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Cheap Large 14 Inch Plastic Plant Pots For Sale

For kiwi trees, fertilizer is one of the must-have products(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). Fertilizer products can promote the growth of kiwifruit trees, and can also avoid diseases such as various deficiency diseases. What are the kiwifruit fertilization techniques? Here is a detailed introduction: After spring soil thawing and sap flow, the tree begins to move(90mm plastic grow pots). Fertilization in this period is good for germination and flowering, and promotes new shoot growth.

Watering once in a timely manner after application(plastic plant trays wholesale). The germination fertilizer should be applied before germination, with quick-acting nitrogen fertilizer (nitrogen fertilizer accounts for 1/2-2/3 of the annual nitrogen fertilizer) and a small amount of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer(10cm plastic grow pots). The 4-year-old tree is generally applied with 8-10 kg of pure nitrogen, 4 kg of pure phosphorus and 4 kg of pure potassium.(cheap large 14 inch plastic plant pots for sale)

Take the whole garden or plant, then fill the spring water 1-2 times. 30-40 days after falling flowers is the period of rapid expansion of red heart kiwi fruit(square grow pots). In order to enrich the red heart kiwi fruit, increase the weight of single fruit and improve the quality, it is advisable to apply phosphorus and potassium fertilizer in June-July(10.5cm plastic grow pots). After harvesting the fruit, the leaves lose a lot of nutrients, and it is especially important to replenish the kiwifruit nutrients of the red heart. 

At this time, the fruit-promoting fertilizer should be applied 20-30 days after the flowering, and the quick-acting compound fertilizer is the main(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). At the same time, spray the fruit of the fruit, increase the thickness of the fruit, and improve the amount of nutrient transport. Anti-falling flowers, fruit drop, cracked fruit, stiff fruit, and deformed fruit make the fruit colorful, fruity and taste good(100mm plastic grow pots). After the application, the whole garden is watered once.

(cheap large 14 inch plastic plant pots for sale)This stage of foliar spray can also enhance the storability of the fruit(cell trays). Before the leaves are defoliated, 0.5% urea solution can be sprayed on the leaves to increase the photosynthesis of the leaves, promote the return of nutrients to the roots and stems, and increase the nutrient reserve(110mm plastic grow pots). In order to make up for the lack of nutrition in the late shoot growth, it is also possible to spray quick-acting nitrogen fertilizer 1-2 times on the foliar surface. 

Then, when does kiwifruit fertilize?This fertilization should be based on foliar spray(large plastic terracotta pots), with 0.5% potassium dihydrogen phosphate, 0.3-0.5% urea solution and 0.5% calcium nitrate. This method of mu production increased by about 20%. This method will increase the yield by more than 300 kg(plastic terracotta pots wholesale). At this stage, the fruit grows rapidly, and the lack of fertilizer can cause the red heart macaque to expand and be blocked.

In the autumn, the base fertilizer should be applied early(gallon pot), and the organic fertilizers such as manure, manure, compost, manure and cake fertilizer are mainly used, and some quick-acting fertilizers such as superphosphate and ammonium nitrate are mixed. Generally, the 4 year old tree plant is applied with organic fertilizer 20-30 kg, plus 0.25 kg of superphosphate and ammonium nitrate(12cm plastic grow pots). It can be applied in the whole garden or in the trench.(cheap large 14 inch plastic plant pots for sale)

When cracks appear on the enlarged ground(nursery plant pots), use 500 grams of potassium dihydrogen phosphate per acre, add 400 kilograms of water, or 2.5 kilograms of urea and 10 kilograms of superphosphate, add 500 kilograms of water, and mix with fertilizer to grout, 0.7-1 kilograms per plant(11cm plastic grow pots). After half a month, each 100 mu of grass ash and 500 kg of water (soaked for 4 hours) will be used to filter out the clear liquid and seal it.

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