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Decorative Plastic Plant Pots In Bulk Poland

It is not suitable for cultivation in saline alkali land and depression(5 gallon plastic nursery pots). So put it in front of the window, balcony and other places with bright scattering light for maintenance. In winter and summer dormancy period, we should pay attention to sunshade control watering(plastic plant pots canada). Good maintenance will breed rich and beautiful plants, so Ji coral is also a kind of home furnishing plants. Its plant is beautiful, loud and green, which is a good plant for stem observation.

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You can see beautiful plants without effort(bulk buy plastic plant pots). Its color is bright, so Ji coral has the cost of appreciation, can beautify the space and cultivate the sentiment. We should choose the sunny land with deep, loose and fertile soil layer, and the loam or sandy loam is better. It can also be planted in front of the house, behind the house, beside the trees, beside the ditch, etc(50 cell tray). The main function of plastic film is to keep water in soil and reduce evaporation loss of water.(decorative plastic plant pots in bulk poland)

The contact area of common soil and air is large, the evaporation area is naturally large, and the water loss is fast(4 inch plastic pots bulk). Before land preparation, 75000 kg / hm2 of farmyard manure was applied as base fertilizer, and 450kg / hm2 of superphosphate was used for ploughing. 15-20 days before sowing, 75% hygroscopic cotton powder was applied to disinfect the soil(5 gal nursery pots wholesale). Generally, it is not necessary to level the plot, but drainage ditches should be built around the plot.

(decorative plastic plant pots in bulk poland)It's a kind of succulent plant, so it's easy to breed and take care of(98 cell plug trays). In the dry and water deficient environment, mulch can improve the soil water holding capacity; secondly, mulch also provides the function of fertilizer conservation. The temperature of the covered soil changes gently, and the organic matter and other nutrients can be well preserved(4 cell trays bulk), reducing the loss of nutrients; in addition, the mulch can also effectively reduce the growth of weeds.

According to the characteristics of varieties, the fruits of Trichosanthes kirilowii were harvested in batches when there was white powder in the peel and turned to light yellow(online plastic pots for plants). The seedling bed should be ventilated and loose soil. Different from the common transparent mulch, the mulch used in Trichosanthes plantation is black and opaque(6 cell trays bulk). If you put several pots in the room, you will feel the dignified atmosphere of the guest hall, with excellent visual effect.

The whole Trichosanthes can be obtained by hanging the collected Trichosanthes in the ventilation place to dry(buy succulent pots); the fruit is cut from the fruit base, the inner pulp and seeds are taken out and dried to form the skin of Trichosanthes; the inner pulp and seeds are added with grass and wood ash, rubbed repeatedly by hand, and the pulp is cleaned in the water(8 cell trays bulk), and the seeds are pulled out to dry to obtain the Trichosanthes kernel. Ji coral likes sunshine and is afraid of exposure.(decorative plastic plant pots in bulk poland)

If you want to get bigger stem pieces(shallow germination trays with holes), after the third year, dig up root blocks, remove silt and reed heads, thick skin, cut into short sections or longitudinal sections, dry in the sun, that is, pollen all day long. Before sowing, plough and dry white, remove weeds and earthworms, apply a small amount of compost(12 cell trays bulk), and then make the border. Use chopsticks or clamps to hold the cut part of the plant to prevent damage to the branches and tie hands.

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