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Cheap Plastic Plant Trays Wholesale Direct Taiwan

In this way, the new branch is left to the left in one year and to the right in one year, so that the main stem is extended and assumes a vertical upward posture(nursery tray). Or cut the mouth toward the side buds and the reverse facing outwards, and make a gentle slope trim so that the slope is slightly higher than the bud tip by about 4 mm(smart grow pots). In this state, the wound will not be too large, it will heal easily, and the cut buds will grow better.

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Large oblique cuts The cut cuts are inclined too sharply, the wound is too large, and the water evaporates too much(germination tray price). The nutrient supply of the cut buds is blocked, which can inhibit the growth of the cut buds. The growth potential of the buds underneath is strengthened and used when the tree is weakened(200 gallon grow bags). When the large perennial branches are retracted, except for the weak branches, they generally cause the sprouting of the extra long branches.

(cheap plastic plant trays wholesale direct taiwan)If you want to expand the crown of the young tree(72 cell plant tray), you can choose to retain exophytic buds as the cutting buds; if the main branch angle is too large and the growth potential is weak, the cutting buds should leave buds (that is, endogenous buds), and the new branches can grow upwards , So as to enhance tree vigor and maintain the balance of growth between branches(20 inch plastic planter). When pruning street trees and timber trees, large branches are often cut off.

In order to minimize the wound, the upper part of the branch point should be cut obliquely downward, leaving the raised part of the lower part of the branch point(heavy duty plug trays), so that the wound is small and easy to heal. In order to prevent a large number of long branches, it is necessary to cut short first, weaken the growth potential and then retract(18 inch plant pot), and cut weak branches with a large angle under the mouth, which will help to ease the growth potential.

Erase the buds on the back of the branches at any time during the growing season, which can also slow down the growth potential and reduce the occurrence of slender branches(72 cell flats). Fruit picking is sometimes in order to make the branches grow full and avoid excessive nutrient consumption, the young fruits are often removed(plastic tree containers); the flat cut cut is above the top of the lateral bud, which is horizontal, and the cut is small and easy to heal.(cheap plastic plant trays wholesale direct taiwan)

When sawing large branches, you must first saw shallowly from below, and then saw from top to bottom(50 cell tray). This can effectively avoid the phenomenon that the branches are broken halfway through the sawing due to their own weight, causing the wound to be too large and not easy to heal(small potting pots). Since the wound after cutting off large branches is large and the surface is rough, it can be smoothed with a knife, which is beneficial to the healing of the wound.

The correct pruning method is that the oblique cut surface is opposite to the direction of the bud, the upper end is flush with the bud end, and the lower end is flush with the bud's waist(72 cell plug flats). The selection and retention of cutting buds are different, and the strength and posture of the branches that grow out are also different(grow bags manufacturers). The pruning of the large side branches often makes the incision slightly protruded into a steamed bread shape, which is beneficial to the healing of the wound.

(cheap plastic plant trays wholesale direct taiwan)This kind of cutting surface is not too big, which is good for the supply of nutrients and water, and can make the cutting heal quickly(herb plug trays). In addition to paying attention to the position of the cutting buds and cutting openings, we must also pay attention to the direction of the cutting buds, the direction of the upcoming branches(15 gallon plant container). When pruning, the shape of the entire canopy should be used to determine which direction to keep the buds.

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