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Cheap Large Plastic Bonsai Pots Wholesale Suppliers Thailand

A few days before the Spring Festival(propagation tray), the supply, mostly budding Narcissus, indoor water culture as long as there is a certain amount of light and temperature, to the Spring Festival, most of them can be full of fragrance. Some of them have no flowers, of course they will not bloom. Processing before water culture. The dry bulb of Narcissus should be processed properly before water culture(72 cell seed starting trays). The most suitable temperature for growth is 10 ~ 20 ℃.

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In the early winter, most of them are Narcissus dry bulb(plug trays). In order to make it bloom smoothly, we should pay attention to the following points: the purchase of Narcissus dry bulb. In pruning, attention should be paid to the direction of scissor buds. For varieties with drooping branches, internal buds should be reserved; for varieties with upright or oblique branches, external buds should be kept(flat plastic tray). When most of the mucus on the corm flows out, it can be watered after washing.

(cheap large plastic bonsai pots wholesale suppliers thailand)First, peel off the brown outer epidermis of the bulb, and scrape off the dead roots at the base with a knife, and then add(gallon nursery pots). In cities, Narcissus are usually supplied in the market before the Spring Festival or early winter. During the period from April to may, the management of fertilizer and water should be strengthened, and fertilizer should be applied once a month to promote the flourishing of branches and leaves(greenhouse supplies pots). Crab claw processing method.

The processing method can be divided into two types: pen holder type and crab claw type(gallon plant pot). Penholder processing method. Along the two sides of the central bud of the corm, use a knife from top to bottom to cut to 1 / 3 of the diameter of the bulb, and then use the same method to cut directly from the back(seed starter trays). In this way, a knife is gently cut around the circumference of the round diameter, and 2-3 layers of the epidermis are are stripped one by one.(cheap large plastic bonsai pots wholesale suppliers thailand)

But pay attention to in the straight cut or cross cut(cell trays), do not cut off the leaf bud, and gently pinch with your fingers to make the straight cut part loose, and then soak in water for 1-2 days. The main purpose of this method is to make the bud eye loose, and to facilitate the growth and shape of leaf bud. When choosing Narcissus dry bulb, you should generally choose the bulb which is large and full, and these bulbs bloom more(wholesale nursery pots). Dry bulb small or mildew spots, poor quality, less flowering.

In addition, potted plum blossom should be placed in a sunny and ventilated place(square nursery pots). If placed in a shady place, it will not grow well. In the growth period, if it is found that the whole plant leaves turn yellow and the growth is poor due to iron deficiency, it can be combined with watering and add 1 / 1000 ferrous sulfate. If the bulb is smaller, just cut one knife on both sides of the central bud with a knife, and pinch it with your fingers(nursery plant pots). There is no need to peel off the epidermis.

(cheap large plastic bonsai pots wholesale suppliers thailand)Then, at 1 / 4 ~ 2 / 3 of the upper part of the female bulb, the scales are peeled off layer by layer(plastic grow pots). When you see the protruding flower bud, you should be careful not to cut the flower bud, otherwise, not only will the flower shape be abnormal when it blooms, but also some will wither and burn and cannot bloom. After this processing is completed, it is soaked in water for 1-2 days(104 cell trays bulk). After washing off the mucus, it is placed flat in the basin for water cultivation.

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