7-9cm, and the branches shall be upright(wholesale greenhouse pots). The cutting back cover is covered with plastic cover to keep moisture. Spray water once a day sooner or later. After half a month's arrangement, you can grow a fixed heel, wipe off the remaining buds, pour some fertilizer and water, and gradually transfer from the shade to the full light(black plastic plant pots wholesale). Gradually, new leaves will grow!

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