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There is more demand for water and fertilizer in the heading period, so it is necessary to water and topdressing frequently(cheap plastic propagation trays suppliers jamaica). The cultivation season introduced below refers to the cultivation of Chinese cabbage. As a fast-growing leafy vegetable, it is commonly known as Chinese cabbage(72 cell seed trays). The sowing date is gradually postponed from north to south, that is, from mid July to October, and harvested in severe frost.

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The fruit grows rapidly, and the monthly average temperature of 17 ~ 20 ℃ is the most suitable. It is best to sow seeds in the seedling body or seedling tube and place them at the above invitation and prevention place(24 cell seed trays). If the seedlings are raised by artificially controlled climatic conditions and containers, the production effect is good(cheap plastic propagation trays suppliers jamaica). In the appropriate sowing period, it is also necessary to appropriately early or late according to different conditions. 

The cultivation seasons of Chinese cabbage are mainly divided into autumn and winter cultivation (autumn cultivation for short), summer and autumn early maturing cultivation and spring cultivation(10.5 cm plant pots). Autumn cultivation is the main cultivation form of Chinese cabbage(cheap plastic propagation trays suppliers jamaica). It is a special cultivation method in which the external climate conditions are opposite to the habits of Chinese cabbage, so it is also called out of season cultivation.

See section 9 of Chapter 8 for cultivation techniques(16cm plastic plant pot). For example, most areas of Heilongjiang sow in mid July, Northern Liaoning sow in late July and early August, Beijing sow in August(cheap plastic propagation trays suppliers jamaica). 4 ~ 6, and the Yangtze River Basin sow in mid and late August. It can also be weeded with appropriate herbicides after sowing, before or after emergence(105 cell seed trays). When any 1 ~ 2 and 3 ~ 4 real leaves are planted, the seedlings are fixed on the left side of 5 leaves. 

Calcium deficiency is easy to "dry heartburn". The ratio of total uptake of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in each growth period is about 15:7:20(black plastic ground cover). South China sows seeds from September to October and overwinters in the open field(cheap plastic propagation trays suppliers jamaica). Early maturing cultivation in summer and autumn is sown in summer. It is generally listed in September, and the sowing date is not too strict. Spring cultivation refers to sowing in spring and harvesting in summer. 

Select varieties with appropriate maturity according to the length of local growth period(pp woven ground cover). Generally, in order to prolong the growth period of previous crops or the plots with poor emergence over the years, the method of seedling raising and transplanting shall be adopted(cheap plastic propagation trays suppliers jamaica). For anti seasonal cultivation in spring, early maturing varieties with strong cold resistance and heat resistance and late tomb pumping should be selected.

The seedling stage is from the exposure of true leaves to the expansion of the 7th ~ 10th true leaves(40 cell plug tray). Variety selection and excellent varieties select varieties according to consumption habits and processing habits, such as leaf ball shape, color, size, and storage resistant varieties should be selected for storage(4 gallon plant pots). Be careful when introducing varieties with longer growth period than local ones in autumn(cheap plastic propagation trays suppliers jamaica). T those with fine grain, good moisture content and high seed germination rate can be sown less. 

If the temperature is low in that year, it can be sown early, otherwise it can be sown late(18 cell seed starting trays); The varieties with long growth period should be sown early, on the contrary, they should be sown late; Late sowing is appropriate in sandy soil and early sowing is appropriate in clayey soil; Fertile soil should be sown late, otherwise it should be sown early(cheap plastic propagation trays suppliers jamaica); The plots with serious diseases over the years should be sown late.

The flowering stage is from flower fading to seed maturity(32 cell tray). Generally, the plant spacing is 10 ~ 15 cm, and about 450000 seedlings are maintained per hectare. During the seedling stage, less water is needed, and the seedlings are properly squatted when 7 ~ 8 leaves are planted(cheap plastic propagation trays suppliers jamaica). Excessive water in this stage affects the expansion and growth of taproot. Pass the light stage under the condition of long sunshine of more than 14 hours.

Summer and autumn king, 85 days; Autumn crown, 85 days; Fushan Baotou, 100 days(seedling tray 128 holes); Jincai No. 3, 85-90 days, some excellent varieties cultivated early in summer and Autumn: Yashu No. 1, xiafeng, Xiayang, Qingxia No. 1, xiaoza 55, xiaoza 56, Shennong tr21, Shenyang fast food, Lianfeng, Xiaolin yong17, fanxinbai, fanxinhuang, yuzao No. 1, etc(cheap plastic propagation trays suppliers jamaica). High temperature and early drying are extremely unfavorable to seedling emergence.

Some excellent varieties cultivated in spring: Jianchun, Qiangqiang, Yangchun, spring and summer king, spring general, Chunchun 54, chunguan, guangku 45, Youzao 4, jingka, chunhuang, etc(1.5 gallon plant pots). In spring, seedlings should be raised in protected areas and planted in late spring and early summer(cheap plastic propagation trays suppliers jamaica). When there are 3 ~ 4 true leaves for the second time, leave 3 ~ 4 seedlings in each hole, and the seedling spacing of drill sowing is 7 ~ 10cm. 

For land preparation and fertilization, select the plots with deep, loose and fertile upper soil and try not to plant cruciferous vegetables in the previous crop(40 cell seed tray inserts). Turn the crops in advance, remove the special diseases of the rotten trees of the previous crops, and turn the soil deeply. Generally, bundle the leaves 10 ~ 15 days before harvest, and harvest in time when the minimum temperature has dropped to - 2 ~ - 5 ℃(cheap plastic propagation trays suppliers jamaica). 

The sowing date is very important and shall be strictly controlled according to the local climatic conditions(200 cell seedling trays). Bundle the upper part of the outer leaf of Chinese cabbage with Manglietia, wheat straw and rice straw to wrap it with leaf balls, which can avoid freezing damage to the leaf balls, reduce mechanical damage during harvest, make the leaf balls ten clean and the outer leaves of the leaf balls tender(cheap plastic propagation trays suppliers jamaica). Generally, the seedlings are fixed when there are about 8 leaves(72 cell tray). 

Draw shallow holes with a length of about 12 cm and a depth of 1 cm according to the plant spacing, sow the seeds evenly in the holes, and then cover with T(cheap plastic propagation trays suppliers jamaica). Cut off the taproot with a knife or pull it up together with the taproot. Remove the sunshade 3 ~ 5 days before planting to make it adapt to the open ground conditions(20 cell plant trays). Seedling transplanting should generally be sown 3 ~ 5 days earlier than direct seeding.

On the contrary, they should be sown more(cheap plastic propagation trays suppliers jamaica). Generally, 15-20 seeds should be sown per hole. For plots with poor seedling emergence over the years, the sowing amount should be increased, and about 30 seeds should be sown per hole. Bitterness is related to partial application of nitrogen fertilizer, insufficient phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, and also related to varieties(50 cell plug flats). When planting, apply complete fertilizer.

For the first time, shallow hoeing should be carried out after thinning seedlings, for the second time, deep hoeing should be carried out after fixing seedlings, and for the third time, shallow hoeing should be carried out in front of covering the ground with leaves(cheap plastic propagation trays suppliers jamaica). Soil shall be cultivated on or high beds(10cm flower pot). If there are no above items, you can also cover the old shed film on the small arch. The shed film is called 30 ~ 50 cm from the ground.

It is best to set the seedlings in the sunny afternoon and go to the seedlings with wilting phenomenon between them(15cm plastic plant pots). Keep seedlings on each hole by hole sowing, and keep seedlings according to the predetermined plant spacing by drill sowing. Select varieties with strong disease resistance(cheap plastic propagation trays suppliers jamaica). It has strict requirements on Soil and is suitable for growing on loose and fertile soil with strong water and fertility retention and good drainage.

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