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The longest stem can reach 3-5 meters. Ivy originates from Europe, Asia and North Africa(4 cell trays bulk). Because the ability to adapt to the situation is very strong, you can live in almost any place, as long as it is not in the fierce sunlight, like a cooler and humid climate, avoid high temperature and sweltering conditions(v16 nursery pots), the temperature above 30 ℃ stagnates, A Chinese medicine.

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Ivy is a kind of vine-like woody flower(6 cell trays bulk). Ivy is a typical shaded vine flower, all of which are woody stems. Its stems can reach 3-5 meters in length, have many branches, and have aerial roots on the stems. The delicate branches are pilose, showing rust-like scales, leaves are alternate, leathery, oil-green and smooth, suitable for large family space cultivation(plastic herb pots). The cultivation in the home is particularly good-looking and full of decoration.

(cheap rootmaker propagation trays suppliers usa)Therefore, the shelf is very important(8 cell trays bulk). When placed on a coffee table or desk, it looks elegant and elegant; it can also be planted as a column to climb, which has a rich three-dimensional impression. It is best cultivated under the condition of scattered light. The ivy grown in this way has a consistent leaf shape and a bright leaf color(8 inch plastic pots). One branch can be divided into multiple branches, and the stem has a large number of aerial roots.

Ivy is a very popular indoor large-scale potted flower and tree, especially in the wider living room, study, and living room(12 cell trays bulk). It is elegant and rustic, with a southern atmosphere. Ivy can purify indoor air. Ivy leaves can absorb harmful gases such as benzene and formaldehyde emitted from furniture and decoration at night, purify the air, and bring great benefits to human health(2 gallon pots for plants). It is adaptable to the situation.(cheap rootmaker propagation trays suppliers usa)

Ivy is warm and humid, and it likes a cooler climate(18 cell trays bulk). The leaves can also be used as medicine. The treatment of ivy is very simple. Potted plants can be added up with a support, but there is a point. The soil planted at the right time should be moist and ensure the air circulation(v15 nursery pots). There are many cultivations in the south, and they are planted in the shade of gardens, so that they naturally lie on the ground or on rocky hills.

(cheap rootmaker propagation trays suppliers usa)This is also an important reason for the strong decorativeness(36 cell trays bulk). There are many potted plants in the north, and the plant type is very important. Pay attention to the high temperature in summer(plant plastic trays). Can not be placed around air conditioners, around heaters, indoors must adhere to the humidity of the air, you can use a watering can to humidify around the leaves, not too boring, but the basin soil should not be too wet.

The best development temperature is 20 ℃ -25 ℃(40 cell trays bulk). The machine is afraid of heat and cold. Therefore, when it is placed indoors for maintenance, it should be ventilated on the balcony. In the summer, pay attention to the ventilation and cooling. In the winter, the indoor temperature should be above 10 ℃, and the minimum cannot be lower than 5 ℃(disposable plastic plant pots). It will frostbite and freeze to death below 5 degrees. Ivy is a shade-tolerant flower.

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