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According to another few poems of Dongpo: "I hold this stone to return, there is Donghai in my sleeve In the basin(starter trays), the sun is opposite to the sea. "Try to see the misty rain outside the three peaks, all in the palm of the immortal.". It can also be seen from Han Yu's five poems on pots and ponds that there was a kind of water bonsai that buried the basin on the ground, storing water in the basin(seed starting tray wholesale), planting lotus shoots and raising fish.

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And "Wuling Mochou Ganfeng, Jiuhua today in a pot."(square plastic plant pots). It can be seen that landscape bonsai was very popular at that time. Further research on the matching of trees and rocks, bonsai is divided into two categories: bonsai with trees and bonsai with landscape. According to textual research, the word "bonsai" appeared in Dongpo's book "Ge Wu Chu Tan"(plastic flower pots manufacturers). The application of painting theory in bonsai improved bonsai. It is suitable to be a rockery.

(cheap plastic nursery trays manufacturers ireland)It is also mentioned in the spectrum that the "double stones" Su Dongpo obtained in Yangzhou, one green and one white, is Yingde stone(square plastic nursery pots). It can be seen that Yingde stone was widely used to make bonsai at that time. According to Mo Zhuang man Lu, Su Shi once got a black stone white vein and made a large white stone basin to hold it on the water, and named his room "xuelangzhai"(cheap nursery pots). It can be seen that he was very fond of landscape bonsai.

In the Song Dynasty (960-1279), the painting art got unprecedented development(square nursery pots wholesale). Whether in the court or in the folk, it has become a common practice to take strange trees and rocks as ornaments. For example, Du Wan's "Yunlin stone spectrum" records that there are 116 kinds of stone(sowing tray). The producing place, shape, color, grade and collecting method of various kinds of stone, as well as the stone of mountain stone bonsai are discussed in detail.(cheap plastic nursery trays manufacturers ireland)

According to the book of strange stones, "the rice belt once traveled around the country, only stones were accumulated(1 gallon pots bulk). In addition, Zhao Xique's "Dongtian Qinglu · grotesque stone discrimination" once described in detail the production method of landscape bonsai: "strange rocks are small and peak, and most of them are towering and inlaid. How many cases can be boarded to watch and play, but also strange things(greenhouse pots). Color run solid very lovely play, boring is not expensive. 

(cheap plastic nursery trays manufacturers ireland)Among them, Qiu Chi's stone is as big as a fist, its voice is like a sound, its peaks and hills are full of caves and valleys, which are extremely ingenious(1 gallon pots wholesale). The bottom of the inscription says, "little Wuyi." The stone of Daozhou also rises from the peak and is lovely. The Sichuan stone is towering and high. However, after being carved by manpower, it is placed in the spring in the rush water. It can be put into the flower sill, smoked or dyed(plant germination trays). It can also be light and dark.

This is similar to the production of today's waterstone bonsai(1/2 gallon nursery pots). In ancient times, mountains and stones were treated by water spring, smoking and dyeing, which made them more colorful and unique. It can be proved that there was a bonsai title in Song Dynasty. In the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368), miniaturization was advocated(plastic plant pots canada). At that time, an eminent monk wanted to travel around the world to make bonsai, which was natural and poetic.(cheap plastic nursery trays manufacturers ireland)

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