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Bulk Buy Cheap 6 Inch Plastic Nursery Pots USA

Generally, the deep turn should reach 20cm(112 cell trays bulk). When cultivating in saline-alkali land, pay attention to the thickness of the topsoil layer or the depth of the alkaline soil layer. The seeding amount of Leymus chinensis should be suitable, and rake pressure needs to be 1-2 times after sowing, generally 2.5-3.5kg per mu, and the seeding amount should be controlled(plastic tree pots wholesale). Strengthen the management of seedling stage.

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Generally, shallow raking of the topsoil is carried out(288 cell trays bulk). After raking the ground, the rake pressure should be timely, which is conducive to germination and emergence, and can ensure neat emergence. When weeding, you can use a light tooth rake to rak the ground 1-2 times when the seedlings grow to 7-8 cm high and start to produce rhizomes, or you can manually weed 1-2 times(herb plug trays). You can also use chemical herbicides for weeds.(bulk buy cheap 6 inch plastic nursery pots usa)

Cultivation of mountain shadow fist potted plants is not particularly simple, but everyone knows its maintenance method, then you know where he should be placed(20 cell trays bulk). The base fertilizer needs to be applied when turning the ground, and the Leymus chinensis requires more nitrogen fertilizer. When sowing, you should choose to sowing or spreading(plastic hanging baskets for sale). Different harvesting periods also have differences in the yield and quality of Leymus chinensis.

Therefore, the nitrogen fertilizer is the main fertilizer in the base fertilizer(50 cell seed starter trays). The base fertilizer is suitable for the fully decomposed farm manure, and then the chemical fertilizer, such as ammonium sulfate, is appropriately selected according to the soil conditions. Or ammonium nitrate, etc. Leymus chinensis cultivation is mainly used for grazing or mowing(plastic plant pots bulk). Therefore, we must do a good job in the field management of the entire growth period of Leymus chinensis.

(bulk buy cheap 6 inch plastic nursery pots usa)When sowing, the line spacing is 30cm. When sowing, you need to remove the opener on the planter, so that the seeds naturally fall to the surface(72 cell seed starter trays). During the seeding process, the seeding pipe should be dredged frequently to prevent blockage. Leymus chinensis is highly invasive, so it should be sown separately when planting(plastic hanging baskets wholesale). It is not suitable for mixing with other types of forage, especially to avoid mixing with legumes, otherwise it will affect the yield.

If the seeding amount is too small, the seedlings cannot be caught(18 cell seed starting trays), and it is easy to be attacked by weeds, while the seeding amount is too large, the seedlings are weak, Will affect the development of rhizomes, and will also cause the waste of seeds(plastic flower pots bulk). The sowing of Leymus chinensis should pay attention to maintaining the depth of the covering soil, generally 2 to 4cm is appropriate, which is beneficial to moisture retention and promotes seed germination and emergence.

Good field management is the key to ensure stable and high yield of Leymus chinensis(20 cell seed starting trays). Due to the weak seedlings and low competitiveness of Leymus chinensis, the permanent roots are generally formed only 10 to 15 days after emergence, and the roots begin to split in about 30 days, producing rhizomes, which grow slowly and are susceptible to the effects of weeds(wholesale nursery supplies plastic pots). phenomenon(planting trays wholesale). Therefore, weeds should be eliminated in time after sowing.

If the time of mowing is too late, the sheep will have low nutritional value and poor quality, while if harvested too early, the yield will be lower(40 cell seed starting trays). Therefore, it is necessary to select the appropriate harvest time(deep propagation trays). In general, the best harvest time should be selected in early September, to ensure that there is a regeneration period of 30 to 40 days in the last harvest, to ensure that the sheep have enough time to form winter buds, and accumulate sufficient nutrients.(bulk buy cheap 6 inch plastic nursery pots usa)

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