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Cheap Square 3.5 Inch Plastic Plant Pots Manufacturers

It is rich in nutrients and delicious, but it is very important to fertilize the grapes during the planting process(plant pot suppliers). What kind of fertilizer is applied to the grapes? The organic fertilizer is mainly used, and the dosage should account for 60% of the total fertilization in the whole year. -70%, 3000-5000 kg of compost or compost is applied per mu(7 gallon planter). If the dried chicken manure sold on the market is used, the dosage is 700-1000 kg, and 30 kg of compound fertilizer can also be added.(cheap square 3.5 inch plastic plant pots manufacturers)

Heavy rainfall can also cause a large loss of fertilizer(flower pot wholesale supplier). It is carried out during the growing season to promote plant growth and fruit development. It is applied before the early spring buds begin to sprout. Mainly based on quick-acting nitrogen fertilizer. After the top dressing is completed, it is necessary to fill the water and spray once a week to promote the germination. Urea or decomposed human excrement can be applied(7 gallon container), urea is applied 0.1-0.4 kg / strain, human feces and urine fertilizer is applied 8-10 kg / strain.

Fertilization should be carried out 7-10 days before flowering, and NPK compound fertilizer should be selected, 0.1-0.15 kg/plant(nursery containers for trees). Today, Xiaobian will share with you how to fertilize the grapes. Refers to the fertilizer applied before or before the color change of the fruit, mainly phosphorus and potassium fertilizer. Only a small part of the soil is absorbed by the roots of the crop. For the summer crops to apply fertilizer(10 gallon plant container), it is best to open the ditch or apply the hole, the depth is 5~10 cm. 

(cheap square 3.5 inch plastic plant pots manufacturers)Potassium sulfate can be selected from 0.2 to 0.4 kg/plant(plastic planter manufacturers). It is also necessary to spray phosphate fertilizer outside the roots to enable the plants to directly absorb more phosphorus nutrients and promote peanut flowering and pod formation. The leaf surface was immediately sprayed with 0.3% potassium dihydrogen phosphate (or 2.5% potassium sulfate(nursery pots online), 10% herbal ash, 2% sulfuric acid, 0.3% superphosphate, 0.3% a urea) aqueous solution, which increased yield by 18%-20%.

Moreover, there are many labors and the targets are unobstructed, and there are often unsafe accidents that are hit by lightning(2 gallon container). In recent years, the phenomenon of lightning strikes by peasants in the summer rain season to the field work has occurred from time to time, and the lessons have been heavy. Urea, compound fertilizer, etc., which are sprayed with thunder and rain, decompose and volatilize in the surface layer of the soil after high temperature(five gallon container), light and water dissolution.

In this way, the utilization rate of fertilizer in the thunderstorm days is very low(nursery plant containers), and a large amount of chemical fertilizer is wasted, which increases the investment cost of farmers' farming and wastes energy and materials. When some farmers use fertilizer in thunderstorms, the maps are light and cool(garden pots suppliers), and often do not wear rain gear, let the rain water drench the whole body.(cheap square 3.5 inch plastic plant pots manufacturers)

In this period, fertilization should be combined with quick-acting nitrogen fertilizer and compound fertilizer(7 gallon plant pot), urea 0.1-0.5 kg/plant, and NPK compound fertilizer 0.1-0.5 kg/plant. Farmers apply fertilizer to the fields during thunderstorms, and they are prone to develop or induce colds, stomach diseases, arthritis and other diseases(buy cheap plant pots). Farmers applying fertilizers in thunderstorms not only cause waste of fertilizers, but also harm the health of farmers' friends and even endanger life safety.

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