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The main stem and 3 lateral branches are reserved for seed collection, and the seed collection amount per hectare is generally 750 ~ 1l25 kg(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale italy). Before planting, cut off the end of the fleshy root for 3 ~ 10 cm, select the planting with smaller heart pulp, run for 50 cm, and the plant spacing is 40 ~ 45 cm(128 cell plug flats). 

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There are 2 true leaf time seedlings in intercropping and intercropping seedlings, s ~ 7 seedlings are left in each hole, and the seedlings sown in drill are 4 ~ 6cm. The suitable soil pH is 6.5 ~ 7(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale italy). Using shading net, bamboo curtain, straw curtain and nylon mesh to invite shade and raise seedlings has good effect(19cm plastic plant pot). The live broadcasting is mainly hole broadcasting and drill broadcasting. There is a large demand for water during the heading period. 

Water once every 5 ~ 6 days to keep the soil moist. Stop watering 57 days before harvest(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale italy). If nitrogen fertilizer has been applied as the base fertilizer in the sowing hole or sowing ditch, topdressing is not required in the germination stage and seedling stage(12 cell seed trays), and nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium chemical fertilizers shall be applied in the rosette stage, or human manure and urine shall be applied with watering. 

Attention should be paid to the difference of air humidity and illumination during introduction, which has a great impact on the heat resistance of Chinese cabbage(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale italy). Mainly increase the topdressing amount 5 ~ 6 days before heading, topdressing 150 ~ 225 kg of urea, calcium superphosphate and potassium sulfate per hectare, or force human feces and urine(16.5cm plastic plant pots). The whole growth period is dominated by promotion. 

Applying fertilizer twice at the heading stage and spraying 1% concentration of potassium dihydrogen phosphate at the lotus setting stage under medium soil fertility is conducive to the growth of leaf bulbs(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale italy). Early maturing small varieties sow 37500 ~ 60000 six per hectare, medium-sized 30000 ~ - 34500 holes, and large varieties 27000 ~ 30000. It's better to sow in the evening(112 cell plug trays). Aphids, Pieris rapae, vegetables, yellow striped beetles, etc.

After harvest, remove the large leaves of huangbang, put the clean vegetables on the market, or reduce the water by drying(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale italy). People are poor in time. Diseases and pests include virus disease, frost corn disease, soft rot, black spot and angular spot. Select appropriate varieties according to the specific cultivation plot(8 cell plug trays). In case of lack of seedlings, the seedlings shall be supplemented as soon as possible.

The fertilizer and water loving varieties with loose and fertile soil and sufficient water are easy to obtain high quality and high yield(36 cell seed trays), In the plots with barren soil or poor fertilizer and water conditions, varieties with strong barren resistance and early tolerance should be selected(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale italy). Careful land preparation shall be carried out to facilitate the emergence of Chinese cabbage, and high border or ridge cultivation shall be carried out.

Generally, some excellent varieties cultivated in autumn(10 gallon pots): Zhongbai No. 1, with a growth period (calculated according to the breeding site) of about 75 days (hereinafter referred to as how many days); Zhongbai 2, 85 days; Zhongbai 4, 85 days; Beijing 75, 75 days; Tianjin Green 75, 75 days; Long Fu Er Niu Xin, 75 days(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale italy); Shen Nong, Qingfeng, 80 days; Liaobai 1, 85 days; Yuqing, 90 days; Shandong 4, 85 ~ 90 days; Zhengbai 4, 75 days; Yucai No. 7, 75-80 days.

In autumn, excellent species and plants are selected in the field to store for overwintering(6 cell seed trays). Apply more than 5 cubic meters of fully decomposed farm fertilizer every 667 square meters, and properly apply nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers; In plots with calcium deficiency, 25 ~ 30kg of calcium superphosphate shall be applied(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale italy). For example, plots with serious navel rot of last tomato are often calcium deficient(20 gallon pots). 

The key points of early maturing cultivation techniques in summer and autumn are to select special varieties with heat resistance, waterlogging resistance and early maturing, determine the sowing date according to the needs of the market, recommend early, prepare the land early and direct seeding(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale italy). Cultivate on fertile soil, strengthen management, promote nutritional growth and inhibit immature tomb pumping(20 cell seed trays).

Generally, the cultivation area of family vegetable garden is small, and it is appropriate to adopt adult plant seed collection(105 cell propagation trays). Reasonable close planting, row spacing of about 50 cm, plant spacing of about 40 cm, and timely pull out the early canopy plants(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale italy). Chinese cabbage has short growth period, wide adaptability, high yield, rich nutrition and diverse eating methods. It is the vegetable with the largest consumption in southern China. 

The germination stage and seedling stage are in the high temperature season, so it is necessary to water frequently with small water to reduce the surface temperature(4 cell seed starting trays). During germination and seedling stage, water with well water after rainstorm to reduce the temperature, pay attention to the drainage after rainstorm, and use quick acting fertilizer(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale italy). The planting density should be higher than that in autumn.

The pest is serious, so we should pay attention to prevention and control, especially at the seedling stage(128 cell seedling trays). 15 ~ 20 days before colonization, obliquely cut 2 ~ 4 knives upward at 7 ~ 8 cm above the root, and cut off the upper leaf ball. In spring, the open land shall be planted, and attention shall be paid to isolation(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale italy). Key points of seed collection technology: the hybrid generation planted cannot be kept, and the varieties can be kept.

For a small amount of seed collection, measures such as artificial pollination, bagging or gauze cover can be adopted to prevent impurities(plastic hanging baskets wholesale). The seed harvest per hectare is generally 900 ~ 1200 kg. Chinese cabbage is also called green vegetable and cabbage, and rape in the north. Key points of spring plum cultivation techniques the key to spring cultivation is to avoid shyness(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale italy). Special varieties suitable for spring cultivation.

It is cultivated all over the north, and the cultivation area of protected land is increasing year by year(15 gallon pots). Requirements for environmental conditions(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale italy): the suitable temperature for seed germination is 20 ~ 25 ℃, and the suitable temperature for young root growth is 26 ℃(40 cell seed trays). It grows best under the condition of daily average temperature of 18 ~ 20 ℃, and can survive the winter safely under the condition of - 2 ~ - 3 ℃, avoiding high temperature.

In addition to winter, it can be sown and cultivated by stages in Jianghuai area. For example, in Changli basin, they are sown from the last sentence in August to October 11, and collected before freezing(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale italy). The cold resistance of the varieties used is weak. Spring Indian vegetables are sown in late autumn, young seedlings overwinter in the open field, and harvested the next spring(11cm plastic plant pots). The selected varieties should have strong cold resistance and high yield.

Autumn and winter h vegetables are mainly cultivated in autumn and winter(18 cell seed trays). Types and varieties according to the cultivation season in the middle south, 1 dish is divided into autumn and winter cabbage, Qiaomen cabbage and summer cabbage(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale italy). Spring cabbages planted and harvested in spring in the north and Pinellia chinensis in the south are sown at any time by summer dogs(50 cell seed trays). Harvest one after another. 

The selected varieties should be resistant to high temperature and rainstorm and disease and insect pests(cheap plastic pots for plants wholesale italy). Some excellent varieties of vegetables in autumn and winter include aiza No. 1-3, qingjiangbai, LV, Xiangtan shuyaobai, L94, Wu Jiangxiang, Jinglv No. 2, Nanjing Aijiaohuang, Shanghai Aizi, Suzhou Qing, Beijing Qingbang rape, etc(polypropylene ground cover). Raise seedlings in protected areas for 40-50 days. Do not live broadcast.

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