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China 1 Gallon Nursery Pots Cheap Price USA

It takes about one and a half years to plant small succulents in pots(2 gallon plant pots). The plants are getting bigger and bigger, and the flowerpot space is not enough. What should I do if I encounter this situation? Here is a description of the transplanting and ramets of succulents. . It should be noted that to carry out this operation, it is better to choose spring and autumn, and you must avoid the heat and the harsh winter! The steps of transplanting succulents are to remove the pot. This process is very easy. Be careful not to hurt the roots(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). If the potting soil is loose, hold the bowl with your hand and turn the pot over, you can pour out the succulent plants.

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(china 1 gallon nursery pots cheap price usa)Here to say, if you plan to transplant, it is best to break the water in advance, so it is easier to remove the basin and not hurt the root. There are many ways to remove the basin, and you can play it freely. In short, don't just pull it out. Rooting. This step is optional. Not all succulents are rooted. If there are more roots and some dead roots, rotten roots can be shortened with scissors. After pruning, succulents can be placed(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). Dry the wound in the shade and then put it on the basin.

Of course, you can choose not to repair the roots, without the old soil, or bring a little old soil basin(3 gallon pots). Upper basin. Let us first say that succulents should not be watered after transplanting. Just like rooting, this is an option. Succulents have dry cultivation methods, but also dry soil cultivation methods, and of course wet plants. A common method of transplanting succulents. Dry cultivation method: As the name suggests, it is to plant succulent plants with dry soil(plastic nursery pots wholesale). After planting, do not water the plants, and put them in the shade for three or two days before giving water.

(china 1 gallon nursery pots cheap price usa)Wet soil dry cultivation method(4 gallon nursery pots wholesale): water the medium in advance one week or three or five days before transplanting, and then the medium is just in the state of tide and not wet when transplanting, put the succulent plants on the basin and put them in the shade to cool the roots. Three or five days, then watering normally. Wet planting method: It is based on the dry cultivation method and directly watering. The actual operation of fleshy transplanting(plastic nursery pots), the required materials: newspaper, scorpion, small shovel, mixed soil, red jade soil, container, fertilizer.

Transplanting method: Remove the plants from the pots(5 gallon nursery pots). Gently tap the pot, insert the scorpion from the corner of the pot, and push the plant out from the bottom up. Remove the dirt stuck to the roots. Remove the dirt sticking to the roots by hand. These soils are old soil, no nutrients, so throw them away. After removing the soil, you will find that it has so many roots(seedling trays wholesale). Cut the roots with scissors to make them look cleaner.(china 1 gallon nursery pots cheap price usa)

The preparation is completed and the transplant is started(1.5 gallon nursery pots wholesale). Prepare the container: Prepare a container that is larger than the original flower pot. Design: Consider where you want to plant the plant in the pot. The position of the plant is placed in the middle or on the side, depending on your preference. Adding red jade soil: After ordering the plant position, start adding large-grained red jade soil(black plastic nursery pots), which is about one-third of the height of the flower pot, which can make the drainage smoother.

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