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Cheap Plastic 4x8 Grow Tray Suppliers In China

In fact, if it is planted in the open air, it will be relatively dry in autumn and winter(nursery containers wholesale). But it's not the same in the greenhouse, because there is a certain temperature difference inside and outside, and it's easy to accumulate water on the film(heavy duty gallon pot), and the moisture can't be discharged well after watering, which will lead to excessive humidity.

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But the humidity is too big is very disadvantageous for the crop planting, it is easy to cause various disease problems, and there will be more insect propagation(15 gallon plastic pots). Now, Huinong net will tell you how to effectively reduce the humidity in the shed. First of all, we must pay attention to the problem of this location when building the shed, for example(cheap 2 gallon plant pots), it is built in a higher place, if so, the drainage will be better.(cheap plastic 4x8 grow tray suppliers in china)

If the terrain itself is relatively humid, if a shed is built in such a place, the humidity will be heavier naturally(one gallon nursery pots). Or if it's snowed, the humidity is very heavy. It's better to wait until the humidity dissipates and then cover the film. If you are near the shed, you must also pay attention to drainage(heavy duty plant pots). When watering in the shed, we must pay attention to that improper watering will cause the problem of excessive humidity.

Generally speaking, it is recommended to water on a sunny day, and loosen the soil properly after watering, so that the water can penetrate well(propagation trays nz). In the greenhouse, thermometer and hygrometer should be hung at the same time to monitor the data at any time(2 gallon nursery container wholesale price). Moreover, according to the different wind direction, the orientation of the vent should also be adjusted, otherwise, it is easy to cause uneven temperature in the shed.

(cheap plastic 4x8 grow tray suppliers in china)In fact, it's very good to cover the plastic film in winter. One is to protect the soil temperature(nursery pots for sale). In addition, it can also reduce the evaporation of water, so that the humidity in the greenhouse can be reduced. Then to reduce the humidity in the shed, ventilation is very necessary(cheap 1 gallon plant pots). The buds did not wilt in about 7 days, indicating that they had survived, and the plastic belt could be removed in about 25 days.

With the sterilized bud grafting knife(bulk buy plant pots), cut the xylem at an angle of 30 degrees up to 2cm below the bud position until it reaches 1cm above the bud position, gently remove the bud, and then cut a "t" cut on the bark at 3cm from the Rootstock to make the bud and the rootstock closely combined, and then bind them with a plastic strip(1 gallon nursery pots supplier). So, it's very important to control the humidity in the shed.(cheap plastic 4x8 grow tray suppliers in china)

Then a knife is cut across the bud (1 cm), so different rootstocks can be selected according to the actual situation(large round planter pots). The grafting time is generally from the late March to the early April before germination. The seedling bed to be raised should be treated well in advance. One mu of land can irrigate about four or five tons of fertilizer(cheap 7 gallon plant pots). Generally, the impurities will be removed after deep earth turning. Most people buy seeds.

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