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Greenhouse Succulent Propagation Trays Canada

Let's take a look. At present, planting off-season vegetables is no longer a problem(potting containers wholesale). This is mainly due to the greenhouse technology, which allows people to eat favorite vegetables in different seasons, which not only enriches the people's table, but also brings good to the growers(14 inch flower pot). The proceeds. And if you want to grow anti-seasonal vegetables, fertilization is the key, then what kind of fertilization points should we pay attention to when planting anti-season vegetables?(greenhouse succulent propagation trays canada)

In the whole growth period, sufficient nutrients are needed(viagrow nursery pots). In general, the type of fertilization should be determined according to the vegetables grown in the greenhouse, such as leafy vegetables, so the type of topdressing is generally based on nitrogen and potassium. While vegetables and vegetables are more comprehensive in terms of fertilization requirements(polystyrene plant trays), nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium should be comprehensive, but the demand for phosphorus is relatively small.

It is well known that organics are very helpful in improving soil and soil physics and triumph properties, and can effectively reduce the effects of nitrates in vegetables(14 inch plastic plant pots). In addition, the focus can also increase the sugar content of fruits and vegetables, and the benefits of vegetable growth. It is necessary to reapply high-quality organic fertilizer, but it should be noted that organic fertilizer must be fully decomposed before it can be applied(plant growing containers), otherwise it will easily cause root burning and adversely affect vegetables.(greenhouse succulent propagation trays canada)

After entering the fruiting period(288 plug tray), the fertilizer should be topdressed with quick-acting fertilizers mainly based on nitrogen and potassium, and timely hydration should be carried out after harvesting. When applying root vegetables, root vegetables should pay attention to the nutritional supplement during the whole growth period(cheap garden plant pots). In the early stage, nitrogen fertilizer is the main factor, and in the later stage, potassium fertilizer or nitrogen-potassium compound fertilizer can be added.

In the period of fruit expansion, it is necessary to pursue the “fruit-producing fertilizer”(14 inch plant pot), and the topdressing and watering. Seeds were germinated after germination at a temperature of 30 °C. Most of the nutrients needed for off-season vegetables are obtained from the soil. However, root vegetables should be applied mainly with potassium fertilizer(big garden plant pots). In the period of underground root enlargement, nitrogen fertilizer should be added in time.(greenhouse succulent propagation trays canada)

Like the cabbage Chinese cabbage began to topdress after entering the rosette period(wholesale nursery supplies plastic pots), 10 kg of urea per mu, 5 kg of potassium sulfate. Or a higher concentration of human excrement is possible. The above is the introduction of relevant content such as fertilization points for anti-season vegetable cultivation(2.5 inch plant pots). For growers, strengthening field fertilization management is the production guarantee for off-season vegetables.

With the increasing living standards of the people(soil block trays), people's demand for anti-season vegetables is getting higher and higher, so that they are adequately nutritious. When fertilizing vegetables and vegetables, they can be postponed appropriately. In the early stage, due to slow growth, it is possible to appropriately reduce topdressing or not(potting pots wholesale). Therefore, when planting off-season vegetables, leafy vegetables focus on keeping the field enough to grow on the base.

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